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3145 total news stories found. - Winfield Resources Ltd. Moves Towards Finalizing Ethanol Project.

2007-04-18 | Winfield updates developments on all major projects under consideration in Libya, Tunisia, East Africa and Canada including Ethanol facilities and refineries. Announces Major Drill Results From Houston Lake Mining Inc.

2007-04-11 | Houston Lake Drills 29.90 g/mt Au over 7.50m Confirming High Grade Gold Mineralization at West Cedartree

Comfort Keepers Ontario expansion kicked into high gear as demand for in-home services explodes

2007-03-30 | Comfort Keepers , a franchised business providing a host of non-medical in-home services to a diverse and growing clientele, is kicking its franchise expansion into high gear in response to dramatic growth in consumer and investor demand.

The Kauderer Group Launches Its Micro-Cap Fund

2007-03-21 | After six years of success in Consulting and Restructuring companies on the OTCBB, The Kauderer Group has moved into the Investment arena by launching its first ever micro-cap investment fund with portions of its portfolio in Real Estate to hedge the high risk micro-cap market.

Porsche Boxster, Dodge Viper, and Lotus Elise Add Spark to DFW Elite Auto's Cool Drive Your Dream Tour

2007-03-20 | 'Every Mile a Memory' Tour Makes Driving Dreams Surprisingly Affordable Makes Your Car Dreams Come True - With a Little Help From DFW Elite Auto

2007-03-17 | Online marketplace puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 Coupe

What's Better Than A Drive Your Dream Car Tour? Getting One Free

2007-03-15 | New Incentive Rewards New Car Club Members with Free Drive Your Dream Tour Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or A Rolls Royce for Two

1998 Bentley Brooklands Adds A Touch of Royalty To DFW Elite Fleet

2007-03-13 | Perfect for Weddings and Available in the Car Sharing Club

CS Publications Launches Online Armored Vehicle Directory

2007-03-08 | New Directory Connects Security Conscious Users With Armored Vehicle Rentals

Fantasy Supercar Driving Experience Offered At Dallas Car Show

2007-03-06 | 2500 HP Drive Your Dream Dares Enthusiasts to Drive Ferrari 430 Plus 4 More Supercars - Winfield Resources Ltd. Announces Major Capital Project Developments

2007-03-05 | Winfield Resources Ltd. provides major Capital Project Developments Review on all major projects under consideration in Tunisia, Libya, East Africa and Canada, including applications to build refineries and ethanol facilities.

DFW Elite Car Members Free to Explore Metroplex in Stylish New 2007 Range Rover Sport

2007-03-03 | Luxury SUV Joins Elite Car's 4+ million dollar stable of distinctive autos

Wall Street Shudders, Main Street Freezes and Worries

2007-03-03 | Money Matters for Main Street More than Ever. Main Street investors pay the price as the U.S. stock markets begin to come back to earth reflecting the uncertainty that grips the national and international economy.

Domain Name. Sell your Domain Names without paying a commission

2007-03-01 | Domain Name. You can now sell all your Domain Names at for a tiny listing fee. There is no commission whatsoever to pay, and very easy steps to list all your domain names.


2007-02-28 | Lawyers Auction Group which has become highly recognized by Builders and Real Estate Entrepreneurs in South Florida has decided to expand, taking the North East by storm. LAG is proud to announce its new offices in New York City and New Jersey led by Mr. Eleazar Kauderer.

From Aston Martins to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Find the Car of Your Dreams on eBay with DFW Elite Car

2007-02-28 | Members Have Access to More Than 50 Exotic Autos in This Exotic Car Share Club

America's Largest Exotic Car Share Club Turns Ignition Key in Dallas

2007-02-27 | More Than 55 Exotic, Luxury and Hard-to-Obtain Vehicles Available to Members of DFW Elite Car

CINVENTION and Instrumentation Laboratory Intent to Jointly Market the Unique Product Portfolio of CINVENTION

2007-02-24 | CINVENTION and Instrumentation Laboratory Intent to Jointly Market the Unique Product Portfolio of CINVENTION's Cultivation Systems for Bio-Manufacturing and Tissue Engineering

New Ferrari Stallion Prances into DFW Elite Car Stable

2007-02-24 | Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Puts Drivers on the Fast Track to Luxury in Exotic Car Share