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Burn Personal Injuries

2009-07-22 | Burns are the second leading cause of death in the United States. The painful and often life changing occurrence of a burn injury be extremely traumatic for the victim. If your injury was a result of negligence you may be entitled to compensation.

Accident Claims - Air Canada Pays Hearing Loss Compensation

2009-07-09 | A Ramp Co-Ordinator working for Air Canada at Heathrow Airport has been awarded GBP6,000 compensation.

Temperature Monitoring and HACCP Handheld Inspection Systems at the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) 2009 National Conference

2009-07-06 | Presenting the FreshLoc Wireless Temperature Monitoring System and the HACCP Hand-Held Inspection System at the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) 2009 National Conference, Milwaukee, WI , July 9-10 2009.

Wingrip Fall Protection System Capabilities Proven For US Air Force Applications

2009-06-28 | The Wingrip fall protection system recently passed a qualifications study for US Air Force transport aircraft applications and is now a fully approved fall protection tool for use by Air Force personnel on C-17, KC-135 and KC-10 airframes.

Asbestos Usage in the United States

2009-06-20 | Although asbestos use was banned in the United States in 1989, it was overturned in 1991, reinstating uses established before 1989, although the ban on new uses remained in force. That wasn't much of a change.

Boy Brain Damaged at Rugby Club Party Wins GBP4.6 Million

2009-06-19 | A boy who suffered brain damage after falling off a ride at an end of season party at a rugby club has won GBP4.6 million in compensation.

Accident Claims - Over GBP10,000 for Wrist Broken on Cruise

2009-05-29 | A woman who broke her wrist on the second day of a cruise holiday has won over GBP10,000 in compensation for her injury.

Company Providing Fire Protection Systems in Denver Increases Travel Fee-Free Service Area

2009-05-20 | Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. no longer charges travel fees to businesses located within a 35-mile radius of Denver, Colorado.

Personal Injuries from Harmful and Defective Products

2009-05-20 | Product liability law is supposed to ensure that the manufacturer or other provider of goods is responsible for any injuries caused by their defective or dangerous products that are placed into the flow of commerce.

Construction Site Dangers

2009-05-14 | At construction sites, there are many risk factors for injury on a day to day basis for their workers. If you are injured at a construction site, it is important to take the following course of action.

Adult Lead Poisoning Dangers in Arizona

2009-05-12 | The dangerous effects of exposure to lead poisoning for adults can lead to lifelong health defects. This article covers symptoms and sources of lead poisoning.

BLR Employee Training Center Wins 2009 CODiE Award

2009-05-08 | The BLR Employee Training Center,, named Best Workforce Training Solution by the Software & Information Industry Association

Texas Businesses Combating Outbreak of H1N1 (Swine Influenza)

2009-05-08 | Due to a high number of correspondences over these health issues, [Green Efficient], the only US LEED-based building maintenance company, widened their services to help the CDC and health official combat the problem.

Creating Stay at Work Options for Injured or Ill Employees during National Return to Work Week May 10-16, 2009

2009-05-08 | National Return to Work Week will bring together employers, employees, workers compensation and disability providers to share best practices that increase stay at work or return to work opportunities for ill, injured and disabled employees.

Pardee Homes Honored for Safety Practices

2009-05-08 | Unprecedented Recognition From California OSHA

Masks Neutralize Pandemic Viruses & Bacteria

2009-04-30 | Redbird Armor announces two new NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirators to be used by the workforce and the general public in the event of a medical health emergency such as pandemic influenza.

Northern California Reps Sought By Denver Fire Systems Company

2009-04-17 | Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. seeks companies interested in expanding their service offerings to include restaurant kitchen hood system and fire suppression system installation.

SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC Opens in the St. Louis Area

2009-04-15 | Workplace Violence Training and Fraud Investigations drive SPIRIT's growth into the St. Louis area.

ADA Compliance Funding Included in Stimulus Package

2009-04-07 | The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes funds available to bring facilities, programs and systems in compliance with ADA standards.

Denver, Colorado Fire Protection Company Offers Training To Aspiring Business Owners

2009-03-14 | Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. is offering training to fire protection workers interested in starting their own business.