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Keeping a Fitness Journal Makes Big Difference in Competition and Fitness Programs

2005-07-27 | Competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike have discovered the advantage they gain by using a fitness journal as part of their program. Now the advantage has increased through the use of an on-line Fitness Journal.

Natural Living Is The Only Way For Peace and Prosperity

2005-07-13 | God created this world. Man creates his health or disease. Good health can bring wealth. Wealth cannot give health. Nature is the source of real health.

Holistic Acne Treatment Helps Thousands Worldwide In Quest For Clear Skin

2005-07-07 | Ex- acne sufferer launches a unique step-by-step acne treatment to help sufferers worldwide in their quest for a lasting acne cure and a life without shame

Is The Dairy Industry the New McDonalds?

2005-07-03 | Who would you trust? The organisations that are protecting a dairy industry that is worth $70-billion a year in the USA alone? or health and nutrition experts and vegan charities who are trying to create a world where their free, healthy, ethical advice is no longer needed and they are out of a job?

Author Declares Freedom from America's Biggest Bully, Obesity, on Independence Day

2005-06-30 | Motivational speaker and health coach Jeremy Likness takes a stand on July 4th, 2005; Releases internationally-selling eBook in paperback format to help readers "Lose Fat, Not Faith."

Book on Perimenopause and Natural Hormones Awarded Top Publishing Honors

2005-06-19 | Larkfield Publishing's "The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause" wins the prestigious Ben Franklin Award for best first book by a new publisher. The book also receives an Honorable Mention in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year competition.

NutriFitness Introduces Fitness and Nutrition BootCamps!

2005-06-14 | NutriFitness Private Training Studio Introduces BootCamp Group Fitness and Nutrition Programs. Bootcamp Fitness is an innovative approach to getting healthy. Bootcamp Group Fitness and Nutrition Program is fun, educational and people get results!

Spa Girl Parties, Inc.: Pampering Women Across the Country 100 Times Over

2005-06-03 | Spa Girl Parties, Inc. has recently celebrated their 100th Spa Girl Party.

Run For Your Life! Valuable Tips and Advice About Treadmills.

2005-04-05 | For hundreds of tips about treadmills and the benefits which can be derived from their regular usage, visit No need to worry about weather conditions or trudging off to the gym. Now, anyone can afford a quality treadmill to assist in building a healthy lifestyle.

How to Use Do-It-Yourself Toxic Mold Test Kits

2005-04-04 | To identify correctly toxic mold species, take these two steps: (1) use do-it-yourself mold test kits to collect mold samples during the building mold inspection; and (2) send the collected mold test samples to a mold laboratory for mold analysis and mold species identification.

Innovative Stress Management Program Offers Long-Term Stress Relief in the Workplace

2005-03-15 | A breakthrough stress management program for workers combines an engaging two-hour stress reduction workshop with ongoing email support to achieve long-term success in coping

Millennium Health Supplements Continues to Bring the Health Benefits of Hoodia Gordonii to North America

2005-03-14 | Hoodia Gordonii? Can Weight Loss be this Simple and Safe? Read about the HOTTEST New Weight Loss Product in North America!

Hemp Seed Oil: Food for Your Brain

2005-03-09 | Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Hemp seed oil contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids. - Brings Life Alive!

2005-02-21 | medical library is the first "animated" medical library with more than 100 tutorials and more indepth explanation of terms than found anywhere on the internet.

What are Natural Salt Lamps? Where do they come from? Why do we need them?

2005-02-20 | In the form of a lamp, Natural Salt crystal not only creates an especially radiant light, but also has a very positive and profound effect on our personal wellness.

Discover how to set your business and personal goals. New self improvement guide release.

2005-02-20 | The critical step to everyone's life is to learn and apply what successful people do. - At Home Teeth Whitening

2005-02-11 | - At Home Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Kits. No dental visit required! Have a dramatically whiter, brighter smile in days.

Take Control Of Your Arthritis - The Five Most Important Things You Do To Take Control Your Arthritis

2005-01-30 | Former arthritis sufferer Margie Garrison says there are at least five things that every person who suffers from arthritis must do to stop being in pain.

Company Introduces Machine for the Enhancement of Intimacy

2005-01-27 | This machine can bring intimacy back into a relationship. Designed for couples, the product adds excitement and variety to love making.

Golfers' #1 Accessory. PhysAssist Sports Crème, Relieve Muscular and joint Pain of Seasonal and Occasional Sports Activities.

2005-01-19 | (PhysAssist Therapeutic Products, Little River SC) A new sports crème offers arthritis pain relief for golfers and other sports enthusiasts.