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Solution to the Mother-of-All-Math Problems Found

2009-08-17 | The Olduvai Theory and its predicted Malthusian catastrophe may be considered the most complex and important mathematical problem every devised since it affects the future generations of all those currently living. A solution has been found.

Columbus Chamber Reports Relatively Stable Second Quarter Employment - Columbus MSA Continues to Outpace National Average

2009-08-17 | Columbus MSA lost 300 jobs in the second quarter, compared to 4,600 last quarter.

Toxco Inc. is Awarded 9.5 Million from DOE to Support U.S. Lithium Battery Recycling

2009-08-14 | Toxco Inc., is pleased to announce that it has been awarded 9.5 million dollars from the Department of Energy to expand their current battery recycling operations in Lancaster, Ohio.

Ultrasonix Installs First SonixTOUCH / SonixHUB at University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ, Emergency Department

2009-08-13 | Ultrasonix announces the first installation of SonixHUB, a data management solution unique to Emergency Medicine, at Arizona University Medical Center.

Anthony Peake : A Debut and a Victory on Madison Avenue

2009-08-10 | On Monday evening, August 3, British author and binary mind theorist Anthony Peake delivered a public address to some 300 members of the New York metro press and public.

Insights with host Hugh Downs Invites the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology as Advisor

2009-08-08 | Council for Agricultural Science and Technology invited to participate in Public TV Series as Content Advisor

Silicon Valley Public-Private Partnership Funds Grants to Support Elevating Math Achievement

2009-08-01 | 24 schools selected in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Xradia Launches Website With Stunning 3D Image and Movie Gallery

2009-07-21 | Comprehensive X-ray Imaging Information for Advanced Materials R&D, Biomedical Research, Drilling Feasibility Analysis for Oil and Gas, Nanotechnology, and Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis

Cardax Pharmaceuticals Nominates Clinical Candidate Heptax for Liver Disease; Heptax Ameliorates Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Related to Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

2009-07-20 | Heptax, the Company's lead compound, reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, liver enzymes, and fasting blood glucose levels in animal models of metabolic syndrome and liver disease. It also raised levels of HDL, the "good cholesterol."

New Report: Brazil Able to Compete in Medical Innovation

2009-07-18 | Report outlines Brazil's progress in drug and medical innovation policy

Algalita Marine Research Foundation and Planet Protect Sportswear Launch a series of T-shirts to highlight Plastic Pollution Concerns

2009-07-13 | Planet Protect Sportswear creates new shirts to highlight the concerns of Plastic Pollution in our oceans.

UCI Leads Study Testing A New Way To Learn Math

2009-07-09 | Students in 50 Orange County Schools Will Use Visual Software to Deepen Understanding of Mathematical Concepts

The Family International's Executive Overseers Address the International CESNUR Conference

2009-06-13 | Karen Zerby and Steve Kelly, spiritual and administrative leaders of the Family International, present a paper to the 2009 Conference of the Center for Studies on New Religious Movements

Xradia Adds 3D X-Ray Capabilities To Nanolab Technologies

2009-06-09 | High-Resolution Xradia MicroXCT 3D CT Scanner Provides Insight For NanoLab' s Turn-key Semiconductor Packaging Failure Analysis Offering

Charlene E. McSwain Honored for Excellence in Pharmaceutical and Educational Research

2009-06-04 | Veteran Researcher Monitors Studies on New Drugs

Terence K. Smith Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | Cambridge Who's Who honors Terence K. Smith for committed excellence in medical education

Summit Corporate Services and Mederi Therapeutics Finalize Multi-Year Outsourcing Agreement

2009-06-03 | Summit Corporate Services to provide customer service, order processing & fulfillment, product support, inventory management, distribution, invoicing, collections and logistical support for Mederi Therapeutics' Stretta and Secca product lines.

Zeno's Paradoxes Undeniably Solved For The First Time Ever

2009-06-03 | For more than two millennia, the paradoxes conceived by the Sophist Zeno (Zenon) of Elea were considered unsolvable: Impeccably logical arguments that lead to false conclusions.

Laura Bernice Munski, Ph.D., Honored for Excellence in Educational Facility Management

2009-05-29 | Laura Bernice Munski, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Dakota Science Center, which encourages an interest in science among the local community.

3-D Style Book Commemorates 40th Anniversary of the Space Race and Its Phenomenal Conclusion

2009-05-23 | Announcing the release of an exciting new tactile book, One Small Step," created to celebrate the upcoming fortieth anniversary of man's first walk on the moon.