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Tai Chi: A profound health tool for Osteoperosis, Bone Loss, and Menopausal issues.

2006-07-04 | The benefits that Tai Chi provides are profound and benefit all people multidimensionally, but for those suffering bone loss and osteoperosis, the advantages are substantial !!

South West Fitness Offers Las Vegas Community Free Fitness Consultation

2006-07-01 | Local company, South West Fitness, is now offering the Las Vegas community free fitness consultations to help improve Las Vegas' "Fattest City" ranking.

Could you be A Highway Time Bomb? How To Manage Stress Before You Hit The Roads

2006-06-29 | Millions hit the highways with underlying stress waiting to erupt as road rage. Chicago motivational speaker Cheryl Perlitz, offers stress assessment and tips to help motorists define and diffuse stress that leads to rage on our highways at

The Breast Gives Away Free Money

2006-06-11 | The Breast is giving away collector's edition, Pink Ribbon Quarters to readers just for the asking.

PositiveResistance.Org Sends Foster Youth to Paris to Inspire New Identity

2006-06-06 | Fourteen artists depict unimagined possibilities by creating forty two highly valuable works of art at the request of Positive Resistance; a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching foster youth that "A Broken Home Does Not Mean a Broken Life."

Christian Meditation CDs Offer Peace of Mind and Help Clear the Mental Path to God

2006-03-29 | If Christians aren't controlling their thoughts, then their thoughts are controlling them. Learn how Christian Meditation can help believers win the battle over their minds.

Renowned Spiritual Mentor Heals the American Zeitgeist, One Mind at a Time

2006-03-29 | Gary De Rodriguez may be a saver of souls, but it is his groundbreaking approach to the science of the psyche that has enabled personal salvation for so many. According to De Rodriguez, each of us can permanently heal as well as help to shield our planet from darker days ahead.

Shaklee NutriFeron , U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding : A Winning Combination

2006-03-16 | Immunity Booster Aids Health of U.S. Skiers and Winter Athletes at Any Level

The Apothecary of Beauty

2006-03-13 | Grayson's mixes up home-business success. New England handmade natural bath and body line revives women's' skin care treatments of long ago.

Create a Loving Society One Person at a Time

2006-03-04 | Healing Society in Action Offers Free Yoga and Meditation Classes

Weight-Loss Achievers Become BGLUZRS New Website Supports RNY Big Losers

2006-02-03 | If you've lost a lot of weight, you're a BGLUZR (Big Loser) among the bariatric community. And with the surge of more gastric bypass surgeries being performed each year, there are many BGLUZRS out there!

HSA for America partners with nation's CPAs

2006-02-02 | HSA for America has begun partnering with CPAs nationwide to help people learn about the many advantages of Health Savings Accounts.

ColoHealth Reports Rapid Increase in HSA Sales

2006-02-02 | ColoHealth's reports a significant jump in sales of HSA-qualified plans, with 32% of all plans sold in 2005 qualifying to work with Health Savings Accounts.


2006-01-11 | Get Slim While You Sleep is a brand new approach to weight loss. It follows the well trodden path of hypnotherapy but with a twist - you do it in your sleep!

Bird Flu Update -- What You Really Need to Know from the Experts at Bottom Line/Personal

2006-01-10 | The Deadly Bird Flu Is Coming: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself. Practical advice from the experts at Bottom Line/Personal. The Spanish flu killed 50 million people in 1918. Did you know that the killer flu from almost 90 years ago began as a bird flu virus and "jumped" to humans?

Travel safe with exclusive Travel-Wise products for the smart traveler

2005-12-17 | Are you ready for the holiday travel season? Make the best of one of the busiest times at airports ... arrive fit and relaxed at your destination with right approach to your travels. Discover how to reduce the risk of airborne infection and speed up recovery from jet lag quickly and easily.

Give alcoholics hope this Christmas with "Phoenix in a Bottle"

2005-12-13 | The controversial new book "Phoenix in a Bottle" by Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald would make the ideal Christmas present of hope for alcoholics from their friends, relatives and loved ones - say publishers Melrose Books.

Nature Clinic Brings Joy to the World: Friends of Natural Systems Education Reduces Stress and Strengthens Personal and Environmental Health at a Free, Holistic Nature-Psychology Clinic Online

2005-12-13 | Our disconnection from nature's ways produces Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), the inability of our consciousness to register 53 inborn natural system sensitivities and enjoy their benefits. A new, free, online clinic educates its visitors to use and teach an Organic Psychology antidote to NDS.

Fighting Acne fallacies

2005-11-12 | Former Acne sufferer sets up a web site to debunk all of the misinformation currently floating around on the Internet. He aims to only provide information based on research and actual facts.