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3127 total news stories found. Now Supports Digital Signatures in Immigration Forms

2008-10-30 |, Inc., introduces a digital signature component to its immigration case management software, enabling a more effectively workflow process for its global clients.

INSZoom Now Offers Full Compliance with USCIS's Newest Online Immigration Form

2008-10-30 | INSZoom now fully supports the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form within its award-winning immigration compliance product line.

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. Releases Version 6.0 of Staff Files HR Software

2008-10-29 | New release of Staff Files adds additional automation, reports, and security.

Cambridge Consulting Group Promotes Top Executives

2008-10-27 | Cambridge Consulting Group, one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in Michigan, announces promotions of three top executives.

A Personal Assistant for a Buck a Day

2008-10-27 | Some virtual assistant vendors are compromising quality in their rush to get business, whereas CatchFriday in the Philippines offer a competitive service, but will never drop their quality when it comes to price.

International Survey Finds Egyptians Expecting To Top Global Hiring Rates

2008-10-25 | A survey of hiring trends covering businesses in 14 countries around the world has uncovered a positive picture of the employment market for managers and professionals despite the effects of the credit crunch and higher energy, fuel and food prices.

Joslin Rowe Reveal a New Type of Candidate Required for Temporary Product Control Jobs

2008-10-17 | Joslin Rowe have revealed research reveals that product control will become an ever more important function leading to changing product control job specs.

Job Seekers Create Innovative Marketing Tools to Land the Perfect Position in Tough Economic Times

2008-10-14 | Submitting a generic resume guarantees it will be lost in the shuffle; Seattle area job seekers build their own marketing campaigns to grab attention and find employment.

Diego King Jr. Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-10 | A 2007 recipient of the Group Employee of the Month Award, he attributes his success to his hard work, determination and his ability to face challenges.

Deadly Family Shootings - Will Disturbing Trend Emerge with Economic Down Turn? What Can Be Done?

2008-10-09 | In California, a man shoots and kills his wife, three children, mother-in-law and then himself. In Kentucky, a woman stabs and kills her two young daughters and then shoots herself. Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman discusses this disturbing trend.

Hays Retail Survey Reveals Lack of Communication is in Danger of Increasing Staff Churn

2008-10-04 | Hays Retail and Barclays Commercial Bank have revealed that only 53% of employees feel that they are offered room for progression in their jobs, according to results of a new survey.

EFMD Successfully Concludes the EPAS Scale-Up Initiative

2008-10-02 | The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has successfully concluded its Scale-Up initiative to establish EPAS as the premier accreditation system for academic degree programs in business and management.

Dubai International Capital Ranked as One of World's Top Employers

2008-10-02 | Dubai International Capital named in top ten percentile of the world's top employers by independent survey Launches Free Bi-Weekly Career eZine Just in Time!

2008-10-02 | With 6.1% unemployment rate and extensive job losses on Wall Street, the BullsEyeResumes Career eZine offers free career and job search information to help professionals and jobseekers manage their own personal career bailout.

C-Changework LLC Experts in Business Change to Provide Sales Effectiveness Solutions to Fortune 500

2008-09-29 | Next generation consulting firm to focus exclusively on helping Fortune 500 companies transcend commoditization, win deals, new clients and greater competitive advantage.

Surprising Lessons From a Day in the Life of Sarah Palin

2008-09-27 | Sarah Palin's method of addressing her qualifications gap provides a lesson for everyone seeking a higher position.

Nick Johnson Honored by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Productivity Consulting Services

2008-09-25 | Mr. Johnson is responsible for managing human resources, overseeing performance issues and practicing individual coaching and diversity training., Inc. Receives ISO 27001 Certification for the Bangalore Office, Confirming the Company's Commitment to Excellence in Data Security

2008-09-25 |, Inc., received on August 12, 2008 ISO 27001 certification from TÜV SÜD South Asia, one of the world's leading independent testing and assessment services firms.

Joy Maxwell Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-25 | Ms. Maxwell has seven years of professional experience in budgeting and human resource management. She is responsible for managing human resources, payroll, benefits and budgets for state agency employees

Khrystell Shelton Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | With 22 years of professional experience, Ms. Shelton is responsible for managing accounts, office operations and logistics.