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Failure is an Option

2018-02-09 | How an Inoperative CubeSat Still Holds STEM Lessons

Lectrifi Integrated Circuit Technology to Accelerate Commercialization

2018-02-09 | Collaboration initiative enhances wireless power transfer capabilities of leading Hong Kong based innovator

Minnesota's State Capitol Restoration and Modernization Included Delivery of Television via Lynx Ultra System on Category 6A Cable

2018-02-08 | A part of the technology system upgrade was a Lynx Ultra television distribution system from Lynx Broadband.

New Yorker Electronics and Moxie Inductor Corporation Partner to form Global Supply Chain of Magnetics Components

2018-01-27 | New Partnership Means Reduced Lead Times and Costs for Complete Solutions in Lighting, Professional Audio, Computing, Industrial Electronics, Defense and Power Conversion Applications

Quantum Composers Adds New Pulse Delay Generator

2018-01-27 | New delay generator puts multi-channel, high precision, system timing in the hands of small laboratories

Wikibox, Storage-Based o2o Service, Enters into US Market

2018-01-24 | o2o service that can be combined with various services

Jaejin Lee, PhD, Recognized for Contributions in Research and Development

2018-01-23 | Dr. Lee draws upon his previous experience as an engineer to create new innovations for Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.

Bernard Michael Kulwicki, PhD, Celebrates 35 Years of Practiced Engineering Experience

2018-01-23 | Dr. Kulwicki lent his expertise to the Institute of Solid State Physics in the Czech Republic

Duaxi Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Their Unique Two Display Alarm Clock

2018-01-23 | Wisconsin based technology company Duaxi announces a February 27th launch date of a Kickstarter effort for their new Timeshare Alarm Clock

Phidgets Inc. Releases Six New Devices

2018-01-21 | A servo controller, two motion sensors, two input devices and a new single-board computer now available at Phidgets

Tether Tools Introduces TetherPro USB-C Cables for Tethered Photography

2018-01-18 | Shoot tethered with cameras or computers that feature USB-C connection

New Yorker Electronics Introduces New Magnetic Components That Adapt to the Harshest Environments

2018-01-13 | Exxelia Magnetics new chameleon concept magnetics technology provides inductors and transformers with multiple outputs, high power density and reduced footprint.

Ihn-Sik Weon Celebrated for Professional Excellence in Engineering

2018-01-11 | Mr. Weon has contributed to numerous advances in technology

Six and Half Million Developers Now Using AI or ML in Their Projects

2018-01-10 | Software developers are adopting and using artificial intelligence and machine learning by the millions, according to Evans Data's newly released Global Development and Demographics Study.

New Yorker Electronics Releases New Through-Hole Relays That Withstand Reflow Soldering

2018-01-10 | New Goodsky/ECE Innovation Stands Up to the High-Temperatures of the Reflow Soldering Process

One Unique Car Mount with Automatic Operation Is Released By Esorun

2018-01-09 | Smart Car Mount Mimosa by Esorun, with single-handed operation, is launched at the CES Fair 2018

WBD101 Heart Rate Sensing Technology ActivHearts Powers #CES2018 Innovation Awards Honoree and Alexa Enabled Headphones from Cleer, Inc.

2018-01-08 | Cleer, Inc Announces New Bluetooth Wireless Headphone line-up Cleer EDGE Voice and EDGE Pulse based on Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoCs

GRE Alpha Releases ENO-DIM Wireless Dimming Module

2018-01-08 | ENO-DIM Wireless Dimming Module