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Business Mania Board Game is 60% Funded on Indiegogo

2017-11-02 | Business Mania is a brand new card game with Business theme, that focuses on creating your own business.

Screwtape Launches Kickstarter for the Trope Busting Damsel

2017-10-11 | Empowerment with a side of vampires.

Augmented Reality Being Embraced by Two-Thirds of Mobile Developers

2017-10-04 | Augmented reality is currently being incorporated in some form into apps from 44% of mobile developers, while another 30% are evaluating or testing AR in their piloting and prototyping projects.

Shop 'til You Drop in Dr. Panda Town: Mall!

2017-09-28 | Dr. Panda Town Mall, the sequel following the popular Dr. Panda Town, further expands on creativity, exploration, and storytelling

JUDOBABY Partners with NFL Superstar Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch to Equity Crowdfund Virtual Reality Game "Dino-Dogs Football"

2017-09-06 | Virtualized Genetic Blending of Dinosaurs & Dogs Puts Great New Twist on Sports Gaming

Bandicam Company Announces Release of Bandicam 4.0.0

2017-08-24 | Bandicam is reborn as all-in-one, screen-recording software with a more intuitive user interface.

ROAR Augmented Reality appoints new CEO

2017-07-25 | Steve Curran brings over 25 years of branded entertainment and innovation experience to ROAR

Eco-Brand Helps Children Become Smarter and Healthier

2017-07-20 | Humorous Character Mascots Model Positive Behaviours

Casual Darts Game 'FINGER DART' was Launch for App Store on 17th

2017-07-19 | Buff Studio, that Received 5 million Investment from NCSOFT, Launched 'FINGER DART'

Dynamic Applications Releases The Reverse Experience with DNA Human Statistics World Map

2017-07-15 | Dynamic Applications releases The Reverse Experience with dna human statistics world map, a Reversi/Othello player with a powerful strategy engine that allows you to train thinking far ahead of time, in a variety of scenarios.

DFC Intelligence Issues Reports on Mobile Gaming Companies

2017-07-12 | Mobile Game Revenue Grew 32% in 2016, Surpasses PC and Console Games

DFC Intelligence Issues Latest Forecasts for Microsoft Xbox One Game Systems

2017-06-27 | New Game Hardware Expected to Drive Game Industry Sales to over $100 billion in 2017

Take Rocket League on the Go!

2017-06-23 | Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. To sweeten the deal, it comes with exclusive items, cross-platform connectivity, and other goodies.

All Aboard! Dr. Panda Returns with its Newest Kids App: Dr. Panda Train!

2017-06-22 | Dr. Panda Train lets young kids tell their own stories and explore an interactive world!

It Takes 2:57 Minutes to Learn a New Chinese Word

2017-06-16 | That's according to a revolutionary gamified learning system that leverages the latest brain science to deliver a new way of learning Chinese words.

HAVIT Released HV-KB390L: The Thinnest 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard in the Market

2017-06-15 | As the first company that adopts Kailh PG1350 Low Profile Blue Switch on 87-key mechanical keyboard, HAVIT managed to reduce the total height to 0.89 Inch (22.5mm).

Maze Attack Kickstarter is Launching

2017-05-27 | Solve Puzzles and Explore The World Maze Attack Kickstarter Campaign Launches on 6/15/2017

DFC Intelligence Issues Reports on Emerging PC Gamers

2017-05-22 | Consumers Expected to Spend $40 Billion on Custom PC Game Hardware by 2021

"Curious Wings: Endangered Species" Will Get Kids Excited About Protecting Our Planet!

2017-05-18 | A fun educational game for our little ones to learn about the world's diverse wildlife, and fall in love with our planet

The Next Biggest Advertising Trend in 2017: Live Streaming

2017-05-16 | Development of new live streaming mobile app may be the social media sample that hit the market in 2017