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Inventor Solves Problem of Left-on Lights

2014-07-16 | Launches crowdfunding effort to bring "BrightSwitch" to households and businesses.

Columbus, Georgia Ugly Door Competition

2014-07-10 | Overhead Door is offering a free garage door installation to the winner of our Ugly Door Competition.

Mister Sparky's New Website Outshines the Competition

2014-07-10 | Mister Sparky is probably one of the most recognized electricians in the Long Island, NY area, but now they've upped their game by releasing a brand new website.

PWRstation Corp Attends 2014 Intersolar North America in San Francisco

2014-06-26 | PWRstation Corp will be presenting its all-new, mass produced solar energy delivery systems at the 2014 Intersolar North America Exhibit in San Francisco July 8 through July 10.

CW Electrical Services Discuss Why AC Units Can Cause Electrical Problems

2014-06-19 | The Pittsburgh electrical services contractor, CW Electrical, notes how air conditioners are often the source of residential and commercial electrical issues. These high-load devices can trip circuits and be the cause of much stress.

Residential Electricians at Pat Murphy Electric on the Importance of Surge Protectors

2014-06-17 | The Atlanta electricians, Pat Murphy Electric, discuss why nearly every room in your home should have a surge protector. These devices divert excess energy loads away from fragile consumer electronics and home appliances.

The Professionals at Octo Lights Explain How Lighting Levels Affect Consumer Decision-making

2014-06-13 | The experts at Octo Lights note why adequate lighting is important for your business' bottom line. Customers are more apt to purchase when shopping in a well-lit environment.

Meck Products Offers Simple and Inexpensive Way of Cleaning Soldering Iron Tip

2014-06-12 | Meck Products has released it's new product, a soldering iron tip cleaner which takes the hassle out of cleaning your solder iron tip.

The Atlanta Electricians at Pat Murphy Electric Discuss Buying Your First Home EV Charger

2014-06-11 | The Atlanta electrical contractors, Pat Murphy Electric, tells electric car owners what they need to know about buying a charger for their vehicle. An at-home service equipment box is needed to recharge these cars and trucks.

Overhead Door of Tampa Offers Specials and Deals for Summer

2014-06-02 | The garage door operators dealer, Overhead Door Tampa, has a variety of summer specials going on right now. Take advantage of these great deals while they last!

Global Efficient Energy Featured in Forbes Magazine

2014-06-02 | CEO Abe Issa Quoted in Article on the Feasibility of Solar Energy Technology

CW Electrical Services Discusses Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

2014-05-20 | According to the Pittsburgh electricians at CW Electrical, there are many different ways that you can save energy in your home.

The Atlanta Electrical Contractors at Pat Murphy Electric Help You Estimate Electricity Costs

2014-05-14 | The Atlanta electrical contractors at Pat Murphy Electric offer tips on how to accurately estimate your monthly energy bills. Never look at that utility statement in disbelief again.

Electrical Contractors in Atlanta, GA., Pat Murphy Electric, Share How to Cut Your Energy Costs

2014-05-12 | The electrical contractors in Atlanta, GA., Pat Murphy Electric, offer tips for slashing your utility bill in half. A few simple changes to your monthly energy use can save you hundreds a year.

Atlanta Electricians Pat Murphy Electric Share Earth Grounding Basics

2014-04-29 | To have a fully functional electrical system, you need to ground it to the earth, explains Pat Murphy Electric.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Debuts New Website

2014-04-26 | One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is pleased to announce the launch of a new website. The Charlotte, NC company has been doing air conditioning, heating and HVAC service since 1971.

The Atlanta Electrical Contractors at Pat Murphy Electric Have Moved

2014-04-22 | Visit Pat Murphy Electric at its new location in Tucker, GA.

The Atlanta Electricians at Pat Murphy Electric Explain the Electrical Service Panel Basics

2014-04-15 | The electrical service panel helps to control all of the electricity entering your home, explains Pat Murphy Electric.

The Atlanta Electrical Contractors at Pat Murphy Electric Share Their Checklist for Saving on Electricity

2014-04-08 | Saving on your electric bill is easy with these tips from Pat Murphy Electric.