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New Evans Data Analytics Console Delivers 43 Billion Developer Data Points

2016-09-14 | Evans Data Corp today announced the availability of its new Data Analytics Console.

Switchfast Technologies Selected For "Top 501 Managed Services Providers (MSPs) Worldwide"

2016-09-03 | Switchfast Technologies of Chicago, IL has been honored with a recognition by in its selection of "Top 501 Managed Services Providers (MSPs) Worldwide."

Stanford's Mobile Security Course Helps Professionals Protect Data

2016-08-18 | The rise of mobile malware is an enormous burden and responsibility for developers and IT staff as they are challenged to implement greater security measures to protect sensitive data.

Concurrency's Johnathon Biersack Named Microsoft MVP for Enterprise Mobility

2016-07-12 | Concurrency's consulting team includes 10 active Microsoft MVPs

Developer Population to Reach 25 Million by 2021

2016-07-12 | The worldwide developer population will reach 25 million by 2021 according to Evans Data's recently released Global Developer Population and Demographics Report.

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Ellen Behrens as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-05-29 | Ellen Behrens will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016.

IBM Opens Education Collaboration Center on NC State's Centennial Campus

2016-05-25 | Center will facilitate joint collaborations between IBM experts, NC State faculty and students on multiple projects using IBM's complete portfolio of products and services, including Watson, IoT, blockchain and security.

Recent Emergency Events in Ecuador and Japan Leave Devastation and Disaster

2016-05-10 | From detection to action in seconds, eVigilo saves lives with field-proven solution, real-time alerts, and offers unrivaled technology accessed by millions.

Is it Possible to Run a Web Server in a Raspberry like a Dedicated Server ? The Result is Amazing

2016-03-29 | Raspberry have been one of the greatest revolutions computing. It sold over 5 million units. Most of the people use it as a media center, videogames, music player, advertising outdoors... Why not to use it as a dedicated server? We tested it.

6 Tips for a Perfect Backup in Your cPanel VPS Server

2016-03-25 | Losing data is one of the most painful moments of a systems administrator. This can either stop a whole company for days (or even weeks), and generate a huge loss of profit.

The Answer Company and BurCom Consulting Combine to Create Knowledge Leader in Technology Consulting

2016-03-03 | The Answer Company, a leading business management software & technology consulting firm, announced today that BurCom Consulting, a long time fellow Sage Software business partner, will be joining the firm.

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Reena Gupta as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-02-20 | Reena Gupta will be featured in the upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016.

Bolste Launches New Business Operating System with $5 Million in Funding

2016-01-17 | Tech startup Bolste secures $5 million in funding to close out its Series A round of funding. The newest version of the business operating system is available now.

Debbie McCloskey Honored as a Top Female Professional

2016-01-14 | Ms. McCloskey has a wide range of experience related to sales and IT solutions

Marc J. Chenier, CD, has been Named an Executive of the Year in IT Operations Management

2016-01-13 | Marc Chenier's military background serves as a solid foundation for his work as a senior technology leader

Eddie Clark has been Named a Professional of the Year in IT Services & Solutions

2015-12-09 | Eddie Clark utilizes his skills at the helm of two lucrative IT companies

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Kim Waitz as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2015-12-05 | Kim Waitz will be featured in the upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine in 2015/2016.

The IT Consulting Experts at NSC Information Technology Group Announce the Launch of Their New Website

2015-11-20 | Leading Houston IT consulting and network security firm offers comprehensive services for the business community.