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Transformation Systems, Inc. Celebrates 5 Years in Richmond & Upcoming Book by Founder, Marta C. Wilson, PhD

2008-11-22 | Transformation Systems, Inc.(TSI) celebrates five years of change management consulting in Richmond, VA. TSI founder Marta C. Wilson, PhD, has just completed a book, Leaders In Motion: Winning the Race for Organizational Health, Wealth, and Creative Power, to be published in March 2009.

Blackwell Launches New Christmas Book Campaign

2008-11-19 | With a view to the tough economic times ahead, Blackwell has launched its new Christmas collection with the headline that a book is a gift which lasts a lifetime

"The Pilgrim" Debuts on - Graphic Novel by Mark Ryan & Mike Grell is based on True Paranormal Events of World War II

2008-11-18 | "The Pilgrim" debuted on this week as free, adult-format, weekly episodic graphic novel. The story is based historical paranormal espionage that began in World War II and continues today.

Schillings Partner Simon Smith Unveils New Book on Image Rights

2008-11-13 | Schillings image rights specialist Simon Smith is set to release a new book - the 2nd edition of Image, Persona and the Law

Is There Still Such a Thing as Good Debt in this Economy?

2008-11-09 | The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth: How to Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of the Self-made Billionaires

Looking For A Can't Miss Executive Holiday Gift? Give Green Weenies

2008-11-07 | "Green Weenies and Due Diligence", a Humorous Guide to Terms in Vogue in America's Boardrooms, Makes an Original and Fun Executive Gift

Breakthrough Management Group International Releases the Definitive "How-To" Guide to Innovation

2008-11-05 | THE INNOVATION GUIDE for business leaders, managers and new product developers, "The Innovators Toolkit: 50 + Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth" is now available.

Award-winning Author Releases Results of Independent Presidential Poll

2008-11-01 | Award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James has released the results of an independent Presidential Poll she conducted, calling the results 'very revealing.'

New Two-way Banner Ads Send Traffic to Host Sites

2008-11-01 | MediaTechnics Corporation releases first product incorporating two-way banner ads that send traffic back to host sites

Photos Come To Life as Video in New Digital Book From MediaTechnics Corporation

2008-11-01 | MediaTechnics Corporation releases non-fiction World War II title using multimedia digital publishing system

MediaTechnics Corporation Releases Print-It-Yourself Non-Fiction Book With Digital Rights Management

2008-11-01 | MediaTechnics Corporation has just released Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window, the first full-length title to be published with the BookOnPrint print-it-yourself digital publishing system with support for home, business, and commercial printers.

McCain Backed By Criminals, Claims Congressional Staffer

2008-10-25 | As John McCain continues his run for the White House, a former Capitol Hill insider is making public an explosive revelation: John McCain is in league with a transnational, Israeli-backed criminal syndicate.

Design Visionaries Releases "Advanced Simulation Using Nastran NX5 / NX6"

2008-10-23 | New Book Offers Alternative to "Build 'em and Bust 'em"

Texas Teacher Admits She Drew on Personal Experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Pen Courageous Novel. "It's High Time I Stop Hiding," Author Says.

2008-10-20 | Beth Fehlbaum, a long-time English teacher, drew on her experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to craft her debut novel, Courage in Patience, which released September 1, 2008, from Kunati, Inc.

Color Copying Company Adds Calendars to Their Product Lineup

2008-10-18 | Company offers full color calendars with pre-made and custom design options.

Connecticut Author Invited to Share Novel of Strength at American Cancer Society's 15th Annual Breast Cancer Event in New York City

2008-10-17 | Linda Merlino, author of the recently published novel Belly of the Whale, is pleased to announce her participation in the American Cancer Society's 15th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and survivor's celebration held in Manhattan's Central Park on Sunday, October 19, 2008.

Arthur A. Nussberger Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | With an impressive background that spans over 30 years, Mr. Nussberger specializes in the design and development of energy conversion systems and photo voltaic systems for terrestrial and space applications.

Canadian Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif Writes a Novel Titled 'Finding Bliss' on the New iPhone 3G

2008-10-10 | Critically acclaimed author Cheryl Kaye Tardif plans to use the Notes application on her new iPhone 3G to write a novel titled 'Finding Bliss'. She may be the first author to ever attempt this.

EMI Published Composer Bryan Le Bon Discovers Healing Through Music

2008-10-06 | Bryan Le Bon has discovered how music can alter the brain's thought processes to promote healing. Le Bon's music uses the "law of vibration" through musical tones and tempos to change the vibrations of one's thoughts. By changing a thought's vibration, physical and mental healing is promoted.

Blackwell Announces the Launch of its Digital Strategy

2008-09-12 | Blackwell has announced the launch of the first phase of its new digital strategy delivering a customer focused experience by drawing on the pleasure of buying and browsing in a bookshop