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Frisco United Endorses Bryan Powell and Jeff Snowden for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees

2017-04-04 | Early voting starts April 24th and election day is May 6th.

Tom Bibiyan Officially Endorses Kenneth Mejia For Congress

2017-03-26 | As Green Party county council Mr. Bibiyan stands by Green Party candidates.

Mike Sweeney Announces His Candidacy for the Texas 31st Congressional District

2017-03-26 | Sweeney cites incumbents support for defense budget cuts and their devastating effect on Fort Hood, their lack of understanding about cyberterrorism, disconnect with constituents, and failure to follow conservative principles.

New Book: State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce Unconstitutional

2017-03-25 | Argues that Courts Have No Authority to Order Child Support, Interfere in the Family.

Full Supreme Court to Hear "2016 Election Nullification Case"

2017-03-03 | Case to be heard in conference March 17 2017.

Frustrated Constituents Stage Mock Town Hall To Bring Congressman Lee Zeldin Out Of Hiding

2017-03-03 | Lee Zeldin constituents of New York's 1st congressional district hold people's town hall event in response to public forum shutdown.

STL.News is Included in Google News in Addition to Bing News and Apple News

2017-03-02 | STL.News and STLRestaurant.News are St. Louis based online publications that are included in Google News, Bing News, Apple News, and shared to more than 50 social sites

From Tools to Trash: Marshall's Payload Stowage Team Tracks It

2017-02-28 | For many of us spring cleaning is an annual ritual and it will be here before we know it. Imagine trying to keep everything organized year-round in a five-bedroom house where everything floats.

Silver Lining in Immigration News: Free Automated Program for Dreamer Kids by Immigration Attorneys and Technologists

2017-02-24 | With the upbeat slogan, "I help immigrants make America great again," Visabot is an artificial intelligence-based tool that simplifies and streamlines visa application processes that today offers Dreamers a free tool to prepare DACA applications.

Dr. Volkmar Guido Hable and Donald Trump Team / Steve Bannon Advisors Clash Again on Mexican Wall Costs in Press Conference after Mar-a-Lago Meeting

2017-02-21 | Dr. Volkmar Guido Hable says that wall costs are significantly understated in Donald Trump / Steve Bannon proposals, gives cost break-down and puts the first estimate at 48.7 billion USD.

Advocacy App Launches on Kickstarter, Answering The Need For An Organizational Tool For Advocacy

2017-02-17 | The Advocacy App hopes to raise $3,500 on Kickstarter to create an app that organizes action alerts from advocacy groups and makes contacting elected representatives easy.

Disabled Navy Vietnam Veteran Demands Jury Trial in Arkansas Marijuana Constitutional Question Civil Court Case, Filed in Van Buren County Circuit Court, Clinton Arkansas! Case # 71CV-16-189

2017-02-14 | This Arkansas Court Case, a "Constitutional Question" is the first of it's kind ever filed in Arkansas and is a civil action seeking to END CANNABIS/Marijuana PROHIBITION and protect his 2nd Amendment Rights in Arkansas and was filed Nov. 30, 2016.

Not Your Mama's Women's Movement

2017-02-14 | From Resist to Assist

Tom Bibiyan Wants You To Understand

2017-02-08 | As things ramp up for the newly minted county councilman, he would like to set the record straight.

Trump Pressures Army To Violate NEPA, Treaties And Army Policy By Approving Dakota Access Easement

2017-01-25 | On January 24, 2017, President Trump issued a Memorandum pressuring the Secretary of the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers to approve an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Donald Trump Painting Explores His Controversial Relationship With Women

2017-01-24 | In the back drop of Donald Trump's inauguration and the historic Women's March, 'Inside Trump's Locker" studies a campaign that showcased a lack of respect to women and casual misogyny.

The Power of Dialogue Digital as a Communication Tool

2017-01-21 | Bestselling Author on Amazon Kicks Off Ninth Year With The 100 Greatest Protest Songs Of All Time

2017-01-20 | Pop culture website ranks 100 tracks from a list of over 205 nominations.

New Social Network Turns Lurkers into Participants

2017-01-20 | A Canadian tech startup has found a recipe to turn lurkers into participants with a variety of simple methodologies.