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Springvale: Tempered Stone Announced on Kickstarter

2017-03-11 | Nonlinear, story-driven RPG coming soon to PC/Mac and mobile by MojoFilter Media.

Miaplaza Unleashes the Power of Personalized Learning

2017-03-03 | Changes Approach To Learning, Using Dragons and Fashion To Teach Math & Spelling

Questburgh Offers Two Escape Rooms

2017-03-01 | The Pittsburgh-based room escape gaming experience provider currently has two options of escape rooms with one of them also available for children.

Ubique Networks Attends Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2017

2017-03-01 | Company to Promote Lagless Gaming Technology

DFC Intelligence Issues Reports on PC Game Hardware and Upcoming Game Software for 2017

2017-02-22 | Consumers Expected to Spend $30 Billion on Custom PC Game Hardware in 2017

Rise of Factions: Sparta is Live on Kickstarter

2017-02-05 | Rise of Factions: Sparta is a simplified real time strategy game where you take control of the Spartan army to conquer the ancient Greek peninsula.

Program-Ace Releases Its Latest Game, King of Juice

2017-01-31 | Program-Ace company has recently released a new casual game item for iOS, Android and Windows for Leap Motion - King of Juice.

DFC Intelligence Issues Latest Forecasts on Nintendo Switch

2017-01-23 | Unit sales expected to reach 40 million by 2020

Dystopia: The Crimson War, Ready to Launch in Brazil and Middle East Soon

2017-01-21 | Plans to release in Brazil and Middle East in the last week of January. Game will be serviced in English first, then gradually support local languages. Expected to have stable service with local server expansion.

Mars Dragons The Return, An Indie Game

2017-01-19 | Gude Games is proudly to announce its new release Mars Dragons The Return, available in App Store and Google Play for free.

'Dystopia: The Crimson War' is Ready to Launch in More Countries After Successful Soft Launch

2017-01-03 | After soft launching in select countries, Dystopia has been receiving overwhelming requests for release from other countries like Brazil and Russia. Planning to launch in more countries starting with Brazil in January

Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard Revamped - Play First, Everything Else Later

2016-12-30 | Casual game developer AdoreStudio has released Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard, a tricky mahjong solitaire game, for Android devices. The game is free and available under the Puzzle category on Google Play.

TennisProphet - Best Fantasy Sports Platform and Community for Tennis Fans Around the World

2016-12-09 | provides a unique betting experience for tennis fans on official ATP tournaments such as the US Open or Wimbledon that rewards their tennis expertise. Contestants can win prizes, real money, and become the world's best Tennisprophet!

TANGLEWOOD: A Brand New Game for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

2016-12-02 | A brand new game in development for the SEGA Genesis, to be released on cartridge in 2017

VR Car Racing Game "Overtake" Globally Launched Simultaneously in Mobile and VR Version

2016-11-25 | Won1Games and Escaper Co-developed Extreme Car Driving Simulation Game "Overtake" and sells it in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

UK Man Claims Playing Solitaire Made Him A Genius

2016-11-15 | After playing Solitaire for just one month, he scored 161 on a mensa test, the highest score possible.

8 Yrs Old And Developing Apps With the Best of Them

2016-11-13 | This 8 year old girl from Queensland Australia is making headlines as she raises funds through a kickstarter campaign to bring an Ipad game she developed into reality. Can she compete with the biggest names in the world?

Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center Unleashes Zombie Boardwalk Attraction

2016-11-09 | Shooting-gallery style attraction allows guests to take aim at lifelike animated zombies

Illma Gore - Street Artist Partners Up with Machinima for an Election Day Virtual Reality Live Stream

2016-11-07 | "Creating a Political Monster" is a live mixed virtual reality performance where Illma exposes "the monster." This live performance art piece utilizes the application TiltBrush and will be interactively art-directed by audience suggestions.

Best Board Game Box is striving to Bring You New Experiences. It's a New World of Gaming

2016-10-31 | Hybrid game! An all-in-one board game solution with 108+ of the best board games holds the world's largest collection of traditional board games and board game variations, and is accompanied by an app!