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Leading Praxis II Test Coach Reveals How to Pass the Praxis II Test in Just 7 Days

2009-06-25 | Praxis II, Praxis II test, Praxis II study guide

Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity at Ryerson University Selects AVS/Express to Visualize Retail Data

2009-06-24 | Leading edge research facility uses AVS/Express for data mining and visualization

Pearl Law Group and Julie Pearl Honored in Chambers Guides to the World's Leading Lawyers

2009-06-16 | The UK-based Chambers organization ranked Pearl Law Group among its top two bands for go-to immigration law firms in California and honored the firm's Managing Attorney, Julie Pearl.

The Family International's Executive Overseers Address the International CESNUR Conference

2009-06-13 | Karen Zerby and Steve Kelly, spiritual and administrative leaders of the Family International, present a paper to the 2009 Conference of the Center for Studies on New Religious Movements

Three Stars Inc. Announces Attendance at Career College Association Convention & Expo

2009-06-12 | Convention Attendees and Sponsors Invited to Meet Three Stars Representatives in Orlando June 14th through 16th.

Springfield Illinois: Sudden Cardiac Death, Left Ventricle Hypertrophy and Dilation, Cardiac Disease, Cardiac Failure and Cardiac Disease ARE Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Reduce Your Risk!

2009-06-11 | Sleep apnea is known to cause increases in blood pressure and a six-fold increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Study shows that sleep apnea and low oxygen saturation may be a risk factor for sudden cardiac death. LOWER YOUR RISK! Offers an Alternative to FAFSA GOV College Funding

2009-06-10 | Stephanie Robey, author and creator of and President of Pivot Positive, LLC., announced today that the company would place considerable focus on assisting parents looking to fund their children's college education.

Atlantic Link's Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools Chosen as Capital City Bank Brings E-learning Development In-House

2009-06-09 | "Atlantic Link's set of tools were not only comprehensive, but they were easy to use and allowed my team to get up and running after just a minimal amount of training," said Denise Wilson, VP of Corporate Development.

Charlene E. McSwain Honored for Excellence in Pharmaceutical and Educational Research

2009-06-04 | Veteran Researcher Monitors Studies on New Drugs

Carol A. Jasperson Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who

2009-06-04 | Carol A. Jasperson celebrated for 20 years of professional success

Thomas W. Ogletree, Ph.D. Honored for Excellence in Theological Education

2009-06-03 | Yale Professor Emeritus is a Widely Published Author

Ronnie L. Jowers, MBA Honored for Excellence in Financial Management

2009-06-03 | Cambridge VIP Helped Save Emory University School of Nursing

Zeno's Paradoxes Undeniably Solved For The First Time Ever

2009-06-03 | For more than two millennia, the paradoxes conceived by the Sophist Zeno (Zenon) of Elea were considered unsolvable: Impeccably logical arguments that lead to false conclusions.

Students Who Attend The Scuola Calcio, Italian Premier Soccer Boarding School Program Get The Chance To See How It Really Is To Live In A Country Where Soccer Is The Number One Sport

2009-06-02 | Young soccer players from North America and around the world can improve their technical and tactical soccer skills by attending one of the best and one of the most affordable soccer boarding schools in the world.

Jeff Slayton Recognized by Leading Membership Organization

2009-05-30 | Jeff Slayton has been a professional dancer and choreographer for over 40 years.

Cynthia T. Bowen, Ed.D., M.Ed. Honored for Excellence in Academia

2009-05-30 | Cynthia T. Bowen, Ed.D., M.Ed., Prof. Bowen has conducted research related to closed captioned television, sign language, and the effectiveness of staff development programs.

Online Certificates in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. Summer Registration now Available!

2009-05-30 | If you have been considering changing your career or pursuing further credentials, summer is the perfect time.

Break into Business with an Online Degree

2009-05-29 | With concentrations in fields like accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and more, learn how a business degree can enhance your career and take you to the next level.

New College Interns Report for Work at Three Stars Inc.

2009-05-22 | Fresh new faces were welcomed into the summer internship program for the Orlando marketing company

Film Makers Invited to Compete in Second Annual Renton FilmFrenzy in October for Cash and Prizes; Partnership with Seattle International Film Festival Announced

2009-05-19 | Filmmakers are invited to compete in the Second Annual Renton FilmFrenzy, a 50-hour film making competition taking place in Renton, Washington, from October 16-18. Top films are screened during the Curvee Awards Gala on October 27, where $1,700 in cash prizes will be awarded.