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Worldwide Developer Population Age 30 and Younger Tops 5.5 Million

2017-06-07 | The population of developers in the world who are 30 years of age or less is now larger than 5.5 million according to Evans Data's newly released Developer Population and Demographics Study.

XYVID, Inc.: XYVID to Showcase XYVID Pro Engagement Suite at NIRI's Annual Conference June 4 - 7, Orlando, FL

2017-06-01 | XYVID,Inc. announced that it will showcase significant advancements to its flagship XYVID Pro platform, (http://www. at NIRI's Annual Conference June 4 - 7, Orlando, FL.

Enigma Software Group's SpyHunter Beats Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in Comparative AV-TEST

2017-05-30 | ESG's SpyHunter outperformed competing products offered by Malwarebytes Inc. & others in a comparative malware remediation test conducted by AV-TEST.

Co-founder of Sardina Systems Wwins UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR Award at Data 50 Awards 2017

2017-05-26 | Dr. Kenneth Tan, co-founder of Sardina Systems, received the UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR award by the UK's premier initiative for celebrating data leadership and excellence.

Mico Systems Named MSP500 by CRN for Leadership in Managed IT Services

2017-03-09 | Mico Systems' innovation and growth helped the leading managed service provider place on the prestigious CRN MSP500 list for 2017.

Nicky L. Sizemore Celebrated by Marquis Who's Who for Invaluable Contributions to Computer Science

2017-02-28 | Mr. Sizemore is renowned for almost 50 years of professional excellence

Over 90% of Cloud Developers are Embracing Microservices

2017-02-22 | Microservice architectures offer increased efficiency and flexibility, especially in a Cloud environment, and 92% of developers actively working in the Cloud are either already delivering microservices.

Sardina Systems Becomes a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack Foundation

2017-02-06 | Sardina FishOS is now listed in the OpenStack Foundation Marketplace Solutions.

Concurrency to Convene 2017 Microsoft Security Summits in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago

2017-02-04 | Multi-session educational events to help IT leaders achieve a well-functioning operating platform to heighten security as their organizations digitally transform

Instant Video Verified Alerts Curb Rampant School Bus Vandalism

2017-01-11 | A new product from Honeywell Fire and Security and sold direct to consumers through can provide immediate real time images from inside of school buses direct to yard managers, dispatchers and police.

Developers Targeting Fin-Tech for Deep Learning

2017-01-11 | Artificial Intelligence in all its forms is being rapidly adopted and incorporated in many new applications.

The Inventor of Email Takes a Glimpse into the Future; He Doesn't Like What He Sees: The Future of Email

2017-01-10 | New book by world-renowned systems scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, who created a technology that's changed the world

edgescan Announces the Release of the Annual Vulnerability Statistics Report 2016

2016-11-30 | The state of cyber security in 2016 - a fullstack view of security posture.

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Christine "Chris" Jacobs as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-11-17 | Christine "Chris" Jacobs will be featured in an upcoming edition of Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016/2017.

North American Developers Are the Only Ones Worrying About Cyber Warfare

2016-11-02 | Cyber Warfare from Nation States is considered the number one threat to security by developers in North America, although few developers in other regions list this as a concern.

FittedCloud Introduces New Dynamic Resource Optimization Solutions for AWS based on Machine Learning

2016-10-11 | DynamoDB Optimization and newly enhanced Compute Optimization solutions using machine learning algorithms to provide real-time intelligence & optimization based on usage patterns

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Janet G. Bradsher as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-10-01 | Janet G. Bradsher will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016/2017.

Objective IT Welcomes New Data Insights Staff Members to its Growing Team

2016-09-29 | The Essex-based software development company is pleased to welcome new members of staff to create a new Data Insights team at Objective.

Eric Litvin In Sebastopol Aims To Fulfill the Growing Demand of Bandwidth

2016-09-29 | Eric Litvin company is located in Sebastopol, CA. - is growing bandwidth demand with the products they manufacture. Eric Litvin is a pro in the tech space and has worked for companies like: Powersoft, Sybase, Blue Martini, Selectica and Oracle.

Aldridge Ranked on Houston Business Journal's 2016 Fast 100 List

2016-09-22 | Aldridge named one of Houston's 100 fastest-growing businesses