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Bitwise Announces Open Source Availability of Hydrograph

2017-03-14 | GUI-based ETL tool addresses Big Data Management challenges

Cybersecurity Expert says "Prepare for a Tidal Wave of New Hacks"

2017-03-09 | Cybersecurity expert describes why the WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking tools and techniques represents more of a danger to the public than merely the threat of overreach by the intelligence community.

Robert Aguirre Recognized as Professional of the Year by Capital Who's Who

2017-03-07 | Robert Aguirre, is honored by Capital Who's Who Branding for his distinguished accomplishments and contributions in the field of Systems Engineer.

Digi117 Acquires GOWIDE for $2.5 Million

2017-03-01 | Vancouver-based tech company extends its business with a software development team behind technology platform for digital advertising.

XojoApp Software Components for Xojo Developers

2017-02-25 | Reduce Programming Cost and Schedule for Desktop and iOS Apps

AVID Technical Resources Wins a Spot on Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures 2017 List

2017-02-22 | Company Recognized for its Excellent Corporate Culture

Over 90% of Cloud Developers are Embracing Microservices

2017-02-22 | Microservice architectures offer increased efficiency and flexibility, especially in a Cloud environment, and 92% of developers actively working in the Cloud are either already delivering microservices.

eProseed to co-organize Oracle Cloud Application Development Summit in Dubai

2017-02-17 | eProseed will co-organize the forthcoming Oracle Cloud Application Development and Deploy Summit in Dubai, on February 26, 2017.

ThrottleNet Announces Two New Local 24 Hour IT Support and Assistance Programs

2017-02-15 | St. Louis IT Firm ThrottleNet Launches New Programs to Provide Real Live Local Assistance Anytime You Need Them

Nanobox Announces Public Release of Application Development and Deployment Micro Platform

2017-02-10 | Nanobox's software development micro platform has finished its private beta and is now available as a public release. The Nanobox development platform is expected to compete with Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers such as Heroku and OpenShift.

Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting Now Supported by Nanobox Development Platform

2017-02-09 | Nanobox adds a hosting adapter for Amazon AWS and also gives developers and organizations the ability to create their own adapters to run their apps on any cloud provider or their own personal server.

Docker Native Now Supported by Nanobox for Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating Systems

2017-02-08 | Nanobox, a micro platform designed to make the dev to production life cycle easier for software developers, announced today that is supports native Docker for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Dynamic Applications Releases SocialMedia Driven App Developer, a 21st Century Business Simulation

2017-02-04 | It allows you to predict the Business Case of a Freeware or Shareware App Developer over 48 months.

Program-Ace Releases Its Latest Game, King of Juice

2017-01-31 | Program-Ace company has recently released a new casual game item for iOS, Android and Windows for Leap Motion - King of Juice.

Northwest Educational Service District in Anacortes, Washington, Receives Early Math Grant from Washington STEM

2017-01-27 | Adding an important component in efforts to support the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, the Northwest Educational Service District 189 has received an Early Math Grant from Washington STEM.

Guy Kawasaki to Deliver Keynote at Evans Data's 13th Annual Developer Relations Conference

2017-01-26 | Guy Kawasaki will be part of the keynote lineup of speakers for the 13th annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference on March 27-28, 2017 in Palo Alto, CA.

Developer Population Growth Rate in Latin America to Top Europe and North America in 2017

2017-01-24 | Developing countries in Latin America have embraced software development and the rate of growth of their developer population is expected to be 4.1% in 2017.

8th Domain Technology Awards 2017 Small Business Digital Marketing Package Giveaway

2017-01-13 | 8th Domain Technology today announced the winner of their 2017 Small Business Digital Marketing Package giveaway to Michael's Mission - an organization focused on education and public awareness for children and families dealing with Hunter Syndrome.

Dynamic Applications Releases SocialMedia Driven App Developer, a 21st Century Business Simulation

2017-01-12 | Dynamic Applications releases SocialMedia driven App Developer, re-vitalizing the System Dynamics approach for Business Model Calculations.

Developers Targeting Fin-Tech for Deep Learning

2017-01-11 | Artificial Intelligence in all its forms is being rapidly adopted and incorporated in many new applications.