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Tangier To Host This Year's International Festival of Ibn Battuta

2017-07-20 | On November 9-12, 2017, the city of Tangier in Morocco will welcome thousands of international visitors participating at the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta.

An African Princess in Diaspora's Childhood Dream Comes to Pass with the Launch of Her Jetsetting On-demand Network~IDNTv

2017-07-20 | "Innovators Think Differently, See Things Differently, Interpret Differently, and Share Inspiring Stories Differently."

AirKast Launches New Radio Personality Branded Apps and Business Intelligence Initiatives

2017-07-18 | "Uncovered" with Therapist Dr. Laura Berman, Big D and Bubba and The Shane Show launch new branded mobile apps.

AlterVibes Media Has Just Announced Ke'Lonn Darnell Co Creative Director

2017-06-26 | AlterVibes Media, International Media Production network, well known for it's London Based Lounge radio announced Kelonn Darnell as Co Creative director.

Marijuana Fatal Crashes Killed More than 3,000 Persons in 2015 with 1,000+ Innocent Victims. No Medical Drug in History of the U.S. has been Responsible for as Many Deaths and is Still Distributed

2017-06-16 | With 17% of the fatal crashes involving a marijuana driver it will soon equal DUI as the No.1 killer. Recreational Marijuana states are at 22%, Medical states, 19%, & No Use states, 16%. 13 states already higher use than Recreational states.

The Yaron Brook Show To Debut National Broadcast on The Blaze Radio June 18

2017-06-16 | Yaron Brook, the 'Radical for Capitalism', brings his unique pro-individualism perspective to The Blaze Radio's national audience.

Best Selling Author's Personal Story Touches Others in New Novel!

2017-06-16 | 50 HOURS captivates readers through loss, friendship, last chances and hope.

Zuly No Limits! - Award Winning Filmmakers Launch Crowdfunding Push to Document Extraordinary Artist Born Without Limbs

2017-06-14 | Her motto is: No Arms-No Legs-No limits! Colombian woman overcomes bullying, sexual abuse & disability; Uses artistic talent & her story to inspire others, to be featured in upcoming film.

LENLEN Collection by Elena Taranina

2017-06-07 | The LenLen Collection by Elena Taranina can be seen as an example of modern day style that is both effortless and full of detail.

The Mom's Choice Awards Names BITTER BETRAYAL Among the Best in Family-Friendly Products

2017-06-06 | New YA is a Riveting MUST Read for Teens and Parents Alike!

Building Meaningful Lives: Chauncey F. Lufkin III Renews His Foundation's Support of Milken Institute as Member of the President's Circle, Attends 20th Annual Global Conference

2017-06-04 | "The Global Conference is unparalleled in its breadth of subject matter. Its agenda is well curated and our Foundation benefits a great deal from the learning, idea-exchange and networking that happens here each year," said Chauncey Lufkin, Founder.

LA Independent Film And Entertainment To Produce Joint Iranian/American Feature Film Produced By Two-Time Euro Film Award Winner Sam Khoze

2017-06-03 | The film titled "1st Born" will be directed by a prominent Iranian Film Director and the crew is all Hollywood.

Live Innovations: 7 TED Talks Not to be Missed

2017-05-27 | Direct marketing specialist, Live Innovations frequently views TED Talks and here they have shortlisted their favourites.

Impaired Decisions, Questionable Actions, and Consequences with Irreversible Damage Destroy the Lives of Two Young Teens!

2017-05-25 | New YA Bitter Betrayal is a riveting must read for teens and parents alike.

The 2017 Creative + Investor Summit To Be Held At Eagle Rock Studios June 8th In Atlanta

2017-05-12 | Attendees will learn from Celebrities, Investors, Civic and Entertainment Leaders

Nanny Makes Life Saving Decision

2017-05-12 | Amsety Bars Creates Fundraising Campaign to Donate to Family Medical Bills

Love, Trust, and Betrayal! New YA is a Riveting MUST Read for Teens and Parents Alike!

2017-05-04 | Bitter Betrayal is an honest and realistic view of the tough choices and situations that can too often destroy a teenager's life

Local Actress Shines On HBO This Week Opposite Oprah Winfrey, Rose Byrne

2017-04-27 | South Florida Native Jane Rumbaua Plays Dr. Susan Hsu In Critically Acclaimed Feature Film, 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'

Largest African Healthcare Congress To Drive Change in Healthcare Industry

2017-04-26 |