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Distant 'Dwarf' Planet is Telling Us a Story

2016-06-12 | Astrologer claims Sedna is calling us to a balanced and sustainable relationship with nature

YogaStyles of RICH and the Almost Famous

2016-06-01 | New Reality TV Series to Illuminate the World with Yoga

Celeb Psychotherapist Blends Psychology and Spirituality

2016-04-28 | Sting Reviews New Personality Analysis Book Using 4 Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Akasha - a Whole-Hearted Living App Takes the Slogan, "Be All that You Can Be!" to a Whole New Level

2016-04-27 | Providing users the tools needed to improve overall quality of life, minutes at a time.

Nutritional Brands Introduces Spray Supplements: The Secret to Getting Kids to Take to Vitamins & the New Vuelve a la Vida Product Line

2016-04-13 | Nutritional supplement provider and wholesaler Nutritional Brands is launching a brand new campaign to improve the health of Arizonans!

HRH Prince Charles, Deepak Chopra, The Earth Day Network, and Major Celebrities Contribute to First Earth Day Gratitude Celebration

2016-04-02 | The Remarkable Contributors To The First Global Earth Day Gratitude Celebration and Ebook Include Life is Good, Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project, Ron Finley, Lynne Twist, Rickie Byars Beckwith (Agape), Master Sha and LivingHomes.

FaithX Project Debuts as a Kickstarter Campaign, March 31

2016-03-31 | Faith-Futurist Ken Howard Kicks Off Effort to Fund New Book + Global Faith Community

Master Conspiracy Author's World Tour Arrives in the USA This September!

2016-03-14 | David Icke, arguably the world's most controversial conspiracy theorist author and speaker, has finally announced his "WorldWide Wake Up" USA Tour dates!

Astrology Community Mourns Death of Former First Lady

2016-03-08 | Nancy Reagan brought astrology into the White House - and not for fun and parlor games

The Illusion of Us: The Suppression and Evolution of Human Consciousness

2016-02-27 | The Illusion of Us exposes the truth behind our guarded history and who we really are. Come with me as we travel back in time and learn the truth behind who traveled here 300,000 years ago.

Report Says Anyone Who Says Marijuana Is A Harmless Drug Is Blowing Smoke!

2016-02-19 | 1,500 Marijuana Fatalities In California Over Last 5 Years

New Book "Pets and the Afterlife 2" Released to Comfort Grieving Pet Parents

2016-02-16 | Pets and the Afterlife 2 is a Follow-up to Amazon Best-Seller

Ancient Astrologers Used Advanced Math to Track Planets

2016-02-11 | Sophisticated geometry and a rudimentary form of integral calculus used to enhance predictive skills

Healthy Ideas For A Virtual World!

2016-02-11 | Virtual Survival is a much-needed guide to staying sane while using the Internet.

Astrology in the Information Age

2015-12-21 | A brief look at how computer technologies have revitalized the ancient art

Paris Pups Score Points For Astrology

2015-12-14 | French scientist's research with pedigreed canines delivers convincing results