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How Is A Child Prodigy Made? Valentine Cawley's Blog Reveals The Secrets Of The Art and Science Of Baby Genius.

2006-10-09 | Valentine Cawley knows how to make a child prodigy: have a baby. Each of his children by Syahidah Osman Cawley is extraordinary. Child prodigy need not be alone and a baby genius has siblings who may also be geniuses. What is the business of life with a child prodigy like? Their blog confides all.

Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif in a Hilarious TV Series - A Total Write-Off

2006-10-07 | A Total Write-Off, a new 13-part television series produced by Panacea Entertainment in Edmonton, Alberta, begins filming the second week of October and Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song (a 2007 Kunati Books release), Divine Intervention and The River will be one of the participants.

Beverage Blast Cap World Wide News Release. What ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, BBC, SKY NEWS and others have not told us yet about some of the Soda's and Beverage's we Drink ..WARNING...

2006-09-25 | The Blast Cap was invented to help eliminate unhealthy preservatives, sodium's, artificial colors, stabilizers and many other chemicals in Soda's and Beverages. Now an "AT TIME OF USE ACTIVATION" so you can enjoy the Freshest, most Potent, Preservative and Chemical Free Beverage in the World.


2006-08-17 | Officials of SPOTBUY.TV, the premier television e-commerce marketplace, announced today the expansion of services to network television for both broadcast and cable inventory.

13-year old with autism host of pro wrestling radio show for kids

2006-08-11 | Last month "Big Al" began broadasting the first talk show for kids hosted by a kid, Al's Wrestling Talk (AWT)

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution


2006-07-24 | E-commerce and E-change come to the television spot advertising marketplace. SPOTBUY.TV is a first-of-its-kind online media marketplace connecting media buyers and media outlets to efficiently and cost-effectively transact television time.

Writers Union Leaders Blame 'Agents of Terror' for Upsurge in Mideast Violence, Calls on Writers to Speak Out for Peace

2006-07-18 | Leaders of a national union of freelance writers are lining up behind U.S. calls for an end to Arab-Israeli violence, putting the blame on "agents of terror who stockpile deadly missiles instead of libraries, classrooms and a future for their children."

Original Flash Animation and Film Studio VEESH.COM Goes Live!

2006-07-04 | New unique animation film site by FOKaL Inc. launches with six original and exclusive in-house flash productions.

Promoting Your Book Just Became Easier…

2006-06-19 | Your Book Is Complete And Now You Need To Promote It, But Where Do You Start?


2006-06-13 | On June 20, PRWeek Magazine will present "Driving Excitement: How Chrysler Steals the Show" in conjunction with the automaker

Ethos Fuel Reformulator Wholesale Distributor Northeast, Debbie H. Simmons, Box 4, Blakeslee, PA 18610, website, Toll Free (888)227-8506 OFF(570)443-5714 NY (347)837-6062 incl. PA, NY, NJ, CT, VT, MA, NH, DC, MD, DE, OH, Buy Ethos FR in 16 oz, 1 gal., 55 gal. drums

2006-06-03 | Ethos Fuel Reformulator is a revolutionary product that is used by our military, goverment, commercial fleets in US, Canada, China, Mexico, for 10 years. Hundreds of millions of road tests miles has proven that Ethos FR increases fuel miles 7% to 19% and reduces emissions up to 50%.

Mobile Ready Entertainment Corporation and UTEK Corporation Announce Strategic Alliance Agreement

2006-05-26 | Mobile Ready Creates Alliance with UTEK Corporation to Increase Intellectual Holdings

Mobile Ready Entertainment Corp. Announces Start of Trading

2006-05-18 | Mobile Ready Entertainment a holding company and aggregator of digital media, wireless and content for mobile devices begins trading on Pinksheets.

Moon May Become Giant Billboard, Ad Man Warns

2006-05-09 | Scott G, writing in the new online magazine Advertising Industry Newswire, makes startling predictions about new ways that marketing may be invading your life.

24-7 Press Release Newswire Announces May As Mass Media Distribution Discount Month!

2006-04-27 | For the month of May, 24-7 Press Release Newswire ( will be offering a 10% discount to their already low rate, for all new customers who choose their Mass Media Distribution option for press distribution.

New DVD Adds Pro Quality Video Editing to the Arsenal of Bloggers and Podcasters

2006-03-27 | A new DVD being released by Harmonial Press on April 15th adds another tool to the arsenal of bloggers and podcasters - video editing. The video entitled "60 Minute Guide to Mighty Movies in MS Movie Maker" will cost $44.99 and can be purchased at

WebStream Announces Airtime Sponsorship Avails For Radio Network

2006-03-25 | WebStream ( announced it is now accepting sponsors for it's radio show, The Internet Business Hour, heard in various markets across the US and Canada.

Indian American film ARYA reaching places

2006-03-19 | It is not common for Indian movies or Indian American movies to get the kind of worldwide distribution that this film is getting.