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Growing your franchise business

2007-02-08 | After making the decision to open a franchise, investing money, time and energy, surviving the tough start-up period and managing to create a business that is showing signs of success, franchisees face yet another difficult challenge...

Discover The Career You Really Want A simple, straightforward way to change your life.

2007-02-04 | AS AN EMPLOYEE it's not unusual to feel taken for granted, that your ideas are overlooked, to feel that your life ambitions have been compromised so as to pay the bills and you now find yourself stuck in your very own 'Groundhog Day'.

Using a franchise broker

2007-02-01 | A good franchise broker can help aspiring franchisees to choose their prefect business by providing them with expert insight into possible opportunities with the franchisers they represent...

Domino's Pizza named top-ten franchise

2007-01-24 | Domino's Pizza has made Entrepreneur magazine's annual list of the top ten franchise opportunities for the eighth time.

Miami hosts franchise expo

2007-01-24 | Miami, Florida, is hosting a huge franchise exposition this month, providing the perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet some of the world's most exciting franchise companies.

Global Resorts Network -- Reinventing Wealth Building and Luxury Travel

2007-01-12 | Global Resorts Network has aligned themselves with one of the most prestigious Private Membership Clubs, who has sold lifetime luxury memberships for over 20 years and now Global Resorts Network has this same membership available for online purchase, wrapped around a lucrative compensation plan.

Retail business opportunities

2006-11-17 | Opportunities in the retail business sector are perhaps the most wide-ranging of all and so there will be a wealth of different ventures available to a prospective franchisee.

Being Listed In The Top Listings Of Search Engines Is No Easy Task. Are You Doing What It Takes?

2006-10-30 | Using A Press Release Within Your Search Engine Optimization Tactic. Something Everyone In Any Industry Can Use.

Leading financial products specialists meet all their HR needs with ASR's flexible HR & Payroll software solution

2006-10-25 | Leading financial products specialist KBC Financial Products (KBCFP) has been able to meet all of their HR needs and requirements thanks to ASR's flexible HR & Payroll software solution.

Home based business opportunities

2006-10-20 | A home based business opportunity could benefit a whole range of people who have the energy and diligence to make such a venture work for them and a wide range of such business opportunities exist.

Internet business opportunities

2006-10-12 | When setting up an internet business, the process should be approached in much the same way as a normal bricks and mortar enterprise. The onus will lie with the business strategy and so this must be researched and planned to an optimum.

Vending business opportunity

2006-10-11 | It appears that business opportunities in the vending sector could prove to be very profitable indeed with a little hard work and some business acumen. In 2005, vending machine sales rose 3.1 per cent on the previous year to 3.42 billion ($6.4 billion).

The New Face Of Aging Younger & Business

2006-10-07 | Business never looked more beautiful! If you are thinking about your wrinkles you owe it to yourself the look at the alternatives first, as well as the business says the CEO of AAC, Assoc., Inc., David Tippie!

Printer cartridge franchises

2006-09-30 | As more businesses turn to printer cartridge remanufactures to save money and up their green credentials, investing in a printer cartridge franchise could be a winning opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs looking for a fast-growing market to exploit.

Conival plc: Tesco listings for new product from SPARKY BRAND

2006-09-24 | Launch of Wild Acai superfruit juice

Women's fitness franchises

2006-09-21 | In today's health-obsessed, image-conscious society, going to the gym has become a top priority for many women. A womens fitness franchise can take advantage of this growth in health and fitness clubs

DVD Rental Kiosks Take Aim at Traditional Video Stores

2006-08-30 | Industry analysts confirm that video rental stores are fading out of the picture due to the increasing pressure from subscription services such as Netflix (NFLX) and the growing popularity of DVD rental kiosks.

FOREX Business School Offers Partner Franchises

2006-08-24 | Now Webmasters and Entrepreneurs Can Have Their Own FOREX Business School

DVDNow Allows Entrepreneurs to Profit from DVD Rental Kiosks

2006-08-21 | With DVD rental kiosks taking the North American market by storm, industry analysts have agreed that video rental stores are fading out of the picture. Focused almost entirely on new movies, DVDNow rental kiosks offer the same top 30 DVD's that generate 80% of revenue for a traditional video store.