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Miriam Levy, MD, Recognized for Excellence in Medical Imaging

2014-12-18 | Dr. Levy helms the first private radiological facility in the United States to provide full-field digital mammography.

Dr. Anurag Chandra is an Outstanding and Proficient Oncologist

2014-12-16 | Providing passionate care to every patient with oncologic issues.

Jacob Cynamon, MD, Brings Medical Advancements to Montefiore Hospital

2014-12-15 | Dr. Jacob Cynamon is a pioneer in the field of interventional radiology

UltraTape Announces Latex-Free, Lead-Free Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

2014-12-04 | UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon and leading manufacturer of cleanroom tape and label products, announced today its new latex-Free, lead-Free autoclave sterilization indicator tape.

What Providers Want in a Medical Imaging Partner, and What They Actually Get

2014-12-01 | KLAS study includes feedback from 79 executives from the nation's largest healthcare organizations

Why Does the Performance of Global EMRs Vary by Region?

2014-11-12 | KLAS looks at EMR performance around the world

Steven C. Rose, MD, FSIR, FCVIR, is Versed in Vascular and Interventional Radiology

2014-11-11 | Steven C. Rose is a fellowship-trained interventional radiologist

Mechanical Thrombectomy Device is Clinically Effective, Easy to Use and Cost Effective for Hospitals

2014-10-15 | Physician in Dallas, Texas successfully uses new mechanical thrombectomy device to clean out a hemodialysis graft.

Providers Seek the Trifecta of Integration Between Oncology, Radiology and EMR Solutions

2014-10-01 | New KLAS report reveals integration trumps functionality when it comes to oncology solutions

Interactive Appointment Reminder Calls

2014-09-26 | Appointment confirmation software now includes voice confirmations

New Study Compares Cerner and Siemens Performance Going into the Acquisition

2014-09-24 | KLAS does a side-by-side comparison of Cerner and Siemens

Experience is Not a Good Predictor of Performance for Epic Consulting Firms

2014-09-17 | KLAS report looks at highly competitive Epic consulting firm market.

Radiation Therapy Market Changes as Vendors Vie for Mindshare

2014-09-10 | KLAS compares radiation therapy vendor solutions and examines why some are gaining ground on traditional market leaders.

Workflow, Dose and Improved Patient Care Reshaping Mobile X-Ray Market

2014-08-20 | KLAS releases report on how and why mobile DR x-ray continues to become a staple in hospitals across the country and which vendors are winning loyalty

Healthcare Providers Choose their 2014 Best in KLAS Winners

2014-07-29 | KLAS announces the top-performing vendor solutions in medical equipment and infrastructure

Clearinghouse Satisfaction Tied to Support, Not Tools

2014-07-08 | KLAS report looks at differences in clearinghouse market.

Some Image Exchange Vendors Claim Scalability -- Others Are Proving It

2014-07-01 | KLAS report reveals which image exchange solution is more scalable for the ACO environment.

Providers Look for Partner in Battle to Detect Breast Cancer

2014-05-22 | KLAS report looks at the advancing technologies of breast imaging.

CT Scan Adds More Advantages To The Modern Dental Implant Procedure

2014-05-02 | CT Scan improves dental implant procedure in four towns area of DeBary, Orange City, Deltona and Deland, Florida.

Can the Outsourced Coding Market Accommodate Providers' Growing Demands?

2014-04-08 | KLAS report examines outsourced coding firms and how they compare.