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Dynamic Applications Releases SocialMedia Driven App Developer v2.0, Introducing a 75/25 Web Store

2017-06-16 | Dynamic Applications releases SocialMedia driven App Developer, introducing the Dynamic Applications Web Store. App developer calculates the Business of a Freeware or Shareware App Developer over 48 months. We take 25%. You get 75%. be invited.

Non-industrial Commercial Deployments Top Developers' IoT Targets

2017-06-14 | More developers (57%) working on Internet of Things projects are targeting deployments related to commercial but not industrial implementations than any other type.

DIGITALSPEC Appoints New Program Director, William Moore, Jr. of The Data Science Practice Supporting DHS/CBP Data Analysis Center - Threat Evaluation and Reduction Center

2017-06-13 | DIGITALSPEC, LLC. (DSPEC) is pleased to announce that Mr. William Moore, Jr., PMP/ITIL, will be joining the executive leadership team as a Program Director of Data Science Programs.

Worldwide Developer Population Age 30 and Younger Tops 5.5 Million

2017-06-07 | The population of developers in the world who are 30 years of age or less is now larger than 5.5 million according to Evans Data's newly released Developer Population and Demographics Study.

XYVID, Inc.: XYVID to Showcase XYVID Pro Engagement Suite at NIRI's Annual Conference June 4 - 7, Orlando, FL

2017-06-01 | XYVID,Inc. announced that it will showcase significant advancements to its flagship XYVID Pro platform, (http://www. at NIRI's Annual Conference June 4 - 7, Orlando, FL.

Less Than a Third of Companies Have an Overall Cyber Security Policy

2017-05-23 | Cyber security has become one of the hottest issues today, but only 31% of software developers say their company has an overall formal security policy that is uniformly adhered to throughout the organization.

ExcelRT Generates Standalone App from Excel Workbook

2017-05-18 | Protect, License and Distribute Workbook Apps to any Computer or Device

PledgeCents and Kano Partner to Ensure Students Of All Ages Can Build Their Own Computers

2017-05-12 | The partnership aims to bring access to Kano's creative education packages through the PledgeCents Marketplace.

Developers Demand Programs to Support APIs

2017-05-03 | Ten years ago less than half of all developers were in a developer program. Today more than 80% belong to one and 62% of developers say they don't use APIs that aren't supported by a Developer Relations program.

ID4Africa's Campaign for Access to Identification and Full Citizenship

2017-04-28 | A preview of the 2017 meeting of ID4Africa, a movement devoted to expanding access to effective identification systems across Africa.

Software Developers Getting Younger, More Gender Diverse

2017-04-18 | The median age of today's software developers has decreased overall on a worldwide basis and the number of women developers has increased, according to Evans Data's recently released Developer Marketing report.

MageWorx Partners Up with Botscape, AI Startup, Launches Chatbot for Magento 2

2017-04-03 | The 1st collaboratively developed product enables online merchants to integrate their Magento stores with popular messengers.

Bitwise Announces Open Source Availability of Hydrograph

2017-03-14 | GUI-based ETL tool addresses Big Data Management challenges

Cybersecurity Expert says "Prepare for a Tidal Wave of New Hacks"

2017-03-09 | Cybersecurity expert describes why the WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking tools and techniques represents more of a danger to the public than merely the threat of overreach by the intelligence community.

Robert Aguirre Recognized as Professional of the Year by Capital Who's Who

2017-03-07 | Robert Aguirre, is honored by Capital Who's Who Branding for his distinguished accomplishments and contributions in the field of Systems Engineer.

Digi117 Acquires GOWIDE for $2.5 Million

2017-03-01 | Vancouver-based tech company extends its business with a software development team behind technology platform for digital advertising.

XojoApp Software Components for Xojo Developers

2017-02-25 | Reduce Programming Cost and Schedule for Desktop and iOS Apps

AVID Technical Resources Wins a Spot on Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures 2017 List

2017-02-22 | Company Recognized for its Excellent Corporate Culture

Over 90% of Cloud Developers are Embracing Microservices

2017-02-22 | Microservice architectures offer increased efficiency and flexibility, especially in a Cloud environment, and 92% of developers actively working in the Cloud are either already delivering microservices.

eProseed to co-organize Oracle Cloud Application Development Summit in Dubai

2017-02-17 | eProseed will co-organize the forthcoming Oracle Cloud Application Development and Deploy Summit in Dubai, on February 26, 2017.