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Mobile Ready Entertainment Corporation and UTEK Corporation Announce Strategic Alliance Agreement

2006-05-26 | Mobile Ready Creates Alliance with UTEK Corporation to Increase Intellectual Holdings

Mobile Ready Entertainment Corp. Announces Start of Trading

2006-05-18 | Mobile Ready Entertainment a holding company and aggregator of digital media, wireless and content for mobile devices begins trading on Pinksheets.

Moon May Become Giant Billboard, Ad Man Warns

2006-05-09 | Scott G, writing in the new online magazine Advertising Industry Newswire, makes startling predictions about new ways that marketing may be invading your life.

24-7 Press Release Newswire Announces May As Mass Media Distribution Discount Month!

2006-04-27 | For the month of May, 24-7 Press Release Newswire ( will be offering a 10% discount to their already low rate, for all new customers who choose their Mass Media Distribution option for press distribution.

New DVD Adds Pro Quality Video Editing to the Arsenal of Bloggers and Podcasters

2006-03-27 | A new DVD being released by Harmonial Press on April 15th adds another tool to the arsenal of bloggers and podcasters - video editing. The video entitled "60 Minute Guide to Mighty Movies in MS Movie Maker" will cost $44.99 and can be purchased at

WebStream Announces Airtime Sponsorship Avails For Radio Network

2006-03-25 | WebStream ( announced it is now accepting sponsors for it's radio show, The Internet Business Hour, heard in various markets across the US and Canada.

Indian American film ARYA reaching places

2006-03-19 | It is not common for Indian movies or Indian American movies to get the kind of worldwide distribution that this film is getting.

Milkman Mike Closer To Reclaiming World Record For Longest Milk Squirt Out The Eye.

2006-03-02 | Former Guinness World Record Holder Mike 'The Milkman' Moraal heard Microsoft's global call to 'Start Something' amazing and so he's out to get back his world record for longest milk squirt out the eye.


2006-02-16 | A new national advertising award show that features a unique judging format has been launched. The American Advertising Festival is an online competition where all the entrants judge for the initial phase of the competition.

Acoustical Solutions introduces Sonex Classic Colortec light gray acoustical foam.

2005-11-13 | The deeper shade of Sonex Colortec, charcoal gray, has been available for several years and has been commonly used for a variety of interior spaces that require quality sound control with an enhanced appearance including offices, restaurants, broadcast/audio studios and manufacturing facilities.

Words of Peace rated number six by Brisbane Channel 31 TV viewers

2005-08-26 | Brisbane, Australia's Briz 31 announced that Words of Peace is now their sixth highest rated program. The show first aired on Briz 31 eighteen months ago. Words of Peace, an award-winning half-hour TV series, features highlights from addresses by Prem Rawat, also widely known as Maharaji.

Televisa Pictures set to release "The Movie" this fall

2005-08-22 | "El Vacilon-The Movie" Coming to a theatre near you this fall written and produced by Luis Jimenez a young and talented Latin radio host with a hugely successful radio show in New York City

New 8 hour LED Emergency Flashlight Doubles as Nightlight

2005-08-14 | With those power outages we all experience from time to time, this product will be important. Conventional flashlights, if they work, last a few hours at best. Sentina goes on when the power goes out!

"NO." -- U.S. Court Of Appeals Soundly Rejects IRS Plea To Soften Ruling Impeding Tax System

2005-07-05 | Schulz v. IRS Ruling Upheld IRS Must Have Federal Court Order To Enforce Administrative Actions

Are Arabs in America Terrorists-In-Waiting? A New Film "The Arabian Dream" Paints another Picture

2005-06-28 | Recent polls show that more Americans favor greater surveillance of Arabs in America. A new film to be released on September 11, 2005, gives America an opportunity to scrutinize them more closely.

Telephone Bill Audit Home Based Business

2005-06-27 | Why are so many companies reducing their employees when instead they could be reducing expenses. If you're overwhelmed by telephone bills at home, think of how hard it is for Corporations to keep track of thousand of phone and telecom bills, most without anyone reviewing them.

IEBB Media announces the launch of the IEBB Urban Newswire. 24-7-365...Your news...Your way...One stop.

2005-06-14 | #1 Internet source for Urban News and Information! IEBB Media Starts eBay Auction at $1.5 Million

2005-04-08 | The owner of DIGITALMOVIE.COM has initiated his starting bid price of $1.5 million on eBay in hopes of selling the domain name to raise money for his film project.

SBS and LaComunidad pre-launch online viral 'Lost' viral campaign SBS Broadcasting promotes it's new TV series 'Lost' in online buzz campaign

2005-03-01 | SBS Broadcasting and Dutch digital advertising agency LaComunidad launched the first SBS online viral campaign this week. The campaign is a pre-launch of the TV series 'Lost', which will be broadcasted at NET 5 in the Netherlands as from March.

PR Companies, Journalists and Publishers Heads Up.

2005-01-05 | Press release newswire and distribution Company announce their Mass Media Distribution program which is now available.