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Beyond Technology and Being an Expert: New Persuasion Boot Camp from Speak Out Helps You 'Own the Room and Get the Deal'

2008-09-03 | Despite technology's allure, a company enjoys profits and results only when its people can speak persuasively and confidently about their products and services. Speak Out's new Persuasion Boot Camps in Miami give practical, immediately useful techniques in a compact, one-day or weekend program.

Hays Civil & Structural reports civils combating credit crunch

2008-08-23 | Hays Civil & Structural confirms the resilience of UK civil engineering market as recruitment continues to boom

Engage students with human resources case studies

2008-08-19 | Teachers looking for new ways to engage business studies students about human resources can try the case studies available in The Independent Financial Review Case Studies with Business News.

E-Verify New Hires with Tracker I-9 Software and Instantly Check Employment Eligibility

2008-08-12 | Tracker I-9 paperless Form I-9 management software is now fully integrated with E-Verify and offers secure communications with government databases in order to protect sensitive employee information.

Solution to Eradicate Obesity from the Human Population and Ease the Upcoming Global Food Crisis

2008-08-08 | The WHO expects over 700 million people will be obese by 2015 and NPR calls the upcoming global food crisis a "silent tsunami." A new diet based on simple math and scientific research, The Pen and Paper Diet, addresses both of these issues simultaneously.

eVisioner Launches MetaTeam Server for Team Performance Management, Everybody Wins


2008-08-06 | Local Freelance Job Board Helps Freelancers Find Freelance Jobs, Businesses Find Local Freelancers

Universal Diet for Literate Adults Found

2008-08-04 | Math, a universal language, is at the basis for a new diet which allows people to eat or drink according to their religious or secular prohibitions, occupations, current diet or exercise programs, psychological state, financial status, or activity level.

Tracesmart Missing Person Campaign Goes from Strength to Strength

2008-08-02 | Tracesmart campaign continues to reunite families and raise the profile of people tracing.

Job Board of The Future: Interview Live Online

2008-08-01 | "We have researched what candidates and employers like about job boards and improved on them; found out what they didn't like about job boards and developed solutions to them; looked into future trends and included them in our technology."

Two Major (Though Often Overlooked) Ways to Stretch a Tight Training Budget

2008-07-26 | One of the most vexing and persistent challenges facing many training directors is "the need to do more with less." Frank Troha, a long-time corporate learning and development consultant and university professor shares two often overlooked tips.

Tracker I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Software Certified for E-Verify

2008-07-24 | Tracker I-9 paperless Form I-9 management software has been certified to communicate with the Federal Government's E-Verify employment eligibility verification program using the secure web services access method.

Joslin Rowe reports Corporate Action Jobs Are This Years Derivatives

2008-07-24 | Joslin Rowe states that banks are still recruiting in high volumes for corporate actions professionals despite wider recruitment doom and gloom

Professional Resume Writer Offers Overtime for Favre

2008-07-24 | A Great Resume Writer Promises Pass Protection for Superstar Quarterback

Building contractors William Skinner and Son's successful Staff Communications Day

2008-07-22 | Building contractors William Skinner and Son, based at their headquarters in Ayrshire, Scotland, and their Southern Office in Cambridge, England, have held their third successful annual Staff Communications Day in the Princess Royal Conference Centre at Ayr Racecourse.

Global Pharmaceutical Solutions Introduces GPS 360ºD to Prepare Medicare Part D Plans for CMS Audits

2008-07-20 | Global Pharmaceutical Solution (GPS) introduces [b][i]GPS 360ºD[/b][/i], an on-site evaluation of Medicare Part D plans and processes. Through the GPS 360ºD, GPS offers a CMS Part D Audit Readiness Review, where GPS experts will conduct a mock audit.

Hays Social Housing reveal what employees want

2008-07-19 | A new survey by specialist recruitment consultancy, Hays Social Housing, has revealed what employees feel is the most important benefit offered by an employer

Work-Life Balance a Bad Idea Says Mom Who Invents First "Hug Your Kids Day"

2008-07-17 | National Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 21. It was invented by Michelle Nichols, the former BusinessWeek columnist to honor the anniversary of the sudden death of her son. The purpose is to tell working parents that work-life balance is the wrong goal.

Global Pharmaceutical Solutions and Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Finalize Implementation of an Unbundled Pharmacy Administration Solution

2008-07-13 | Global Pharmaceutical Solutions today announced that it has finalized the implementation of an unbundled pharmacy administration service model for Jefferson County/Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

ImmigrationTracker is Compliant with U.S. Department of Labor PERM Rules; Software Company Always Avoided Competing Company's Alleged Violations

2008-07-10 | We have always been careful to avoid doing anything that would place the ability of our customers to file PERM applications electronically in jeopardy, or further tarnish the practice of business immigration law.