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Autism Intervention Moves Online - to Offer Hope and Help to Struggling Parents - to Relate to Autism

2010-06-07 | Current autism treatment research is coupled with high-tech entrepreneurialism to deliver accessible and affordable autism support services for parents of autistic children.

Sunset Vine Tower to Host The Boulevard Zen Foundation Benefit Yoga Class and Silent Auction

2010-06-04 | This week Hollywood's most exclusive luxury residence, Sunset Vine Tower, announced it will host the Sunday, June 27th benefit and silent auction for Rich Tola's yoga-themed charity, The Boulevard Zen Foundation.

NAMI Medical Director Honored with APA Patient Advocacy Award; Appears in CNN Health and Huffington Post Columns

2010-05-28 | Ken Duckworth, M.D. honored at the organization's 2010 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Dr. Grossman Eliminates 'Double Bogie' Baggage

2010-05-27 | Dr. Kenneth Grossman, licensed clinical hypnotherapist, has been analyzing Tiger Woods' failing golf performance over the past few months and concludes his negative mental baggage is the major culprit, as it is with millions of frustrated golfers.

GBG 10-in-One, Brought to You by My Liquid Vitamin Shop, is Offering a Buy One, Get One Free Special for its Exclusive GBG 10-In-One Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula

2010-05-23 | The most advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formula, GBG 10-In-One, is now being offered by My Liquid Vitamin Shop as a buy one, get one free discount.

NAMI Sponsors Congressional Briefing to Raise Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness

2010-05-21 | Leading mental health experts speak about challenges people living with BPD face.

Princeton NJ Psychiatrists Offer Two Special Treatments for Children

2010-05-13 | One of the premiere psychiatrists in Princeton, NJ, Dr. Yitzhak Shnaps, provides two special treatments for children.

The Chicago Lighthouse Low Vision Clinic Opens New, Cutting Edge Facility

2010-05-12 | With over 100 years of established leadership within the blind community and the field of low vision, The Chicago Lighthouse honors its reputation by unveiling a one of a kind low vision clinic.

Circle + Bloom Launches Innovative Mind-Body Program for IVF/IUI

2010-05-11 | The company also announces the launch of a program to use while pregnant along with its special program for In-Vitro Fertilization and Intrauterine Insemination.

Sedation Dentistry in Denver

2010-05-07 | If you fear the dentist you can now have a comfortable, anxiety-free visit with the help of sedation dentistry.

This Mother's Day, An Extra Gift For New Mothers: New Federal Law to Combat Postpartum Depression

2010-05-07 | The National Council champions the fight against postpartum depression by authoring the Melanie Blocker Strokes MOTHERS Act.

NAMI Highlights PBS Stations' Documentary About the Myth of the "Schizophrenogenic Mother"

2010-05-06 | PBS will air documentary as part of Mother's Day Line-up.

Free Webcasts Identify Signs of Mental Illnesses

2010-05-04 | A series of free webcasts are available this month to help people recognize the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses.

NAMIWalks Kicks Off "Mental Health Month"; Fun Events that Support Serious Work

2010-05-01 | Sponsored by state and local affiliates of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), NAMIWalks help raise funds for local programs.

Netsmart Supports HITECH Amendment Act to Add Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Provider Eligibility for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Funds

2010-04-19 | Legislation Corrects Oversight That Excluded Key Entities from Medicaid and Medicare Funding Eligibility.

Insulite Laboratories Asks "Do You Suffer from Auto-Pilot Eating?"

2010-04-17 | Free weekly health tips for individuals with Excess Weight, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS and other insulin resistance-related conditions. Insulite Laboratories sends free weekly health tips to subscribers who want to improve their health. Tips include recent research, recipes, lifestyle strategies, exercise plans, etc. Tips are customized per subscriber interest,i.e. weight loss, PCOS.

The National Council Reflects on Mental Health Issues Involved in Iowa Coach Murder Case

2010-04-05 | The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare shares insight on the mental illness diagnosis of the 24 year old who killed an Iowa coach in June of 2009.

Study from Polaris Health Directions Links Social Supports to Reduced Risk of Hospitalization for Heart Patients

2010-03-31 | Research, conducted by Polaris under a grant from the National Institutes of Health, has found a strong link between a supportive social network (family, friends and community) and reduced risk of hospitalization among cardiac patients.

NAMI Launches Social Networking Site for Young Adults: Mental Health, Finances, Relationships, Music and More

2010-03-25 | The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has launched, a new online community.

Princeton Psychiatrist Offers Unique Solutions for Severe Child/Teen Therapy

2010-03-19 | Using a passive and innovative treatment strategy for child and teen patients, New Jersey psychiatrist Dr. Yitzhak Shnaps successfully treats severe disorders with great psychological benefit to the patient.