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Joints for Justice!

2004-12-01 | With a goal of increasing awareness of the Supreme Court's decision to review medical marijuana laws, has announced a new campaign called Joints for Justice

Kwintessential offer free Cross Cultural Training to President Bush

2004-11-18 | London based cross cultural communications consultancy offers President Bush helping hand on building bridges damaged by recent unilateral actions.


2004-11-16 | Charles Jay seeks to stay connected with citizens through "The Charles Jay File", as he contemplates another third-party run at the White House

More Dependable Political Polling Solutions Are Now Available

2004-11-15 | Better polling solutions offered for the upcoming mid-term elections and 2008 Presidential elections.

"Help Them Leave" Organized to Help Citizens Who Wish to Leave America Due to the Re-election of George W. Bush.

2004-11-11 | Help Them Leave founded to provide free relocation assistance to people who can't stand living in the United States with George W. Bush as the President.

News Coverage of John Joseph Kennedy, Write-in Democratic 2004 Presidential Candidate Blocked Angering Millions of Voters

2004-11-02 | While millions of Americans plan to write in “John Joseph Kennedy” on their ballots November 2, millions more are angry that they were prevented from hearing about Kennedy.

Iowa Man Sets Out To Prove the American Dream Is a Reality

2004-10-12 | North Liberty, Iowa resident Chad Kent is voluntarily leaving his job to prove that the American Dream is still alive by earning $30,000 before May 31st.