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ThinOPTICS Teams Up With Prevent Blindness, The Patient Advocates For Healthy Vision, To Educate The Public On Eye Health

2017-05-06 | Premiere stemless reading glasses brand partners with national non-profit organization to promote healthy vision.

Look Out Wearable Tech! Hollywood Celebrities Are Among First to Adopt A New Innovation That Makes Tech Wearable

2017-05-03 | founders are grateful for the interest and support of Jason Mewes, Garrett Wang and Kristian Nairn this past weekend, each of whom left the Calgary Expo sporting a brand new Wrist Rack.

Daiso Japan Announces Second Sacramento Store Grand Opening

2017-04-30 | Daiso at Sacramento Gateway to celebrate grand opening weekend May 12-13, 2017

DreamScreen Launches Kickstarter for HD & 4K Smart TV Surround Lighting

2017-04-30 | Funded on Kickstarter in under 3 Hours!

Thinoptics Partners With Quincy Jones To Launch Curated Collection Benefitting Three Transformative Philanthropic Organizations

2017-04-29 | Innovative reading glasses brand teams up with musician & renowned humanitarian Quincy Jones for key charity event.

Newest Smartphone Accessories Come Out of the Woodwork

2017-04-28 | Wood speaker, charger, remote and cases for Samsung and iPhones combine rich acoustics with natural beauty

The Brand New Samsung Galaxy S8 is in the Building, says 4Gadgets

2017-04-26 | The UK's leading provider of second hand and refurbished mobile phones has announced that their range of Samsung Galaxy handsets is being fully restocked to include the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

Powers Energy Solutions Announces Partnership With GoGoGate

2017-04-19 | Remote access garage and entry gate devices pair off with the top Nest Pro installers in the United States.

Arden Audio Launches New Mobile Friendly Website for Car Audio in Sacramento and Bay Area

2017-04-17 | Arden Audio proudly announces the launch of their new updated website for purchasing car audio in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Arden Audio website also offers window tint, marine audio, and HID light installation for different car makes and models.

The Cash Blaster Available via Kickstarter April 11, 2017. The Creators of the Cash Cannon are Giving You a Great New Version for $20 for Early Bird Backers. Recently Seen on Dancing with the Stars!

2017-04-11 | If you thought it couldn't get better than the Cash Cannon, then you though wrong, because we decided to make improvements on the beloved device and come out with the Cash Blaster: a new cosmic blaster than can still shoot paper items and cash!

Revolutionary Algorithm Removes Laugh Tracks From Live TV

2017-04-03 | Kill The Cann removes canned laughter, and lets you listen to TV the way you want to.

The Anticipated Solowheel Iota is Now Taking Pre-Order Sales

2017-03-22 | The highly anticipated Solowheel Iota, slated for delivery late fall 2017, is now taking pre-order sales through Indiegogo's InDemand program.

The Most Adorable Power Bank In The World!

2017-03-21 | In the Spring of 2017, Cheero USA Inc. will launch its newest power bank series; "the cheero Nyanboard"

The Great Sock Mystery Is Finally Solved: Matching Socks is No Longer a Problem with the SockDock

2017-03-17 | How many times have you done the laundry only to be completely bewildered by the fact that one of the socks from the pair you placed in the washing machine and dryer are missing?

World's First Unmanned Ship Set to Cross the Atlantic Ocean

2017-03-16 | Join the adventure crossing the Atlantic Ocean with an autonomous boat model and receive real time GPS data and online maps.

He Just Add a Hole for Coffee Cup Lid, Many Lives Can be Saved Every Year

2017-02-25 | A French PhD student designed a special disposable coffee cup lid named Flies Trap Lid, which can catch flies after using. His purpose is saving lives by cutting the spread of vector-borne diseases carried by flies.

DFC Intelligence Issues Reports on PC Game Hardware and Upcoming Game Software for 2017

2017-02-22 | Consumers Expected to Spend $30 Billion on Custom PC Game Hardware in 2017

The Workout Bar that Pulls Away from the Competition... Literally

2017-02-01 | Tension Toner is an innovative workout bar that adds another dimension of resistance to your workouts so you can get the most out of your workout.

Program-Ace Releases Its Latest Game, King of Juice

2017-01-31 | Program-Ace company has recently released a new casual game item for iOS, Android and Windows for Leap Motion - King of Juice.