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2006-12-23 | Selling Massachusetts Home Owners Insurance and Massachusetts Automobile Insurance

Barclays Insurance warn of Christmas clearout

2006-12-14 | New figures from Barclays Insurance show that it is not just Santa who comes to visit us at Christmas.

Barclays urges home owners to be prepared as the peak of the 'freak weather' season approaches

2006-10-14 | Barclays Insurance is warning home owners to make sure that they are prepared for storms and floods as we enter the season when homes are most likely to be the victim of freak weather.

Brits choose holiday partners for sun, sand, and... a laugh

2006-09-17 | A poll by Barclays Travel Insurance has revealed that Peter Kay is the celebrity most people would like to go on holiday with.

Massive Tax Relief Savings To Be Made On Life Insurance Premiums, Advises Moneynet

2006-09-16 | The financial comparison site Moneynet advises that there are big savings to be made on little-known life premium loophole

Many Benefits to Using a Local Car Insurance Agent

2006-08-31 | It may be easier to buy car insurance online, but the benefits of having a local agent are numerous. One website is promoting your hometown agent.

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

Moneynet warns that credit card companies are tightening up on lending policy

2006-07-01 | Credit card firms refuse applicants with spotless records - because they are more likely to clear debt

Barclays Insurance announces couch potato Brits will spend almost 5 billion on sports this year

2006-06-29 | Wimbledon, the World Cup and the Open golf championship will be inspiring Brits to partake in more sports this summer, boosting the 4.65 billion they are expected to spend on sports and fitness

Barclays launch pension term assurance direct to the market

2006-06-14 | Consumers set to benefit from great value life assurance as Barclays launch pension term assurance direct to the market

Barclays offers free upgrade to annual travel insurance for the price of two weeks

2006-06-03 | Barclays General Insurance has today announced that anyone looking to take out travel insurance for 14 days or more for their next trip abroad will be upgraded to the equivalent annual travel policy for free.

SERVICE RECOVERY If You Worship at the Altar of Policies and Procedures, You'll Never Have Satisfied Customers

2006-05-03 | Service recovery is a powerful tool organizations can use to take customers fr om the brink of defection to a customer Loyal for Life and all in 60 seconds or less.

Sure, We Can Bind Your New Insurance Policy, With CHECK BIND!

2006-04-06 | Online Check System Used by Los Angeles County now Available to Insurance Professionals and Hundreds Have Already Signed Up

Internet Video: "Americans No More--Demise of U. S. Citizenship"

2006-02-23 | In a Internet video, nationally syndicated columnist and author Georgie Anne Geyer made 1996 predictions of the demise of U.S. Citizenship. Watch a FREE Full Disclosure Network television interview CLICK HERE: provided as a public service.

HSA for America partners with nation's CPAs

2006-02-02 | HSA for America has begun partnering with CPAs nationwide to help people learn about the many advantages of Health Savings Accounts.

ColoHealth Reports Rapid Increase in HSA Sales

2006-02-02 | ColoHealth's reports a significant jump in sales of HSA-qualified plans, with 32% of all plans sold in 2005 qualifying to work with Health Savings Accounts.

Quality and very desirable generic domain names offered for sale at

2005-12-07 | This week launched another new option by offering daily new listings at very big discounts. These are normally available for a day or two, so buyers need to check the new listings on a regular basis, and act fast when they found their dream domain name at a fraction of its normal price.

Setting up a Health Savings Account Now can Lower Your Health Costs and Tax Burden in 2006

2005-12-02 | By setting up a health savings account before January 1, individuals may be able to save thousands of dollars in health expenses and taxes in 2006.

$25 Billion in Unclaimed Money owed to Americans

2005-11-22 | Millions of Americans are owed money. There is a simple way to locate unclaimed money and unclaimed property.