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Early Hot Spells of Humid Air are Threatening to Mar the British Summer this Year with Flash Flooding

2015-07-11 | Torrential downpours caused by humid air are could hit many areas of the UK and cause misery for millions of home and business owners.

Summer Pet Safety Tips From The Humane Society of Utah

2015-06-25 | Hot weather causes concern for pet owners.

Auto Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air? A/C Repair Specialists at Clearwater's A1 Tire & Auto Repair Share Expert Advice on Staying Cool This Summer

2015-06-19 | Avoid Unbearable Florida Heat by Knowing the Signs of a Malfunctioning Auto Air Conditioning System

NASA's ISS-RapidScat Wind Data Proving Valuable For Tropical Cyclones

2015-04-27 | The ISS-RapidScat instrument has been in orbit seven months, and forecasters are already finding this new eye-in-the-sky helpful as they keep watch on major storms around the globe.

Obama Hammers Home Climate Change Message With Earth Day Trek to Florida Everglades

2015-04-21 | Frog Found Wisdom In Timely Eco-Parable Supports President's No Greater Threat To Planet Than Climate Change.

Envitems Launches The World's Smallest Particle Counter

2015-04-16 | The smallest particle counter weighs only 195 grams

Inefficient Kitchens Are No Match for Next Step Living

2015-04-03 | Energy Tips Site Delivers Energy-Efficient Solutions for Homeowners.

Will Europe's Solar Eclipse Fritz Out Germany's Power Grid? Bestselling Author of The Gratitude Game Offers 5 Solar Facts and Cost-Saving Tips

2015-03-20 | Renewable energy advocate and bestselling author Natalie Pace predicts the partial solar eclipse will be much ado about nothing.

Africa, From a CATS Point of View

2015-03-09 | From Saharan dust storms to icy clouds to smoke on the opposite side of the continent, the first image from NASA's newest cloud- and aerosol-measuring instrument, CATS, provides a profile of the atmosphere above Africa.

The Historic "Freedom House Museum" 187-Year-Old Slave Trade Landmark Suffers Damage in Record Cold and Snow Aftermath

2015-02-25 | Freedom House Museum, a historic treasure in Old Town Alexandria, VA, suffered structural damage due to the recent record-breaking temperatures and snow storm.

NASA Measured Nor'easter's Powerful Winds from Space

2015-01-30 | When blizzard warnings were in effect in New England, NASA's ISS-RapidScat instrument provided forecasters with wind speed data on the nor'easter that had hurricane-force wind gusts.

Project Launched to Save Greenland's Buried Treasures

2014-11-20 | Mankind has long been aware of the changes in our environment and the most extensive climate change in our time is the melting ice in Greenland. This change is now threatening to destroy the archaeological finds we have yet to uncover.

GetReadyGEAR, Inc. Partners with Lighthouse School Safety to Support Safe Schools

2014-10-20 | GetReadyGEAR, Inc. has formed a partnership with Lighthouse School Safety to provide support for safe schools nationwide with emergency and disaster planning consultation, and emergency supplies.

Yorkston Oakmont Highlight Importance of Business Contingency Plan Following Houston Storms

2014-10-19 | Following the fierce storms that hit Houston, Texas last week, local business Yorkston Oakmont discuss the importance of having a business contingency plan. Such action is required to ensure a business runs smoothly if a natural disaster occurs.

New ISERV Tool Enables Rapid View of Earth Images from Space

2014-09-24 | One of NASA's tools for effective Earth observation has been orbiting our planet for more than 15 years: the ISERV camera: the International Space Station SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System.

Emergency Preparedness Starts at Home

2014-09-04 | Forecasters are predicting that we will face yet another harsh Winter and now is the time to start preparing. Don't be caught off-guard. Being prepared for what nature might have in store gives you a stronger chance at safely weathering these storms.

New Flood Maps in Broward County Florida

2014-08-18 | Here is what homeowners need to know regarding the new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate maps effective in Broward County Fl, on August 18, 2014.

World Risk and Insurance News to Deliver Late-breaking Hurricane Reports

2014-06-12 | AIR Worldwide to provide commentary on "Eye on the Storm" throughout the 2014 season.

Joplin Tornado Remembered in New Book, Tornado Warning

2014-05-06 | Local women share their stories of survival.