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Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers and Automobile Accidents

2009-06-03 | Most automobile insurance companies offer a wide variety of coverage options when it comes to automobile insurance coverage.

Florida No-Fault Insurance

2009-06-03 | The no-fault system was instituted to lower the cost of automobile insurance by avoiding litigation over the causes of accidents. Minor injury costs are covered by the policyholders' insurance company no matter who is at fault.

Car Accidents Involving Uninsured Motorists

2009-06-03 | Although most states in the United States require motorists to have auto insurance, there are many uninsured motorists on the highways.

The Egg Donation and Surrogacy Professional Association Meets with Assisted Reproduction Experts

2009-06-02 | The EDSPA Board of Directors was invited to present its current status and long term plan to a group of ART professionals.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

2009-05-31 | There are fewer diagnoses more difficult than those who have been told they have cancer. Many times cancer can be treated through different drugs, therapies, or even sometimes diet.

How Dangerous Is Hydroxycut?

2009-05-30 | In addition to liver damage, the FDA determined that a number of serious illnesses have been associated with Hydroxycut use, including cardiovascular injury, seizures, and severe muscle damage known as rhabdomyolysis.

Accident Advice Helpline Relaunch Resolusion Claims Platform

2009-05-29 | Accident Advice Helpline announce relaunch of the Resolusion fast track personal injury claims platform

Accident Claims - Over GBP10,000 for Wrist Broken on Cruise

2009-05-29 | A woman who broke her wrist on the second day of a cruise holiday has won over GBP10,000 in compensation for her injury.

Richard O. Keller Honored by Cambridge Who's Who

2009-05-29 | Richard O. Keller celebrates 41 years of professional experience in the legal industry

Phoenix / Mesa Law Firm Publishes E-Book to Help Companies Avoid "Ten Fatal Mistakes"

2009-05-28 | Phoenix / Mesa law firm of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC provides free information to help companies avoid "Ten Fatal Mistakes."

Escalator Accidents in Arizona

2009-05-23 | Escalator accidents often cause many traumatizing injuries and can result in expensive medical bills and therapy. These accidents can seem very overwhelming to the individuals involved and are extremely complicated.

Schillings Shortlisted in The Lawyer Awards 2009

2009-05-22 | Schillings has announced that Matthew Himsworth, associate lawyer at Schillings, has been shortlisted for the Assistant Solicitor of the Year award in the 2009 The Lawyer Awards

Mesothelioma and Disability Benefits

2009-05-22 | Workers who have contracted mesothelioma frequently are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Being eligible for disability benefits means a person has a condition that prevents them from doing the work they once were able to do.

Personal Injuries from Harmful and Defective Products

2009-05-20 | Product liability law is supposed to ensure that the manufacturer or other provider of goods is responsible for any injuries caused by their defective or dangerous products that are placed into the flow of commerce.

Elevator Accidents in Arizona

2009-05-20 | Elevators should be properly maintained, if you or a loved one are hurt by a faulty elevator then you deserve justice. This can be very traumatizing so it is important in these situations to consult an attorney to discuss what your options may be.

Phoenix/Mesa Law Firm Helps Couples Work Through Joint Custody

2009-05-19 | Phoenix/Mesa law firm of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC helps divorcing couples understand joint child custody - can it work for them?

Neal Rogan, Esq. Inducted into the Cambridge Who's Who Registry

2009-05-19 | Neal Rogan, Esq. is recognized as an authority on criminal defense and complex civil litigation on the state and federal levels.

Lewis and Roca LLP Chooses Archive Systems for Business Records Storage Services

2009-05-19 | Range of Records Management Services and Top Support Were Leading Factors

Local Employers To Learn About Union Organizing Campaigns - Seminar Will Inform Management On Their Rights And Effective Responses

2009-05-16 | Lou Cappadona of Ventura County's largest law firm, Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton LLP, will enlighten business leaders on union organizing in a 90-minute program entitled "Union Awareness 2009 - What Management Needs to Know."

Child Lead Poisoning Dangers in Arizona

2009-05-14 | The dangers of lead poisoning can have potentially lethal effects to exposed individuals and remains a dominant health concern. Lead poisoning is the most common environmental disease of children. Causes, effects and symptoms of lead poisoning.