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Laser Hair Removal: Raleigh Laser Center Provides Painless Laser Hair Removal

2008-05-14 | Laser Hair Removal: Raleigh Laser Center Provides Painless Laser Hair Removal. Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery introduces a new device for virtually pain free laser hair removal.

Asonor Marketing Corporation Announces New Product Pricing For Asonor Stop Snoring Nasal Spray In The U.S.

2008-05-14 | Asonor Marketing Corporation of Venice, Florida today announced that the Company will price Asonor Scandinavian Stop Snoring nasal spray at a 50% discount to the suggested retail price for the United States Market.

A New Asthma Treatment Introduced by Russian Scientists

2008-04-21 | A new asthma treatment without medication has recently been announced and claimed effective by a group of Russian researchers from Dinamika company ( who have found and tested it, and are now ready to introduce the invention to the world market.

Losers are Winners in the Fat Loss Game - Charts Revealed

2008-04-02 | Take a look at how empty the gym is now compared with January for a good example of how people can lose interest in fitness. Exergaming company Gamercize have, this month, revealed the first ever fat loss gaming charts showing how video games can provide the missing motivation.

INJECT-SAFE BANDAGES ANSWERS CALL FOR SAFETY MEASURES Offers enhanced safety for patients and healthcare workers

2008-04-02 | Health care providers and patients need enhanced protection from blood borne pathogens before during and after any procedure involving the use of injections.

Medical Billing Software Medisoft Announces The New Version 14 of Its Popular Medical Billing Software Designed for Single Provider and Small Group Medical Offices

2008-03-16 | announces a new release of Medisoft Medical Billing Software Version 14, designed to help reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide better practice financial information to help the medical office run more efficiently and productively.

The Promise and Peril of Emergency Rooms

2008-03-14 | We all know the sight and sound of an ambulance racing through the traffic to a hospital emergency room. We know to pull over and let it pass and everyone does that, perhaps with a passing thought like, "Glad it isn't me", or "Wonder what happened?"

THE NEW YEAR BRINGS HOPE FOR HEALTHCARE SERVICES RISARC Positioned For Expansion and Philanthropic Success

2007-12-30 | The year 2007 was a year of change and growth for RISARC, a leading Healthcare consulting & software solutions firm based in southern California. New products and solutions were put into action, to meet the needs of clients.

Maxi-Aids Releases List of Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for Independent Living

2007-12-03 | Maxi-Aids, a world-leading supplier of products for independent living, today released its list of Top 10 Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for those in the various special needs communities. Maxi-Aids provides items to improve the lives of the Blind, Low Vision, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Senior Citizens.

Alcoholics Anonymous challenged to take part in an open debate

2007-11-19 | Murdoch and Lilian MacDonald, two former alcoholics from Ayrshire in Scotland, have issued a challenge to Alcoholics Anonymous to take part in an open debate in the media about alcoholism and AA's 12-Step programme.

Fitness machine launched for desk-tied workers

2007-11-13 | Feel compelled to keep fit, but don't have the time to leave your desk? The answer is at your feet - a discreet exercise machine linked, for the first time, to a computer keyboard or a mouse.

Metrix Announces Veteran Board of Directors

2007-11-10 | Former S.C. Johnson executive to help company manage rapid growth

Medical Breakthrough...Doctor Discovers "Penetrating Carrier" That Eradicates Fungus

2007-11-07 | Innovative Custom Products, Inc., has obtained exclusive distribution rights to a "first of its kind" product line, CureCeuticals, invented by Dr. Marc Selner, a nationally renowned Sports Podiatrist; Cure Toenail Fungus and Cure Athlete's Foot.

Embarrassing is what most women say about Flatulence, Incontinence and Feminine Odor Problems

2007-10-17 | A year long market survey about the "hush-hush" worlds of flatulence, incontinence and feminine odor problems, found 88% of women have one or more of these problems in their lives. Flat-D Innovations, Inc., a company specializing in personal odor control products, nationally conducted the study.

New Hair Care Products designed specifically for men and women who have hair loss and are currently using hair replacement systems.

2007-10-13 | After three years of development and testing, Transitions International introduces innovative new line of professional hair care products for men and women with hair loss that who are using a hair replacement system.

The Offshore Group to Hold its 13th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit

2007-09-05 | Join The Offshore Group in Saltillo, Coahuila in October. Learn how to set up and maintain manufacturing operations in Mexico from the experts.

The Offshore Group to Hold its 13th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit

2007-09-04 | The Offshore Group is the largest provider of "outsourced manufacturing support," or "shelter" services, and has enabled manufacturers to establish and maintain production facilities in Mexico since 1986.

E-Control Systems Inc. to Present its IntelliCheck HACCP PDA with newly released advanced corrective action features

2007-08-16 | E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC., a trusted leader of remote temperature monitoring hardware and software products for the Food Service Industry, releases new and advanced corrective action features for its IntelliCheck HACCP PDA at the Western Foodservice Expo, Los Angeles, CA August 18-20, 2007


2007-07-27 | Mac McElwee, Chief Operating Officer of PDF SmartForms, announced the release of the latest PDF SmartForm. The CMS-1500 Healthcare Claim SmartForm is an interactive pdf file where data can be entered, printed and saved using the free Adobe Reader 8 software.

Los Angeles Orthodontist: Early Orthodontic Care Impacts a Child's Entire Life

2007-06-13 | Orthodontics has long been recognized for its impact on a child's medical health; but what about their emotional health?