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Why Small Can Be Beautiful When Choosing Energy Suppliers

2009-09-13 | Consumers will welcome news that small energy suppliers are challenging their bigger rivals with market beating plans.

8.1 Million Broadband Customers Do Not Know Their Limits

2009-09-10 | New research from shows that over 6.7 million broadband users could still be exceeding limits set on 'unlimited' packages. Despite calls for greater clarity and transparency, just three major broadband providers currently their limits.

Luna Street Launches Luna Eyes LED Solar Street Light

2009-09-09 | Luna Street, a division of the famous Luna Road Company, has recently unveiled their new, brilliant, high-tech, LED solar street light creation known as the Luna Eyes - Solar Street Light.

Nyabihu District Could Become Home to Rwanda's First Wind Farm

2009-09-02 | After four years of research, Rwindalectric may have found the windiest site in the African nation of Rwanda.

Flexible Lifeline Systems Provide Innovative Fall Protection Solutions Around Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

2009-09-01 | Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. today announced the recent completion of the design and installation of fall protection systems around a large solar panel installation in Hanover, NJ.

86% of People Fail Test to Make Energy Bill Add Up

2009-08-29 | A straightforward test to see whether consumers can calculate an energy bill correctly has thrown up some shock results - with 86% of people getting it wrong.

A Fuel's Game: 2p Fuel Duty Increase Will Cost Drivers GBP1 Billion Extra in the Next Year

2009-08-28 | Next week's 2p fuel duty increase will force UK drivers to spend over GBP36 million more on petrol in the next month alone, totalling GBP1 billion by September 2011

Insights with host Hugh Downs welcomes US Green Building Council Represented by the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter as Content Advisor

2009-08-26 | Story collaboration with the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the US Green Building Council as Content Advisor for Educational Awareness

Npower Extends Title Sponsorship Of Test Match Cricket

2009-08-23 | npower announces that it is to extend its sponsorship of English Test match cricket

Direct Debit Fears Could Cost Consumers GBP33.5 Million

2009-08-23 | Ofgem is being urged to act quickly to stem the flow of consumers ditching direct debits and opting to pay energy bills by cash or cheque instead, losing out on GBP33.5 million of discounts as a result.

E.ON Fires Latest Salvo in Online Price War

2009-08-22 | E.ON has launched a new fixed price online energy plan - FixOnline 3 - which allows consumers to fix their prices until 1st December, 2010.

British Gas Fights Back in Online Price War

2009-08-21 | British Gas has launched a new online energy plan, finally stepping into the price war that lost it its crown as Britain's cheapest supplier.

Going Green while Improving Profits?

2009-08-20 | As featured on NBC and other radio shows recently, for the past 15 years, Dr. Eric Woodroof has been helping big companies "go green", while improving profits. Now, he has developed a web-based training program to help the masses at a lower cost.

Kramer Industries Helps Give Solar Industry Pioneer Its Edge

2009-08-20 | EPV Solar, Inc. is on the very forefront of solar panel technology. In fact, the Robbinsonville, NJ-based company positions itself as being, "Ahead of the Horizon," and recently won New Jersey's Clean Energy Manufacturer of the Year Award.

Toxco Inc. is Awarded 9.5 Million from DOE to Support U.S. Lithium Battery Recycling

2009-08-14 | Toxco Inc., is pleased to announce that it has been awarded 9.5 million dollars from the Department of Energy to expand their current battery recycling operations in Lancaster, Ohio.

66% of Mobile Phone Users Risk High Overseas Charges Just by Switching Their Phone On

2009-08-14 | Research reveals that over four in ten Brits (43%) have been shocked by an expensive phone bill when they've returned from a holiday abroad. And it's not just the chatterboxes who have to worry...

Could Carbon Nano Tube Batteries Help Drive The Recovery of U.S. Auto Manufacturers?

2009-08-14 | Next Alternative Inc. introduces Carbon Nano Tube Technology to the United States with a car battery that has eight times the charge capacity of a regular battery and recharges in just minutes.

Energy Prices Tumble as Online Price War Hots Up

2009-08-07 | Household energy prices are set to tumble again as E.ON launches a new online energy plan.

31 Million Brits Switch to Supermarket Brands

2009-08-05 | New research from reveals that 31 million (73%) shoppers are taking matters into their own hands by opting for supermarket own brand labels in a bid to save money on the weekly shop.

Insights with host Hugh Downs collaborates with the North American Association for Environmental Education

2009-08-05 | Story collaboration with the NAAEE as Content Advisor on Environmental Issues for Consumer and Expert Awareness