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International Tales and Book Signing October 4th Event

2017-09-27 | On October 4th, join us for a special event where Author David Allard will present and sign his book, "A World of Culture, Oil, and Golf", at the Rock Bottom Brewery, 1001 16th St. Denver, CO. from 5:00 - 7:30 pm.

Water Will Be A More Valuable Commodity Than Oil

2017-09-27 | Demand for water is exceeding supply capabilities under the current infrastructure, and governments will struggle to find the finances to make the improvements that are needed.

Euro-American Women's Council 21st Annual Global Goddess Artemis Award Ceremony set for October 7, 2017 in Athens, Greece

2017-09-22 | Distinguished Leaders from the United States and around the Globe will be recognized at the 21st Global Goddess Artemis Award Ceremony to be held at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece.

Laserfibre Launches First Co-Poly Tennis String Ever Made in USA

2017-09-21 | Young, US-based tennis company breaks seal on Made in America for one of the most popular string types

Folium Biosciences Receives Approval from Public Health Inspections Division, Denver Department of Environmental Health, to Manufacture & Sell Hemp CBD Oil in the City of Denver

2017-09-19 | New Department of Environmental Health regulations require that the Public Health Inspections Division conducts on-site inspections of the manufacturing process and procedures of all hemp derived CBD products sold within the City of Denver.

How to Bring Together IT and Procurement for Better Business Performance

2017-09-12 | Source One and Corporate United partner on new whitepaper to help bring together Procurement and IT stakeholders

US Group Aims Invention at Authentic Jeans at Munich Fabric Start Bluezone September 2017

2017-08-27 | (US Denim & US Apparel) Denim & Jeans Collection for Brands Working on Season-Free Collection

StoneAge Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership in the Middle East

2017-08-23 | StoneAge, Inc., leading manufacturer of waterblast tooling and equipment globally, is partnering with Asia Waterjet Equipment in Dubai, UAE, to better support equipment needs of industrial cleaning contractors in the Middle East.

WeeTect Opened the Shatterproof Helmet Visor Technology to OEM/ODM Market

2017-08-10 | WeeTect, a global leader in designing and manufacturing safety accessories, today announced that it will start supplying shatterproof helmet visors for OEM/ODM markets.

Conway Machine Announces Australia Distribution Agreement with SEAGA Group

2017-07-27 | Conway Machine is a leading supplier of aftermarket parts for die cutters and offset printers

WeeTect Applies Its Super Abrasion Resistant Helmet Visor Technology to Other Products

2017-07-13 | WeeTect, a global leader in designing and manufacturing abrasion resistant helmet visors, today announced that it has started using this technology on other eye and face protection products.

International Cooperation in Long-Term Care: ACHCA Chapter in Discussions with Age Concern Bermuda

2017-07-10 | The New York Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Administrators, and Age Concern Bermuda will meet during the Summer Leadership Conference later this month to discuss international cooperation in long-term care.

Sanctions Risk Management Symposium Covers Latest OFAC Positions on Cuba, Iran & Russia

2017-06-27 | Fast-changing and far-reaching laws, regulations, and multinational initiatives is transforming the field on an almost weekly basis.

New China Airport Forecast Indicates Rebound In Traffic Growth

2017-06-22 | China-US Travel Hindered By Lack of US Gateway Preparation

Kingbird Sets Yarn & Thread Industry Standards; Now Introduces Oeko-Tex Certified High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

2017-06-14 | Kingbird, a global leader in manufacturing yarns and threads, today announced an Oeko-Tex Certified high tenacity polyester yarn.

SaintyCo is on its Way to be the Leading Fluid Bed Equipment Manufacturer in China

2017-06-13 | SaintyCo, the world's leading supplier and manufacturer of pharmaceutical machines, today announced 5 series of new cGMP compliant fluid bed machines.

Nine Elms Development Affects a 90 Degree Turn; New Focus On The Jewelry and Mining Industries

2017-06-07 | Breaking international economic news from this past week has caused Las Vegas-based Nine Elms to increase efforts in the jewelry and mining sectors.

Inter Group Re-Launches - its Global B2B E-Commerce Wholesale Online Platform

2017-06-02 | Connecting Wholesale Buyers and Sellers under one roof

WAWG Opposes The Administration's Proposed Budget Cuts To Crop Insurance and Other Trade Development Programs

2017-05-25 | Rural America could be devastated by weakening the farm bill and imposing restrictions on essential programs related to crop insurance, commodity, conservation, trade, nutrition, and economic development.