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Fashion World in the Grip of Astrology Fever

2015-12-07 | Designers searching for meaning in life beyond duchess satin and silk organza

The 5 Best Ways to Give to be Grateful for All that We Receive from Mother Nature, Just as We Would for Anyone We Love, Through Our Actions, this Thanksgiving

2015-11-24 | Thanksgiving offers the perfect occasion to be grateful for all that we receive from Mother Nature, plus being kind to the planet is very beneficial to your budget. So, let your cornucopia overflow with Thanksgiving and budget savings.

Sidney Hasnohorses: Authentic Lakota Medicine Man or Troubled Mystic?

2015-11-19 | Independent filmmaker seeks funding through Kickstarter to complete documentary about spiritual leader

"Paradoxy" Author, The Rev. Ken Howard, Features at Lean Startup Conference 2015

2015-10-15 | Spiritual Thought-Leader Examines Crossover Relationships Between Faith and Business Startups

Acclaimed Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin Investigates the Death of Ashley Jones in Rome, Georgia

2015-09-22 | Today, the office of Troy Griffin, Psychic Investigator confirms that Troy has been in contact with the family of Ashley Jones and will look into the possibility of this case being an unsolved murder.

Chad Ian Lieberman Explains The Future of Robot Maid/Robot Butlers?

2015-09-11 | Online Marketing Expert from New York City Chad Lieberman Predicts the Future of Nano Robotics in Our Society

Astrologer Urges Investors to Stay the Course

2015-08-26 | While the market was poised for a sharp correction it will not be testing a new cyclical low anytime soon

Want to Attend a (Party) Conference with the Greatest Minds in Science and Spirituality?

2015-08-25 | Come to the seventh annual Science and Nonduality Conference this year at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California from October 21-25.

Church of the Eternal God Announces Three-Part Prophecy DVD and CD Series that Focuses on Understanding Biblical Prophecy

2015-08-18 | This free series is available for those that want to gain a better understanding of the biblical prophecy unfolding in Europe - which most do not understand has tremendous consequences for the entire world.

Gene Study Offers Crystal Ball View of Future Fertility in Young Women

2015-08-04 | A simple blood test can likely predict young women's future ability to have children later in life

Futuristic Technology of Harmonic Waves for Your Personal Benefits

2015-07-29 | is a pioneering undertaking that introduces a new line of affordable products operating in zero-point energy field.

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen Connects with God and Angels to Assist Individuals with Spiritual Healing

2015-07-28 | Dr. Pedersen is the author of "Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life"

Pluto Flyby Excites Astrologers

2015-07-21 | Demotion of Pluto by IAU did little to dissuade astrologers from recognizing the planet's value

Integrative Psychiatrists Brown & Gerbarg Teach Breathwork for Transformation and Self-Healing at Omega Institute August 30-September 4

2015-07-15 | Drs. Brown & Gerbarg, joined by yoga therapist Joy Bennett-Jennings, teach Rumi-inspired Breath-Body-Mind, a six-day healing work shop in Rhinebeck, NY offering a unique fusion of ancient mind-body techniques and scientifically proven methods

Did Astrology Change American History?

2015-07-03 | Astrological timing figured strongly in selection of Declaration of Independence signing date

Best Selling Author Coming to San Diego to Host Special Class

2015-06-15 | Why Being You Can Change the World- Empowering You to Know What You Know.

Marijuana is the Best and Safest of All Possible Solution to the Worst Afflictions Ever Known to Mankind, says Star Leaf Director Richard Cranor

2015-06-12 | Richard tells TicketsMove MAG that governments restrict marijuana to help corporations not people. He blasts on Hollywood too as they are creating stuff to distract masses not to empower them.

Void Moon Doesn't Bode Well For Investments

2015-06-05 | For the youthful owners of Box Inc. recognition and awards came rolling in

Les Stroud to Lead Workshop on Survival and Spirituality at Omega Institute

2015-06-03 | By sharing his personal journey with nature, Survivorman will help others connect with the Earth

The 4th R Foundation is Honored to Announce the Launch of (BETA). Please Try Out Our Roadmap to Wisdom and if You Find it Effective; Please Spread the Word

2015-05-22 | The is designed to help explain the path to wisdom through emotionally healthy parenting for the young and brain healing therapy for the old.