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Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) PalmScans - - High Definition Biometry Together with Amazing Portability

2008-12-24 | Get the latest technology of Vision Care at Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) It is the next breakthrough in Ophthalmic Ultrasound with the ease of mobility. HD performance anywhere you go

Tips on Preparing for and Recovering from LASIK Surgery

2008-12-17 | How exciting! You have decided to have LASIK surgery so you can throw away those horrible old, thick, heavy glasses!

Medisoft Medical Billing Software Releases Software Update To Add New Features And Fix Minor Bugs In Medisoft Billing Software Program Version 14 Sp1

2008-11-21 | Medical Billing Software .com announces release of a new software service update of medisoft version 14 that adds new features and fixes minor bugs called Service Pack 1. Visit our website to download this important new update with 75 plus bug fixes and new features.

Laser Eye Surgery - What is it? How does it Work?

2008-11-20 | In the early days of laser eye surgery, it was probably a good thing to be overly cautious. Since then, though, the technology has improved by leaps and bounds.

FREE 60-Day No Obligation Trial Evaluation of Besser Superbrite and Compact LED Magnifier Kits Now Available to Vision Care Professionals

2008-11-19 | See-More Vision Aiding Products, leading distributor of low vision aids, has packaged its popular Besser handheld and stand magnifiers into several eye care evaluation kits which are being offered to vision care professionals for a 60-Day No Obligation Trial Period

Intraocular Implant Lens Options (IOLs)

2008-11-05 | Every ophthalmologist worth his/her salt would advise you to do research before any vision correction procedure.

Sheel B. Patel, MD, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-12 | He considers his strong desire to improve the quality of life of his patients to be the key to his success.

LASIK Vision Correction Complications

2008-10-03 | LASIK vision correction is no different than any other surgical procedure. There are complications associated with it and, like all well-informed people, you should be aware of them before you decide to proceed.

LASIK For Pilots and Astronauts

2008-09-28 | Traditionally, poor vision has been the number one disqualifier for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and U.S. military pilot applicants. After LASIK gained FDA approval, the concerns remained, with the additional concern over the LASIK flap.

Besser is Setting The New Industry Standard For Magnifiers and is Quickly Becoming The Preferred Choice of Vision Professionals

2008-09-26 | Besser Handheld and Stand Magnifiers, offering precision optics and superior LED illumination at a low price, are getting rave reviews from the vision care community. See-More Vision, leading supplier of low vision products, is distributing Besser exclusively through eye care professionals.

I Need Bifocals. Can I Ever Have LASIK?

2008-08-21 | Never say never. Especially when it comes to the world of ophthalmology and laser vision correction.

Modern LASIK

2008-07-30 | Modern ophthalmology seems to make advances in technology and procedures almost daily. It isn't quite that fast but changes and improvements do happen a lot.

CTL introduces Confirm-IT2, a low-cost Virtual Assistant that Automatically provides Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

2008-07-14 | Confirm-IT2 is a non- calendar based application that interfaces with Scheduling Software to provide Voice, Email and Text Message appointment reminders to your patients and customers.


2008-06-27 | My First Shades' ultimate mission is to encourage early eye protection while raising awareness regarding the damaging effects of UV rays on children's eyes. In order to help spread awareness and increase action, My First Shades has reached out to celebrities with children.


2008-06-18 | Kowa introduces its new VK Digital Slit Lamp imaging solution for third-party medical diagnostic manufacturers. The system adds video and still image capture capability to all Marco, Zeiss, HS 900BQ, Topcon SL-2EF, SL-7EFT and SL-7E slit lamp systems.

David Paterson's Rise to Governor Shines Light on Employment Prospects for Legally Blind Community

2008-03-28 | As the legally blind David Paterson assumes his new role as Governor of New York, industry-leading supplier of products for independent living Maxi-Aids reviews the range of products available that enable the blind and those with low vision to succeed in the workforce

Rave Reviews for Inexpensive Color Blindness Test

2007-11-15 | A color vision screening instrument published by the Nash family is breaking barriers for many who would like to test for color vision. Inexpensive, robust, and valid, the Color Vision Guide is being used in clinics and by lay persons to test for color blindness.

LASEK—Who Can Benefit?

2007-10-19 | LASEK is an alternative vision correction procedure that is a hybrid of LASIK and PRK.

Ocular Pharma Company Charlesson Announces $2.35MM in New Funding

2007-10-17 | Company aims to develop pharmaceutical therapeutics for blinding eye diseases, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy