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Think Twice Before You Secure Account with SMS

2017-07-05 | Information security researcher points - customer accounts might be exposed on the Dark Web.

J.R. Dunn Jewelers Honored with Fraud Fighter Award

2017-06-27 | J.R. Dunn Jewelers received the Fraud Fighter Best International Expansion award at the 2016 Kount Customer Summit.

BigDataRevealed Teams up with iKnowSolutions

2017-06-16 | BigDataRevealed for identifying Person & Private Information, Sequestering/Securing/Encrypting solution & iKnow Solutions, a specialty management services company with strong emphasis on EU GDPR, Big Data, Enterprise Information Management

Validactor Product Portal for Final Consumers

2017-06-10 | Validactor is a full suite of enhanced services for the industry and the final consumers. Here we take a look at Validactor from the final consumer perspective.

Powerful Recall Management Made Easy

2017-06-06 | Any company today, regardless of its size, can benefit from the enhanced features Validactor Product recall management deploys

Validactor Anti-Counterfeit Service Launched Worldwide

2017-06-02 | Security thru identification: Validactor securely serialises any product unit. By using Validactor's technology customers can get on the fly any product's characteristics and check the product's status.

Less Than a Third of Companies Have an Overall Cyber Security Policy

2017-05-23 | Cyber security has become one of the hottest issues today, but only 31% of software developers say their company has an overall formal security policy that is uniformly adhered to throughout the organization.

Aging Investor Protection Summit focuses on Prevention of Financial Exploitation

2017-05-02 | This event is designed to show industry executives how to stay ahead of the legislative curve, how they can mitigate risk to their clients and firm along with how to offer the best investment options to their senior clients.

Tactical Systems, LLC Opens Offices in Indiana, USA

2017-04-24 | Company involved in strategic security systems design and implementation worldwide

Buy Box Experts Marketing Agency Helps Client TRX Protect its Online Brand

2017-04-21 | Buy Box Experts supports online brand management for companies like TRX, which won a major legal battle protecting its products from trademark infringement.

CloudVault Health Announces $2.6 Million Series A Funding Round

2017-04-06 | Company to accelerate deployment of patented technology services to help leading healthcare providers and healthcare service vendors discover, protect regulated data

The Whistleblower Practice Group of Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein Debuts New Website

2017-03-30 | Virginia false claims attorneys present verdicts and settlements, case type information for online visitors

Mazume Solutions Announces New Capabilities in its Credit Management Solution for the U.S. Market

2017-03-27 | Mazume is a certified business partner OnGuard credit management software and will extend its software portfolio with OnGuard's recent merger with Credit Tools

AI + RegTech Conference Focuses on Updating Execs on Practical & Cost Saving Compliance Innovations

2017-03-23 | Compliance is a daunting task for most companies. Due to the sheer amount of regulations, documents, and decision-making required, the compliance industry is ripe for automation.

In-Depth Investigative Story on Hawk Systems, Inc. Published by The Palm Beach Post

2017-03-16 | New article raises serious questions about how the company is operated and why investors have lost tens of millions of dollars to date.

Blockade Named Top 100 Companies to the 2017 Startup Exhibition

2017-02-17 | StartupGrind: Inspiring, Educating and Connecting Entrepreneurs.

Bluefin Payment Systems Selects BackBay Communications as Agency of Record

2017-02-16 | BackBay to provide public relations for the leading provider of PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions for the retail, healthcare and higher education sectors

All-New Version 3.2 PCI Policies and Procedures & PCI Policy Templates for Merchants and Service Providers Now Available for Instant Download at

2017-01-18 | has just re-vamped it's entire line of version 3.2 PCI policies and procedures and policy templates for merchants and service providers seeking to become compliant with the ever-changing PCI DSS standards.

ApplyConnect Screening Solution to Premiere at the 2017 Chico Rental Housing Expo

2017-01-09 | Streamline your rental application and screening process with ApplyConnect 's free tools!

High Security Requirements is the Top Issue for Half of All Industrial IoT Developers

2017-01-04 | Security is an issue for most software developers but the high security requirements needed for industrial Internet of Things is the number one challenge.