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THE NANTWICH FOOD & DRINK FESTIVAL CELEBRATES FORAGING - Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September 2007

2007-09-03 | The sixth annual Nantwich Food & Drink Festival (Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September 2007) takes a well-earned place in the foodie calendar. As a celebration of rural food excellence, it offers a mouth-watering selection of regionally produced organic food and drink.

Organic Award Winners-Plamil Health Food Wins Best Vegan Chocolate Awards

2007-08-14 | Super-green, super vegan, ethical Vegan and organic health food pioneers, Plamil Foods in Folkestone UK have won yet another award for their organic vegan chocolate. This time by one of the world's biggest animal welfare groups - PeTA - People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals.

75 Yr. Old Engineer Walking Across Country ~ S.F. to D.C. ~ for the planet and children worldwide

2007-07-27 | Michael Antares is crossing the USA on foot, pulling a cart, to spread awareness and inspire understanding about the issues surrounding climate change and how it might affect our future generations.

Isle of Man emergency services teach children life-saving skills

2007-07-21 | Representatives from the Isle of Man Emergency Services and Manx businesses are clubbing together to teach Year 6 children potentially life-saving skills.

Healing the Planet - Be inspired by the possibility of a miracle to the crisis facing planet earth.

2007-07-05 | A synchronized worldwide prayer/meditation to kickstart the healing of planet earth. This focused intention will occur on Tuesday 17 July at 07:11 GMT. The event was triggered into existence by an incredible life-saving story followed by guidance.

Time For The Environmentalist To Grow Up..

2007-06-23 | Although the subject of climate change is front page news, the fact is the vast majority of us are still opting to do nothing, it is timew for the environmentalist to grow up and recognize the power of positive marketing...come in from the cold.'s Stewardship Initiative Continues

2007-06-23 | promotes positive stewardship of the environment by supporting eco-friendly organizations.

Climate Change Education a Way of Life for Man on a Mission

2007-06-21 | Chances are if you have turned on the television or logged on to the internet in the past year you have heard or seen something about climate change.

New Website Promotes Dialogue on Agricultural, Environmental & Artistic Issues

2007-06-20 | Seed to Plate is a non-profit, informational blogsite dedicated to providing a forum for the discussion of global agricultural, environmental, and artistic issues with the goal toward community participation and positive action.

New Age Software launches Personal/Family Disaster Recovery system.

2007-06-08 | I Need My Info lets individuals and families keep their disaster recovery and in case of emergency contact information where they can get it when they need it most.

Improve Your Power Factor, Environment and Your Pocket Book

2007-06-07 | Green Choice was formed to distribute the PU-1200 which uses capacitor technology to decrease power consumption and thus carbon emissions within the residential or commercial market.

T-Shirt World Record Event To Benefit Massachusetts Environmental Cleanup

2007-06-07 | 12 year-old will squeeze into 161 T-shirts to break world record and raise funds for cleanup of city pond.

Chemical substances and articles: REACH - for companies outside Europe!

2007-06-03 | Many non-EU companies will be impacted by the new REACH regulation. The Only representative service provided by the LISAM group with the help of the international law agency NAUTADUTILH wil be of great help to companies that are exporting to the European Union.

Community-Based Ecological Group Unites to Protect Chocó Rainforest

2007-05-07 | Leaders representing three ancestral cultures hold a Constitutional Assembly in Ecuador to form a new association designed to protect some of the last coastal tropical rainforest in the world.

The Internet's Global Warming Clock winds up and starts ticking.

2007-04-25 | In a project reminiscent of the 'Doomsday Clock' attorney/author, Steven Paul Mark, has begun the 'Global Warming Clock.' Whereas the former measures humankind's proximity to nuclear annihilation, the Global Warming Clock will alert humanity to a slower, but nevertheless certain, self-destruction. - Winfield Resources Ltd. Looks To Ethanol Production From Cellulose

2007-04-23 | Winfield Arranges Sixty Million Dollars financing in the form of a segregated capital pool on a draw down basis, subject to acceptance of a full feasibility report for it's first Ethanol Project.


2007-04-09 | People are concerned that world governments are not reacting quickly enough to address the human causes of climate change.

The Financial Times and Citi Private Bank Launch Environmental Awards

2007-03-23 | The Financial Times and Citi Private Bank announce the launch of their inaugural Environmental Awards