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Lights Out And Green Lights For Two Popular New York Eco-Eateries

2009-03-26 | Eco Eatery owner Sean Meenan gets a jumpstart on Earth Day by honoring Earth Hour at Cafe Habana on March 28th and hosting a free Earth Day Expo, April 18th and 19th at Habana Outpost

Federation of American Consumers and Travelers Helps Consumers Re-Claim Property

2009-03-26 | According to the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers (FACT), state governments across the nation are holding more than $30 billion in unclaimed consumer property.

Charities Use Credit Cards Creatively To Keep Funds Flowing In

2009-03-21 | can report that charities must be more creative to generate income; 30% of charities are suffering from falling income as from the credit crunch, 52% of charities found February to be financially tougher than 5 months earlier, GBP4m raised by the WWF charity credit card

European Business Awards Reveal The Businesses Defying The Downturn

2009-03-19 | European Business Awards reveal that despite the economic downturn, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well

Christian Coaches Network Offers Virtual Marketing Conference for Christian Life Coaches

2009-03-19 | Beating the recession with smart marketing strategies for Christian life coaches

Wise Investment Is Essential In Today's Economy! With Today's Economic Woes, It Is Up To All Of Us To Do Our Part To Save And Invest Wisely

2009-03-19 | We know how difficult it is to purchase something if you're not sure it will benefit your needs and save money in the future. That's why StoutKart receives letters like this one, It shows what one man can do, without having to hire and pay labor costs for employees.

Plano Texas Homeowners Insurance and Richardson Texas Homeowners Insurance Expert Details How to Protect Your Family and Home from Common Fire Risks

2009-03-19 | Plano Homeowners Insurance and Richardson Homeowners Insurance expert at and at describes How to Protect Your Family and Home from Common Fire Risks.

Future of Global Economy Revealed in...a Diet Book?!?

2009-03-13 | The Pen and Paper Diet focuses entirely on calorie or energy consumption. The stages of the diet can be applied to the current state of the global economy.

Creative Citizens Soften Impact of Tough Economy with New Network

2009-03-12 | Debra Berg, director of the National Institute for Civic Enterprise (NICE) interviewed recently by Sky Radio for American Airlines, reports how Americans aren't waiting for the government to rescue the needy in this tough economy. NICE launches a new forum and web site to support citizen efforts.

Commercial Real Estate Bailout?

2009-03-12 | Is the present commercial real estate market totally due to the economy or is it due to a major negative mind-shift? It's as if everyone died and we're in mourning!

The First Indie Tour Circuit in America Launches: Independent Musical Event Marketing Creates Opportunities

2009-03-09 | "America Needs Me" opens the Trailblazer Tour Circuit in a valiant effort to connect musicians and manufacturers to the regional markets of the Eastern seaboard States.

New Technology to Beat the Fitness Crunch

2009-03-05 | A typical family, following government physical activity guidelines, will pay GBP4,476 in travel, fees and equipment to stay healthy. Going to the park is the cheapest activity while cycling, swimming, health clubs and classes add the necessary variety to a busy schedule of activities.

RealAdventures Launches Guide to Palm Springs California Vacations Due to a Surge in Travel to the Destination

2009-03-05 | Travel Planning Website Reports Economy Is NOT Impacting Palm Springs Vacation Planning

Cheap and Easy Solution for the Proper Recalibration of the Global Economy

2009-03-05 | As the global economy undergoes a recalibration and individuals adjust their consumption, a daily calorie budget provides the mindset to consume what you need instead of over- or under-consuming.

Top Provider of Trucking Insurance "J.D. Tanner & Associates" Announces Three-Year Premium Rate Lock for Preferred Trucking Fleets

2009-02-26 | In an industry which has been hit with the uncertainty of fuel prices as well as the increasing costs of overall operation, J.D. Tanner & Associates is excited to announce the ability to lock in premiums for up to three years for companies with fleets of more than 75 trucks.

Handy Carton Takes the Juggle/Struggle Out of Coupon Use: Holder Hangs on Shopping Cart Handle

2009-02-25 | Cardboard carton holds dozens of coupons for easy-to-use money-saving shopping. The hands-free coupon organizer hangs securely on the cart handle for easy access and selection. After 33 years, Patty Sachs, innovator of Coupons Ala Cart, brings it back to market.

Tomey Debuts Patient-Friendly FT-1000 Tonometer with Silent, Soft Air Pulse that Optometrists will Appreciate Ease of Use and Patient Comfort

2009-02-21 | Tomey USA introduces the FT-1000, the newest and most user-friendly tonometer on the market. While air jet tonometers offer reliable and quick diagnosis, often times they are uncomfortable for patients. The FT-1000 is fast and patient-friendly by providing a very silent and soft air pulse.

LV Reveals One In Five Motorists Are Downsizing

2009-02-19 | LV= has revealed that over recent months almost one in five motorists has downsized or sold one of their cars in an effort to save money

Putting The Crunch On Romance

2009-02-13 | Expect fewer chocolates and smaller bouquets from your partner this Valentine's Day - people are looking to save money by cutting down on romance, according to Scottish Widows.