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Lighten Up the Holidays with J. Hawkens Bean Pie

2007-12-04 | 60 Minutes, CNN among groups highlighting trouble with American health Byron Rimbaud

Maxi-Aids Releases List of Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for Independent Living

2007-12-03 | Maxi-Aids, a world-leading supplier of products for independent living, today released its list of Top 10 Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for those in the various special needs communities. Maxi-Aids provides items to improve the lives of the Blind, Low Vision, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Senior Citizens.

"MISS CALIFORNIA USA IN TROUBLE AGAIN" 'Trump Pageant in the Middle of Controversy and Scandal'

2007-12-03 | The Miss Universe Organization is under fire as the Miss California USA 2008 Pageant de-crowns and re-crowns contestants without following protocol. The 1st Runner up, Miss Woodland Hills, Brandi Williams was notified by phone the day after the incident took place.