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Martha Angus, Designer is featured in Elle Decor's - July/August summer 2005 issue...

2005-06-28 | Designer Martha Angus's crisp and sensible style is featured in ELLE DECOR's July/August 2005 issue.

Telephone Bill Audit Home Based Business

2005-06-27 | Why are so many companies reducing their employees when instead they could be reducing expenses. If you're overwhelmed by telephone bills at home, think of how hard it is for Corporations to keep track of thousand of phone and telecom bills, most without anyone reviewing them.

Former IRS CID Special Agent Acquitted of Tax Fraud and Conspiracy

2005-06-24 | Government Unable To Prove U.S. Law Requires Income Tax Withholding or Filing

JK Harris Assists Iowa Couple with Tax Debt

2005-06-24 | A couple from Eastern Iowa, were hoping that eventually they would catch back up with paying taxes that they owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Thanks to JK Harris, the nation's largest tax resolution company, they can see the light at the end of the tunne

American credit card holders with highest balances pay lowest interest rates - new low apr credit cards used by consumers to get best credit card rate

2005-06-23 | Smart consumers use 0 apr credit card offers to lower mininum payments. Americans carrying high credit card balances are no longer automatically viewed by banks and credit card companies as risky. In fact, low interest credit card balance transfers are new shell game played for low credit card rates

Moto Goldmines Limited (ASX:MTO) Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange With Strong Investor Support Says CEO Klaus Eckhof

2005-06-17 | Moto Goldmines Limited (ASX:MTO), an Australian-based junior explorer has now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with a secondary listing on the Australian Stock Exchange Says CEO Klaus Eckhof.

IEBB Media announces the launch of the IEBB Urban Newswire. 24-7-365...Your news...Your way...One stop.

2005-06-14 | #1 Internet source for Urban News and Information! IEBB Media

PayKiosks Internet Terminals begins Wireless Internet Kiosk rollout in All American truck stops

2005-05-13 | May 1, 2005 - PayKiosks Internet Terminals completed their first of many wireless (Wi-Fi) installations for the All American group of truck stops and travel plazas.

45% of British Columbians oppose bank Mergers (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

2005-05-06 | A Nordic Research Group poll shows significant opposition to any proposed chartered bank merger.

HR Outsourcing Continues to Grow Among Companies Seeking to Reduce Cost and Improve Service Levels

2005-03-16 | HR Outsourcing increases throughout 2005. Global competition, pricing and improved service levels are driving factors motivating companies to outsource non-core functions such as HR.

Web Site Launched for Self-Directed Investors

2005-03-12 | The DIY Portfolio Management Society's goal is to help investors get free from high priced pros. The new web site shows investors why they should self-direct their portfolio, and gives them the info to get started.

Need Money-Saving Ideas? Ask Your Employees

2005-03-07 | Eliminating cost is critical to all service role modeles. It is critical that employees be involved in ways tgo eliminate small savings each day if your organization is to succeed.

Hollander Consultants Rockets Into The New Year

2005-01-06 | Hollander Consultants' Record-Shattering Year Seen as Harbinger of 2005

TrackingROI Launches Website Community for Fighting Click Fraud

2004-12-22 | Provides Resources for the Prevention of Online Advertising Fraud

Doing Business with Russia and Cross Cultural Training

2004-11-11 | As trade links between Russia and the UK develop, better cross cultural understanding is needed to maximise the potential of future relationships.

Easy Commercial Loans make Real Estate Investing Simpler Than Ever Before!

2004-11-10 | makes it possible to value commercial real estate!

Coarse Gold Recovery Improves Deposit Grades

2004-10-21 | John H. McAdam, President of Boulder Mining Corporation (TSX V: BDR) is pleased to report that large samples

Libya - Open for Business? Kwintessential's cross cultural communications course for potential investors in Libya.

2004-10-10 | With the end of Libya's pariah status comes a desire to develop the economy. Western businesses are being invited to help in the reconstruction and share in the profits.

Only 107 Days Left in 2004 to Stop Needlessly Overpaying Your Income Taxes

2004-10-08 | The Constellation Group, LLC, builds world-wide, world-class specialty Teams that deliver Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection solutions for high net-worth individuals a