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The CJAYE Group Presents the "Aim to Inspire" Series Kickoff in Atlanta

2015-01-10 | Empowerment and self-enrichment program designed to inspire business professionals to live out their dreams.

Dr. Henry I. Zaleski, Jr. is a Well-known Supportive Oncologist, Hematologist & Internist

2015-01-09 | Delivering Excellent and Genuine Care to Every Patient

Dr. Frank R. DiMaio a Highly Proficient Orthopedic Surgeon

2015-01-09 | Serving patients with Passion and Accountability

Dr. Michael Muscato is an Experienced Doctor of Dental Surgery

2015-01-09 | Providing the Latest Development in the Field of Dental Surgery

Dr. Dan L. Nydegger is an Outstanding, Prominent and Skillful Dentist

2015-01-09 | Serving Patients with Assurance of Quality Dental Care

Be Interactive: Business Strategy vs Execution

2015-01-09 | Be Interactive reviews the importance of excellent business strategy and execution, and correlation between the two areas.

Outsource Australia: 3 Tips to Connect Facebook Marketing and Direct Marketing

2015-01-09 | Companies are increasing their social media budgets, Outsource Australia suggest that business owners should think outside the box and consider the combination of brand marketing with direct marketing in order to drive engagement and ROI.

Tunnel Vision is the Biggest Killer of Businesses Claim Wallace Morgan

2015-01-09 | Businesses must adapt their business vision to meet the needs of their clients, claims Wallace Morgan. The direct marketing firm reviews the importance of having an adaptable business vision.

EzW2 & 1099 Software Is The Perfect Tax Form Software For Churches and Nonprofits

2015-01-09 | EzW2 2014 software has just been unleashed for non profit organizations to easily prepare, print, and mail W2, W3, 1099-misc and 1096 forms with just a few clicks. Details explained at

Feast Your Eyes, Feed Your Soul and Tap Your Way to Emotional Health this January at Harumi Yoga+

2015-01-09 | Artist Frank Leonhardt and therapist Jennifer Hewat will have events hosted at Harumi Yoga+ in January.

Youth Genius Contributes to Physics, Medical Science, and Offers Resolution towards Government Finance-- Claims to a CAD of Non-fuel Electricity Generator, Having Initiated Petitions in Past

2015-01-08 | Aerial Spray for Ebola, Reversal of Paralysis, Warning on Coding, Coin Loop-hole, Validation of Pre-determination, Inertia Canceling, Feeling Bionic Limbs, Expression of Physical Time, Explanation of Placebo and Religious interpretation, Initiated...

Sloy, Dahl & Holst, Inc. 2014 Market Review

2015-01-08 | Collectively, 2014 was yet another good year for investors.

Central Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service Provides "Killer App" to Real Estate Brokerages with Real Time Business Analytics

2015-01-08 | New MarketView360 service helps office managers, brokers and company executives to gain from generating important insights on market activity, recruit and retain top producing agents, and leverage current and future market trends.

Author Michael Cupo Chosen As One Of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' For 'It's Monday Only In Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts'

2015-01-08 | According to most of self improvement books, there are very specific approaches to overcome specific negative mental states such as anxiety or depression. Cupo's work instead declares that all negative states can be overcome using a single approach

LMG Global Urge Small Businesses to Avoid Common Mistakes

2015-01-08 | By looking at the bigger picture, new business owners can easily lose focus of some of the basics for running a business. In order to stay on track, direct sales and marketing firm LMG Global gives some advice on how to avoid common mistakes.

Strong Collaboration at Be Interactive Pty has led to Major Growth

2015-01-08 | 2015 is set to be a strong year for Be Interactive Pty, a Brisbane-based direct marketing agency. The firm have forged a strong company culture of innovation, progress and success.

Improvements in Glaucoma Diagnosis & Treatment Reduce Risk of Blindness

2015-01-08 | January is Glaucoma Awareness Month by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It represents an opportunity for eye doctors and glaucoma specialists to renew their emphasis on patient education to help prevent sight threatening impact of glaucoma.

Fairfield County Eye Surgeon Highlights Reduced Risk of Glaucoma Blindness

2015-01-08 | Leslie Doctor, M.D., in conjunction with Glaucoma Awareness Month as designated by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, commented on research demonstrating the reduced risk of glaucoma blindness from advances in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

John P. Billiter Announces Candidacy for the Man of the Year Campaign to Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

2015-01-08 | Approximately every 10 minutes, someone in the United States dies from blood cancer. This statistic represents nearly 152 people each day or more than six people every hour and accounts for nearly 10% of all cancer-related deaths.