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BZB Express Swarms California's Capital For Audiovisual Invasion

2017-10-11 | As growth and evolution breed success, the company is embarking on a new venture in Sacramento to bolster their team, advance inventory, and raise aspirations as they continue providing dependable AV solutions worldwide.

McCusker Holdings Corp CEO Recaps Shareholder Meeting

2017-10-04 | Casts Powerful New Vision

Augmented Reality Being Embraced by Two-Thirds of Mobile Developers

2017-10-04 | Augmented reality is currently being incorporated in some form into apps from 44% of mobile developers, while another 30% are evaluating or testing AR in their piloting and prototyping projects.

Hong Kong Startup Well Being Digital (WBD101) is One of only Ten Startup Worldwide to be Selected for GIN goAustria Programme

2017-10-02 | With almost 50 patents and technologies like ActivHearts (heart rate sensing) and Mogo (motion sensing), WBD101 is probably the only Asian startup with in-depth in-house expertise on SmartBody sensing technology + Mobile AI.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store Unveils a Custom Enclosure with Optional HEPA Filtration System

2017-09-28 | The enclosure offers direct connection for filtration and fume extraction, and pairs specifically with Type A Machines' popular Series 1 Pro desktop 3D printer

Shop 'til You Drop in Dr. Panda Town: Mall!

2017-09-28 | Dr. Panda Town Mall, the sequel following the popular Dr. Panda Town, further expands on creativity, exploration, and storytelling

The NanoPad Announces 250% Funding on Kickstarter

2017-09-21 | We developed a Nano Suction Pad which is able to stick on any smooth surface like Mirrors, Glass, Wood, Metal and more.

JBL Reflect Fit Superbly Designed Sports Earphones with Excellent Audio Performance and Accurate Heart Rate Sensing Technology

2017-09-21 | Using probably the World's Smallest Heart Rate Sensing Technology (ActivHearts)

New Study Finds Mobile Operators at Risk of $72 Billion Loss Due to Churn

2017-09-18 | Mobile user experience integrated with simultaneous technical data identifies why people leave carriers and what can be done to retain them

CloviTek Officially Announces Start of Kickstarter Campaign

2017-09-16 | CloviTek's premier Wi-Fi audio transmitter, CloviFi, enables users to privately listen to high quality TV audio streams over a Wi-Fi network through their personal mobile devices

THINKWARE DASH CAM Partners with Marvel for Limited Edition Iron Man Dash Cam

2017-09-15 | THINKWARE DASH CAM is the first in the industry to partner with Marvel for the creation of an exclusive QXD1000 Alpha Iron Man Edition dash cam

Promwad Announces TOP 4 Trends in Electronics Design and Software Development

2017-09-07 | Promwad Electronics Design House identified the most promising specializations for the development of new devices and launched four centers of excellence with a focus on industrial automation, wearables, enterprise switching, and set-top boxes.

eASIC Engages Si-Edge to Provide Additional Advanced Design Center Support in China for eASIC's Custom IC Platform

2017-09-06 | eASIC reacts to increased demand in China for its configurable custom IC's in applications such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data center acceleration, data center storage and next generation communications

Guide to Recovery of Electronic, Electrical and Telecom Equipment from Catastrophic Water Damage

2017-09-02 | When flood waters rise, these are the best practices to get electronics, electrical and telecom equipment, including fiber optic connections, operational after significant water damage.

Wanhao 3D Printer Brings its Entire Line of 3D Printers Online in The U.S.

2017-08-30 | Florida's Ultimate 3D Printing Store launches on August 30, 2017 with special pricing on select machines and the chance to win three, free Wanhao 3D printers

ArmorVPN: A Revolution in Online Privacy and Security

2017-08-21 | ArmorVPN makes it incredibly easy to keep your online presence safe, secure and private.

iMaxAlarm, LLC Launches Their First Collection of Personal Security Alarm Systems in Support of the Growing Street Harassment Movement

2017-08-18 | iMaxAlarm, LLC, a Los Angeles based personal safety and security alarm company, has engineered a new collection of personal security alarms to act as a safeguard and deterrent from potential harm.

Rentex Earns Place on Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies for Fourth Consecutive Year

2017-08-18 | Rentex, one of the largest, most respected providers of audio visual rentals, is pleased to announce that it has earned a place on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of American's fastest growing private companies in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year.

How LED Light Up Shoes Are Again Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

2017-08-17 | LED light up shoes can bring you more fun in your daily life, a pair of light up shoes can make your party amazing!