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2008-05-18 | M Bar of Hollywood is the place for this highly anticipated debut album release event. Music industry press, A&R and members of the music world are cordially invited to attend this live performance evening featuring the music from Kris Searle's exciting new album 'Slowly Diabolical'

Troll and Toad Announces the Fonarow Collection of Board Games and RPGs Purchased for $150,000

2008-05-15 | Troll and Toad purchases a $150,000 board game & RPG collection from one of the world's largest private board game collections attained from Ken Fonarow. Collection includes first or second actual game copies, signed games, and games from Charles Roberts(founder of Avalon Hill) collection.

National Cheer Safety Foundation Launch Cheer Injury Prevention Campaign

2008-05-09 | NCSF launch Cheer Injury Prevention Campaign after Advisory Committee reviews 81 unreported catastrophic injuires to high school and college cheerleaders from 1982 to 2007. The NCSF research team has submitted the data to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research.

Can A Music Video Change The World?

2008-05-08 | Indie rock band Kindred Souls is sponsoring a photo contest on The winning photos selected from entries worldwide will be used in their "Leap of Faith" music video bringing together people from around the globe and celebrating their personal triumphs.

Academy of Cinema and Television Student Cast for Hollywood Horror Film

2008-05-04 | An outstanding Academy of Cinema and Television acting student, Nathan Chrisman, has won the role as the evil ghost known as "Knife Boy" in the upcoming horror film currently titled "The Between."

Shanti Uganda Jewellery Event at Maa Yoga Studio On Saturday May 10th, 2008

2008-05-01 | Shanti Uganda is a Vancouver, BC, Canada based organization dedicated to helping children, women and communities in Uganda find peace and health.


2008-04-23 | Today's ruling is a victory for science and freedom of speech. Scientists must be allowed to question bizarre claims and correct errors.

Brain Damage Films will Premiere "EXTREME SCREAM" A weekly horror-themed TV Show On April 23rd on VERSUS

2008-04-23 | "EXTREME SCREAM" is a brand new, 30-minute, weekly TV show produced for broadcast on national television. The show spotlights independent horror films, and is presented by Brain Damage Films. The show will feature short horror films, trailers, clips, news reviews and interviews.

New Universal Milli Vanilli Feature Movie goes into Production! Former Producer spills secrets of controversial performers busted for lip syncing hit songs.

2008-04-18 | Universal currently in the works on the new Milli Vanilli movie. Tony Catania is one of only a handful of people who know the real story behind Milli Vanilli and is now for the first time offering to openly speak about it.

Angel Street Publishing, LLC Off to a "Heavenly Start" with First Book Release

2008-04-05 | New Metaphysical Publisher announces successful launch of its first publication "Awakening the Lightworker Within" by Elizabeth Foley, EdM, MPH, spiritual teacher, healer and Internet radio talk show


2008-03-30 | Archaeologist Molly O'Dwyer ventures into war torn Iraq in search of the remains of Jesus. Leading an international expedition, pursued by Iraqi mujahedin and American military intelligence, Molly relentlessly pursues a truth that could destroy her very faith.

Eyes On Obama Launches "Superdelegates Central"

2008-03-27 | Eyes On Obama, the leading independent, online Barack Obama community, has recently launched "Superdelegates Central" to provide information on, petition, and track Democratic superdelegates.


2008-03-10 | Astrologer Alex Miller-Mignone's unique "Black Hole Astrology" predicts election outcomes with amazing accuracy in the online astrology magazine Look at these predictions from early 2007, over a year ago.

NEW Miracle Charms by Zorbitz a Hit with Celebrities- Sundance and Oscar Events

2008-03-02 | A hot trend was born when celebrities went crazy for New Miracle Charms by Zorbitz. Miracle Charms offer a beautiful, fashionable style filled with meaning and luck which perfectly personifies the Zorbitz' women and men.

Pete Klein, Adirondack author of the horror novel, "The Dancing Valkyrie," and the hiking guide, "Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County," now hosts a popular Internet radio program on Blog Talk Radio - The Adirondack Book House

2008-02-29 | The Adirondack Book House ( provides authors with a chance to promote their books on Blog Talk Radio, and for listeners to call in and speak to the authors.

Make Me A Supermodel Reality Show TownHouse Discovered and Added to Rich & Famous Tour of New York

2008-02-12 | Rich & Famous Tours has discovered the secret location of the New York City townhouse used on the current Bravo reality show Make Me A Supermodel and has added it to the "insider's" tour of Big Apple "celebrity" sites. The highly rated reality show is hosted by Nikki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.

Heath Ledger Death Location Added to the Rich & Famous Tour of Downtown New York; SoHo Loft Has Become Major "Macabre" Tourist Attraction in Landmarked Neighborhood of Big Apple

2008-02-05 | Heath Ledger's death site ahas been added to the Rich & Famous Tour of New York. The downtown loft in the trendy SoHo neighborhood has attracted fans and curiousity seekers from around the world. Other celebs nearby are Kelly Ripa, Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore.

Berkeley City Council Receives Tickets to Hell

2008-02-04 | Philadelphia based website; has sent each member of the Berkeley City Council a ticket to hell.

Beyond The Edge Radio welcomes The Enigma Project and Mike Frizell.

2008-01-16 | Beyond The Edge Radio is a paranormal talk radio program that airs on blog talk radio on Friday nights from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm est. We cover a wide variety of topics, including ghosts and hauntings, ufos and extraterestrials, psychic phenomenon, cryptid creatures, and other paranormal topics.