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Fighting Acne fallacies

2005-11-12 | Former Acne sufferer sets up a web site to debunk all of the misinformation currently floating around on the Internet. He aims to only provide information based on research and actual facts.

Self Responsibility Drives Dahn Yoga Member to Healthy Living

2005-11-10 | Long-time nurse pursues naturapathic lifestyle including yoga, avoiding health care insurance and prescription drugs.

Certified Chef Bud Selmi of Hot Sauce by Sizzlin Sauces President / Owner - ACF 1999 New Hampshire Chapter Chef of the Year - is Scheduling Live Cooking Demo's

2005-11-06 | Chef Bud Selmi president of Sizzlin Sauces LLC is now making public appearances doing live cooking demo's at [url=]Zeb's General Store[/url] in North Conway, NH on October 22nd. His next scheduled public appearance is also at Zeb's General Store on November 27th.

Muscle Building Tips Ordinary Guys Must Know

2005-11-04 | Muscle building expert James Jordan says ordinary guys need a more thorough approach to their diet training and recuperation genetic freaks and steroid users can take for granted.James gives 5 tips ordinary guys must know for [url=] muscle growth[/url].

Give your Valentine a "SPECIAL GIFT." Elegant accommodations at affordable prices.

2005-11-02 | Unique historic and Rare Bed and Breakfast announced by Elegant Accomodations.

Diabetes Care Should Include Vitamins and Herbs, Tells Diabetics. Ten Vitamins and Herbs Show Substantial Health Benefit, Receiving Website's Highest 3-Star Rating.

2005-10-07 | My Vitamin Guide (MVG) has added an enhanced diabetes section to its website. It includes extensive information on diabetes, plus in-depth articles on type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Ten supplements received MVG's highest, 3-star rating, showing substantial health benefits with type 2 diabetes.

Immune Booster--Immune System Breakthrough of the 21st Century

2005-09-24 | Exclusive Patented Formula That Activates Your Immune System Safely and Naturally

Weight Wellbeing Celebrates The Launch Of its New Diet Book!

2005-09-16 | A new dieting approach to weight loss.

Prostate Health Improves with Supplements and Lifestyle Changes, Reports

2005-09-13 | reports that men's prostate health can be improved through dietary and lifestyle changes. The site's prostate health section gives information about relevant supplements, as well as action steps that men can take to prevent or treat non-cancerous prostate disease.

Depression Symptoms, and Depression Treatment with Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements Explained by

2005-08-31 | My Vitamin Guide (MVG), an online review of vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and alternative medicine, announced it has compiled a list of nutritional supplements that can help alleviate symptoms of depression, thus helping people understand alternatives to traditional depression medications.

Celebrate! ADHD Urges Parents to Adopt-A-Teacher

2005-08-30 | Tragically, most teachers try to change their brightest, most curious students—children with ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder—with Ritalin rather than changing their teaching styles. Celebrate!ADHD is urging parents to "Adopt-A-Teacher" to improve self-confidence and school performance.

Acne Treatment and Acne Solutions Include Nutritional Supplements and Holistic Health, Says . Enhanced Acne Treatment Section of My Vitamin Guide Recommends Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, and Alternative Medicine for Acne Prevention.

2005-08-18 | My Vitamin Guide, an online review of vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and alternative medicine, has added an enhanced acne section to its website. Found at, this new section provides information on natural acne treatments as well as conventional approaches.


2005-08-04 | Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a fitness video? Here's your chance to get a GUEST APPEARANCE! Powder Blue Productions The Creators of Turbo Kick and PiYo and the soon to be released Turbo Jam has announced the kick-off of the "Win a Guest Appearance" raffle.

Keeping a Fitness Journal Makes Big Difference in Competition and Fitness Programs

2005-07-27 | Competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike have discovered the advantage they gain by using a fitness journal as part of their program. Now the advantage has increased through the use of an on-line Fitness Journal.

Natural Living Is The Only Way For Peace and Prosperity

2005-07-13 | God created this world. Man creates his health or disease. Good health can bring wealth. Wealth cannot give health. Nature is the source of real health.

Holistic Acne Treatment Helps Thousands Worldwide In Quest For Clear Skin

2005-07-07 | Ex- acne sufferer launches a unique step-by-step acne treatment to help sufferers worldwide in their quest for a lasting acne cure and a life without shame

Is The Dairy Industry the New McDonalds?

2005-07-03 | Who would you trust? The organisations that are protecting a dairy industry that is worth $70-billion a year in the USA alone? or health and nutrition experts and vegan charities who are trying to create a world where their free, healthy, ethical advice is no longer needed and they are out of a job?

Author Declares Freedom from America's Biggest Bully, Obesity, on Independence Day

2005-06-30 | Motivational speaker and health coach Jeremy Likness takes a stand on July 4th, 2005; Releases internationally-selling eBook in paperback format to help readers "Lose Fat, Not Faith."