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Roberto Echandi Celebrates More Than 20 Years of Practiced Industry Experience

2017-12-12 | Amb. Echandi won the Mariano Montealegre Bustamante Excellence Award as Ambassador of Costa Rica from 2006 to 2010

Why Sarah Sanders may be the Greatest Female Role Model of All Time

2017-12-10 | "All a young woman needs to do is watch one of her press conferences, it can really be an empowering experience."

In 2016 Fatal Crashes, 30,969 Drivers Had No Usable Test Results for DUI, and 35,699 for Drugs

2017-12-08 | Lack of required testing of all fatal crash at-fault drivers results in covering up the true amount of drugs and alcohol in fatal crashes. In 2016 only 40% of the fatal crash drivers were tested for alcohol and only 31% were tested for drugs.

Ashton Whiteley: UK Agrees to Maintain Irish Border

2017-12-06 | Ashton Whiteley: May committed to maintaining economic rules on either side of the EU-UK border.

Ashton Whiteley: German Economy on Track for Boom

2017-11-30 | Ashton Whiteley: German economy to show continued growth even in the midst of political uncertainty.

AXCEND, Inc. Receives 8(a) Certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA)

2017-11-29 | The company has had steady growth since its establishment in 2015 and has built a solid infrastructure which will support the further growth expected through this certification.

Clifford Beaumont - UK to Spend Billions to Stave Off Brexit Effects

2017-11-24 | Clifford Beaumont: Theresa May pledges billions of pounds to help regenerate the UK economy after its exit from the European Union.

Ashton Whiteley: Japan's Economy May See End to Deflation

2017-11-23 | Ashton Whiteley: After 15 years of falling prices that have plagued the Japanese economy, the end of deflation may be in sight according to official government report.

Crowdfunding Seeks To Save Salmon from Extinction

2017-11-21 | A Non profit organization is launching a crowdfunding campaign to save the salmon. Federal and State departments of Fish and Wildlife have listed Salmon as a threatened and endangered species.

Ashton Whiteley: Sterling Likely To Weaken Further Despite Hike

2017-11-16 | The British Pound is likely to continue to weaken despite the effects of last week's 25 basis points hike by the Bank of England.

David Michael Palladino, Author Of Inspirational Book Series, Gives Donald Trump And Sean Hannity Credit For Making America Great Again

2017-11-16 | David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction. His works address important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to accomplish that goal.

Aurotech and Everteam Partner to Support Information Governance Across Banking, Finance, and Insurance

2017-11-15 | Together the two companies will provide the strategic advice and technology necessary for successful information governance

Businessman, Inventor, Educator, Preacher & Recording Artist, Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr is Running for US Congress

2017-11-14 | Dr. Barnes will use his experience in business, education, working with community leaders, and public service to be the next US Representative for Texas District 14, to allow this country to rise above its obstacles.

JES Foundation Repair Honors Veterans Through American Flag Retirement Efforts

2017-11-11 | JES Promotes Respect & Etiquette for Worn, Torn American Flags.

NASA is "SIRIUS" About Its Analog Missions

2017-11-09 | The SIRIUS missions are the latest spaceflight analogs NASA is utilizing to help us understand the risks of travel further into the solar system.

CAL INC Announces Ash Debris & Removal Services for Homeowners & Property Owners Affected by the California Wildfires

2017-11-06 | In response to the recent California wildfires, CAL INC will provide cleanup services to residents for fire damaged homes, businesses and structures in the North Bay and in other affected communities.

Washington Wheat Industry Calls For "No Harm"

2017-11-04 | The Washington Grain Commission and the Washington Association of Wheat Growers called trade the "lifeblood" of Eastern Washington farmers and warned of fallout if the international commerce is jeopardized.

Man K-9 Hosts Training Simulation in Huntington Beach

2017-11-02 | San Diego County-based Man K-9 trained police dogs in Huntington Beach by employing a helicopter and using gun fire to simulate realistic situations the dogs could face.

Ashton Whiteley: BoE to Hike Rates

2017-11-01 | Ashton Whiteley: UK economy will enter unknown territory if it hikes rates this week as anticipated.