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Tips & Tools to Meet the November 1st RED FLAG Requirement Deadline - Complimentary Seminars being Offered to Credit Union IT Security Professionals throughout Fall 2008

2008-09-27 | Renowned security THOUGHT LEADER Caroline Hamilton will be discussing the elements and procedures required for completing a Red Flag Risk Assessment, and reviewing tools to assist in the successful completion of a risk assessment for Credit Unions who are facing the November 1st Red Flag Deadline.

Michael J. Schreiber Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-26 | As the operations director, he is responsible for managing staff and business operations.

Identity Check Providers Will Tackle Deceased Fraud Head On.

2008-09-21 | Tracesmart, the first company to be approved by the GRO to receive new Death Registration Information (DRI)

Latest Bruce Sturman News and Information.

2008-09-19 | Bruce Sturman has over 25 years experience in providing Finance and Operating expertise to Public and Private Companies.

Donna S. Kwiatek Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-18 | Honored with the David Brady Award, Ms. Kwiatek attributes her success to her flexibility, open-mindedness and love for challenges.

Family Investments Partners With the Post Office to Provide ISAs

2008-09-13 | Family Investments today announced an exclusive partnership with Post Office Financial Services to provide its customers with both cash and stocks and shares ISAs which are now available via its 13,000 strong branch network and via the Post Office website.

Trojan Horse-proof Password Dialog developed by Global IP Telecommunications, Ltd. and PMC Ciphers, Inc.

2008-09-10 | Password dialog that perfectly resists attacks by trojan horses and computer viruses developed. The software-only solution could make input of PIN codes and Transaction Numbers for online banking completely safe in the near future.

Consumer "Money Advisor" uses long-term care insurance for target practice, but misses the target once again.

2008-09-10 | Today's long term care is more of a disability issue for the young and the old. Stretching out the conversation leads to the idea of disability insurance working to replace lost income; Cash long term care insurance (CashLTCi) operates with cash for care to manage consequences.

Discover True North Breaks The Mold - Launches a "New Breed" of Agency

2008-09-09 | Breaking from old ways of doing business (gouging, padding expenses, infuriatingly off-base concepts and designs, hard-selling a company on things they don't need and peddling superficial solutions), Discover True North offers firms a refreshing new level of service and practical resources.

The first social/business networking portal for professionals involved in the financial industry.

2008-09-07 | Bankersavenue is the place where to develop new ideas, and have continuous exchange among different institutions and different specialties, an informal place where to talk about serious things.

Majority of people still don't save on holiday spending

2008-09-06 | With a recession looming many are looking for new ways to cut back the cost's of living. This however seems to have not affected holiday expenditure.

Foreclosure's Orphans: Homeowners Not the Only Ones Left Without Homes

2008-09-05 | When foreclosure forces a family to leave their home, sometimes they are faced with making a decision about caring for their pet as well. Some may not be able to cover the cost of caring for the pet and others may be moving into another living situation that does not allow pets.

Newly-Launched Finally Makes Option Trading Accessible to Everyone

2008-09-02 | The new online option trading site takes the complexity out of option trading, leaving in just the excitement and high-gain potential reports prepaid credit cards no longer just for bad credit histories

2008-08-24 | reports prepaid credit card market expected to rise 4.5billion by 2010 in light of the UK credit crunch

APAX Global Payment & Technologies AG a PCI certified processor meets highest standards in the payment card industry

2008-08-22 | A small portion of European credit card processors meet the standards set by the card networks

Tips to Secure Small Business Loans - Working Smart with Loan Consultants.

2008-08-18 | is a consulting company which helps business owners & Individuals obtain unsecured personal loans, business loans, small business loans, unsecured loans, instant online loans, a new line of credit or other financing solutions that can even be used for start up businesses. announced today that its premier online interactive employment community website - is for sale and has been listed on eBay.

2008-08-15 | announced today that its premier online interactive employment community website - is for sale on has been listed on eBay., the nations leading source of Realtor foreclosure education launches the "Certified Foreclosure Specialist".

2008-08-13 | Real estate agents nationwide are facing chaotic new markets and a steep learning curve associated with emerging foreclosure markets. Hence the introduction of the Certified Foreclosure Specialist (CFS) designation and training provided by

Ahmedov & Co. Announces Press Conference in Dubai

2008-08-09 | Conference to address why Ahmedov Co. closed branch in Azerbaijan after 3 years of business.

USiFF Online Auctions Reaches New Milestone: 125,000 Auction Listings

2008-08-04 | USiFF Online Auctions is helping more sellers find a new online auction home.