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Claesson, Pouliot join Practice Management Alternatives

2009-08-24 | Jan Claesson, successful senior executive, organizational and business development expert, and; Christopher Pouliot, operations, technology and management Executive, join PMA immediately as managing consultants and advisors on current and new PMA projects.

Practice Management Alternatives adds Senior Management

2009-08-21 | Jan Claesson, successful senior executive, organizational and business development expert, and; Christopher Pouliot, operations, technology and management Executive, join PMA immediately as managing consultants and advisors on current and new PMA projects.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab uses Holistic Approach as well as Others to Treat Alcoholism and Addiction

2009-08-21 | A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Connecticut offers several conventional and some non conventional treatment methods to help treat alcoholism and addiction.

Insights with host Hugh Downs Features Martin Sheen

2009-08-13 | Martin Sheen appears as Part of the Interstitial Programming for Public Television

The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Calls to Protect Substance Abuse Prevention in Schools

2009-08-03 | The National Council is working to prevent Congress from passing a proposal that will eliminate funding for the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities State Grants program.

Brain Injury Survivor Recovers, Releases Novel on Atlantis, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

2009-07-24 | A disabled English Major turns tragedy to blessing: first, by helping others heal themselves and now, through fiction.

Medical Hypnosis, Hocus Pocus?

2009-07-20 | Darlene Robicheaux, a registered nurse, who travels rural North Louisiana, discovered the value in using Hypnosis with a notoriously difficult elderly patient to draw her blood.

Susan Del Gatto Releases Her Second Captivating Book On The Reality Of Stress

2009-07-17 | This book titled Creating Balance in a World of STRESS, is the first book to distinguish six key habits to avoid in order to reduce stress. The habits that we so readily engage in to reduce stress can have contradictory affects on your body.

Michael Jacksons Passing Can Serve To Save The Lives Of The Millions That Are On Their Way To Join Him In Death Because His Personality Is The Personality Of Many Millions...

2009-07-02 | Remember Michael Jackson, he either passed from us leaving only his music, or in death he can remain an icon to set millions of sheople free from slick drug advertisements and the resulting drug dependency. Which will he be to you?

Global Vision Technologies Sponsors 12th Annual CWLA National Child Welfare Data and Technology Conference in June.

2009-06-18 | GVT will be introducing FAMCare to the attending audience, a world-class child welfare and human services software platform designed to allow agencies to collect critical data faster and intuitively.

Valley Forge Medical Center Achieves Milestone as First Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence and Will Host Three Day Pain Management Professional Training Seminar

2009-06-09 | Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital has reached full Certification and is being officially recognized on June 9, 2009 as the first facility in the nation to obtain the Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence Designation

Karen Smith, MS, CADAC II, Honored for Excellence in Mental Health Counseling

2009-06-04 | Karen Smith is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor II for Branchville Correctional Facility's Substance Abuse Re-Entry Department

Drug Rehab Identifies Common Misconceptions Regarding Underlying Medical Risks Associated With Substance Abuse And Alcoholism

2009-06-04 | Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside announced has identified common misconceptions regarding underlying and peripheral medical risks associated with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Morris G. Oscherwitz, MD to Be Profiled in Exclusive Registry

2009-05-30 | Dr. Morris G. Oscherwitz, a leading psychiatrist, celebrates 40 years in the healthcare industry.

Deborah M. Wade, LPC, LMFT Named Professional of the Year

2009-05-29 | Deborah M. Wade, a Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and Owner of ACTSolutions Recognized for Excellence in Marriage and Family Therapy

Global Vision Technologies Launches Mobile Technology Access to FAMCare

2009-05-22 | With the launch of instant, remote access to FAMCare via mobile pda's and Windows hand-held devices... productivity has improved, data entry is more efficient and caseworkers can operate faster.

Global Vision Technologies Launches FAMCare Lite - SAAS, Streamlined Case Management Solution

2009-05-19 | "FAMCare Lite is 100% web-based and fully hosted. There are no set up fees - users can sign up and start using the system immediately," said George Ritacco, Executive Director Client Services at GVT.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety through a Mental Diet Overhaul

2009-05-18 | A person's mental diet is a key factor influencing mental health. Improving the mental diet can reduce stress and anxiety.

Craigslist Founder Generously Supports Project Helping Hands

2009-05-17 | Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, donated $15,000 to Project Helping Hands, a National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare program that provides emergency mental health services to communities in the wake of disasters.