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New Report: Brazil Able to Compete in Medical Innovation

2009-07-18 | Report outlines Brazil's progress in drug and medical innovation policy

Norwich Pharmaceuticals Announces Alliance with Emerson Resources

2009-07-14 | Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a perennial industry leader in contract manufacturing and packaging, has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Emerson Resources, Inc.

Norwich Announces Potent Compound Development Capability

2009-06-11 | Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an industry leader in contract manufacturing and packaging, is now offering comprehensive services toward the development of high-potency compounds in solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage forms.

Charlene E. McSwain Honored for Excellence in Pharmaceutical and Educational Research

2009-06-04 | Veteran Researcher Monitors Studies on New Drugs

Terence K. Smith Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | Cambridge Who's Who honors Terence K. Smith for committed excellence in medical education

H1 N.......what?!!? America's Mexican "Influenza", a tale of two Pandemics, says Researcher Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

2009-05-21 | We are told to wash or hands, to cover coughs and sneezes, to stay home if we feel sick. Yet to this point only a fraction of purported "flu" cases have been proven to be linked to Influenza, reminds previous Journal of Infectious Diseases lead investigator Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

Clinical Trial for Healthcare Professionals with Opioid Dependence

2009-05-20 | Seeking healthcare professionals with opioid dependence to participate in a clinical trial.

CodonCode Corporation Announces Free License Program For DNA Sequence Assembly Software

2009-05-06 | Free licenses for CodonCode Aligner, a leading software program for DNA sequence assembly and analysis, will be made available to selected applicants under CodonCode Corporation's new License Grant Program.

US Swine Outbreak is an "Influenza"? Not so fast, says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2009-05-05 | Medical researcher/physician Lawrence Broxmeyer MD, lead investigator in a Journal of Infectious Diseases study, has a message for the officials and scientists of WHO and the CDC: There is more to flu-like illness than either "Influenza" or "H1N1".

BioScience Laboratories Approved to Test Swine Influenza

2009-05-02 | BioScience Laboratories received formal approval from the USDA to acquire, house and work with Swine Influenza VR 333 on April 29, 2009.

Xradia 3D X-ray Images Key For University of Texas Scan of Famous Fossil "Lucy"

2009-04-29 | Ultra High Resolution Xradia MicroXCT 3D CT Scanner Provides Insight Into World's Oldest Complete Adult Erect Walking Skeleton

TheDiabetesMiracleBreakThrough Revealed: The Root Cause for Diabetes

2009-04-27 | Diabetics are always looking to discover new methods and secrets on how they can greatly relieve their diabetic problem - Then, Ranches Hall wanted to share his Secret discovery.

Innovive Inc. Announces a Major Installation of Its Single-Use Caging Technology at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, MO

2009-04-17 | Innovive, Inc., the Market leader in single-use rodent caging, is pleased to announce the successful installation of the Innovive System at the new 12,000 cage SPF rodent facility at The Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, MO...

StemEnhance Facts ~ An FAQ on StemEnhance

2009-03-14 | StemTech Health Sciences was founded in 2005 in order to bring a new breakthrough product technology to the marketplace. This Product is called StemEnhance and is the beginnings of a natural, phytoceutical dietary supplement.

BioScience Laboratories Approved to Test MRSA on Human Volunteers

2009-02-12 | BioScience Laboratories can now test a product's efficacy when challenged with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on human skin.

Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute ( "Pearl Treatment"

2009-01-26 | With Pearl you can get a more aggressive treatment for facial lines, texture and pigmentation without the lengthy downtime

Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth: Sleep Apnea Information and the Availability of Treatment Choices for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Including CPAP, Surgery and Oral Appliances is Available at www.IHATECPAP.COM

2008-12-02 | Dr Ira L Shapira has provided Australian patients diagnosed with sleep apnea an excellent resource that covers diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. CPAP is the gold standard treatment for sleep apnea but only small minority pf patients tolerate its use.

Hook the Cure Fishing Tournament Nets $450,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Patient Care and Research

2008-10-31 | The third annual Redbone Tournament Series event, presented by BJ's Restaurants and IOTEC brought U.S. anglers to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for fun in the sun and exciting fishing, challenging golf and world-class spa.

Even Mild Sleep Apnea Increases Cardiovascular Risk. Snoring Alone Without Apnea Increases Risk of Carotid Atherosclerosis and Stroke 1000%

2008-10-26 | A study from the Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine showed that people with even minimally symptomatic obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease because of impaired endothelial function and increased arterial stiffness.

XDepth 48: Jpeg-compatible 48bit image compression solution announced

2008-10-20 | Trellis Management's XDepth technology allows standard Jpeg images to overcome Jpeg2000 performances.