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Gone with the Wind: Mission Conclusion for Instrument to Monitor Ocean Winds

2016-11-30 | RapidScat completed its successful two-year mission, outlasting its original decommission date before suffering a power loss in mid-August.

Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test Validates Effectiveness of Helioz WADI Device for Solar Disinfection of Water

2016-11-15 | The Aquagenx water quality test kit lets Helioz quantify E. coli concentrations in lower climates at ambient temperature without electricity and labs

Australians Believe Outcome Of Election Will Cause Global Catastrophic Results

2016-11-05 | New report exposes consequences of wrong choice for President

Innovative Website to Calculate Distance between Cities All Over the World

2016-11-03 | International distance calculator between cities is available for all countries. It's a fast way to get answers for simple questions, e.g.: distance between cities, directions from one city to another, distance as the crow flies with weather online

Author DeiAmor Verus, to Visit Baton Rouge to Thank 1st Responders of Flood Victims

2016-10-12 | 3,000 1 Act of Kindness Wristbands Will Be Delivered To Every Firefighter, Police Officer, Red Cross Volunteer and Mayor's Staff In Two Day Thank You Tour

The Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A. Joins Humanitarian Effort to Restore Portions of Ecuador Destroyed by Earthquake

2016-09-18 | The law firm graciously donated food and essentials to the victims affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador.

Environmental Health Risks Grow as the Devastating Louisiana Floods Recede

2016-08-19 | The receding flood waters are typically tainted with sewage and other toxins. It may contain a number of harmful microorganisms such as mycoplasma, bacteria, protozoa, molds and the remains of biological and a-biological pollutants.

ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016:

2016-07-03 | To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

London Drainage Facilities Explains The Science Behind The Recent Increase in Sinkholes

2016-06-12 | The UK based drainage company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) sheds some light on the recent increase in sinkholes affecting the UK.

Will Sanders Sustain in California?

2016-06-01 | Sustainability voters help propel Bernie's momentum.

London Drainage Comments On The Two-year Drainage Upgrades Set To Start on Metropolitan Line

2016-05-19 | Monday 16th May 2016 will see the beginning of two-year track and drainage upgrades on the Metropolitan Line.

Gaps Insurance Offers Access to Instant Flood Insurance Quotes

2016-05-13 | Gaps Insurance Services creates new website:

Sustainability Voters Endorse Bernie Sanders (A Parallel

2016-05-12 | "Sustainability Voters A Growing Force in American Politics"

New And Free Online Service That Can Help Millions Of Consumers Seeking Information on Freon Leak, R22, Air Purification and Cooling

2016-03-28 | Did you know that 50,000,000 million Americans suffers from allergies each year.

Certificate Gives Business Professionals an Edge on Emergency Preparedness

2016-01-21 | Experts from Infraguard, the Association of Contingency Planners, Red Cross, FBI, first-responders and others will train businesses and organizations to effectively plan for, and navigate through, emergency situations.

Mobile Insurance Claim Dispute Attorney C. Bennett Long Discusses Steps Property Owners Should Take in Midst of Severe Alabama Weather

2015-10-05 | Heavy rains, hurricane season a concern for Mobile County homes and businesses

CSUSM Extended Learning Offers Timely Certificate Program in Business Emergency Preparedness Planning

2015-09-01 | This fall, CSU San Marcos Extended Learning will offer a six-week certificate program that will help participants create emergency preparedness plans for their organizations.

Surviving the Summer Months, Hastings and Hastings Offers Advice

2015-08-11 | Anyone who's ever resided in the valley of the sun knows that for eight months out of the year the desert is a paradise. Residents also know that for four months of the year, the summer, the valley of the sun becomes an episode from Dante's Inferno

Aquagenx Water Quality Test Protects Populations from Contaminated Drinking Water In Aftermath of Natural Disasters

2015-07-29 | Aquagenx, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spin-out company, provides the Compartment Bag Test Kit to major NGOs and humanitarian relief organizations to aid disaster/emergency response efforts around the world.

Hastings & Hastings Preaches Vigilance during Monsoon Season

2015-07-18 | The Arizona Department of Emergency Management designates the monsoon season as the months between June and mid-September. Indeed, residents of Arizona would be wise to prepare for the hazardous monsoon season approaching the valley.