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Data center professionals require skills and certification for future Demands

2008-03-07 | The Data Center industry is filled with education opportunities; trade shows, seminars, webinars, vendor training and more every day. Today, the data center community has a new partner to guide professionals to the correct skills and certification. DCJ Education announces the FIT-IT program.

More Recession Relief: free service for laid off workers filling out new job applications.

2008-02-26 | More Recession Relief: online form filling company offers free service for laid off workers filling out new job applications.

Parity Resources appoints new head for recruitment

2008-02-23 | Alan Rommel, promoted to managing director of the recruitment arm of Parity Group plc

DrOfficeJobs Makes It Easy to Find Qualified Dental Assistants

2008-02-16 | Dentists Get Half-Off Job Listings on During Children's Dental Health Month

Advertising campaign gives a record breaking start to 2008

2008-02-16 |, announce a flying start to 2008 as a heavy-weight marketing campaign provides record-breaking site activity

Parity client wins Student of the Year at itSMF Conference 2007

2008-02-09 | The training arm of IT services firm, Parity, has announced that one of its students, Dinah Turner of DWP, achieved top marks and the national Student of the Year award at the IT Service Management Forum Conference in Brighton

New Web Portal Reveals Facts Every Citizen Should Know About U.S. Public Records.

2008-01-08 | Long, endless days spent at the local courthouse while searching for U.S. public documents such as titles, liens, arrest warrants, and other records might be a thing of the past.

Next Generation HR Solution for Generation X Y Boomer Employees

2008-01-02 | Let's face it! The era of nervous candidates promoting their qualifications to an employer for a desired job has passed. Companies are in the unenviable position of selling themselves as the employer of choice to quality talents in short supply.

Mark Henson on Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical Podcast

2007-12-22 | Jim Canterucci's December guest Chief Imagination Officer of sparkspace Mark Henson on the Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcast.

Brazil Ahead opens office in Manhattan for Portuguese Instruction

2007-11-27 | Brazil's current and potential economic growth indicates that the country will continue to have an increasingly substantial impact on the world economy. Now that says a lot about the importance of learning Portuguese these days.

Argea works to improve business performance for more companies through outsourcing

2004-09-30 | Outsourcing experts form company to assist Fortune 1000 and middle market companies improve underperforming contracts and establish successful outsourcing programs