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In This Time of Massive Lay-Offs - Plan Your Career Now!

2009-02-24 | "Plan Your Career Now! The survival Guide for the American Workplace," is a unique eBook, which will provide you an understanding of what employers are looking for and how you can best match your strengths, skills, competencies and passion, in preparing for a new or revitalized career. Offers Video and Book Reviews for Soccer Coaches

2009-02-19 | The new website will fill the void of useful product information for soccer coaches by providing expert reviews and allowing user feedback.

Better Indeed Launches Family Matters, the Get-To-Know-Your-Family-Better Board Game

2009-01-31 | Better Indeed LLC announces the debut and national retail availability of its get-to-know-your-family-better board game, Family Matters.

Lice Advice "The Shepherd Method" of Strand by Strand Nit Removal Takes The Mystery Out of Fighting Head Lice

2009-01-17 | With over ten years in the field and having helped hundreds of children each week, Shepherd now educates parents with newer head lice information and techniques that really work.

CPAP Is Losing Ground To Oral Appliances And Dental Sleep Medicine: Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Moving Toward Oral Appliances and Away From Surgery and CPAP. Offers Information on Treatment of Sleep Apnea With Oral Appliances. Almost All Insurance Companies Now Cover the Treatment

2009-01-02 | Oral Appliances and dental sleep medicine are growing in popularity compared to CPAP. CPAP and oral appliances are now considered first line treatments of sleep apnea and surgery is a secondary therapy. Too many patients do not like use their CPAP machines on a regular basis.

Christian Readers Reach for more Vampires and Werewolves: Forever Richard Hits Bookstores January 2009

2008-12-03 | The pending release of Forever Richard, the second werewolf and vampire novel by novelist Sue Dent has caused much excitement--and threatens a first printrun sellout-- from a surprising source: Christian readers.

Good News For Children In Grades Pre-K 2 and Grades 3-5. A+Children's Interactive Learning System is a New Approach to Teaching. It is the Only System that Teaches Children Using a Combination of Visual, Audio, and Written Expressions. The System Educates, Entertains, Engages, and Rewards Kids

2008-12-01 | A + Children's Interactive Learning System is for parents and teachers of children ages 4-10. Products are Reading/Activity Books, CD, DVD, and Coloring Posters. Focus areas are Language Arts, Character Education, Bibliotherapy. Target markets: schools, homeschools, centers, retailers, bookstores.

Unique Children's Detective Series is Making a Stir. It is Interactive and Fun for Children of All Ages and Reading Abilities. A Great Way to Get Children Involved in Reading.

2008-11-07 | The Crypto-Capers series is unique, new and interactive. The series can be used in many different ways and levels. Great for the classroom or at home. Readers will have fun with this series, why at the same time, learning about various topics. But most of all, the reader is involved with the story.

Enerceutical Mediated Activation of the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway: A Clinical Trial Open to Qualified Parents of Autistic Children

2008-06-27 | Preliminary studies have shown marked improvements in autistic patients using a procedure that activates the body's capacity to suppress a persisting stealth adapted virus infection; the underlying cause of autism. Parents are being recruited to help evaluate this simple, home based procedure.

Doggone Safe Offers Free Resources for Dog Bite Prevention Week

2008-04-30 | During the third week in May, the U.S. Postal Service, the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AMVA), Doggone Safe Inc. and other organizations will be calling attention to one of the nation's most commonly reported public health problems: dog bites. Doggone Safe offers free resources.

California Homeschool Ruling to Be Reheard by Court of Appeal

2008-03-30 | Less than one month after handing down a bad decision on homeschooling, the Court of Appeal of the State of California has granted a rehearing of In re Rachel L. Oral arguments to be heard in June. The court has invited Sunland Christian School to file an Amicus Curiae brief.

Is It Time for California Homeschoolers to Panic?

2008-03-13 | Since Friday morning, Home Education Magazine has been contacted by readers and the media wanting to know if the fearful headlines growing out of California Friday were true. An in-depth examination of this increasingly important situation.

Foreign Travel Made Less Expensive and More Culturally Rewarding - Homestays instead of Hotels

2008-02-22 | With the weak dollar, the cost of foreign travel is becoming prohibitive. Instead of expensive hotels and costly restaurant meals, a safe, less expensive, more personal, culturally rewarding solution exists. Homestays make travel more affordable for all age groups, including Seniors.

Catch Friday: Keeping its commitment to businesses worldwide

2008-02-04 | At the 2nd Annual Convention of Outsourcing Companies, Danilo Del Campo of CatchFriday spoke on the crisis in the US, and stressed the importance of serving quality.

Affiliate Marketing and Management Conference Teaches Internet Marketers Everything They Need to Become Successful Affiliates

2007-03-22 | Affiliate marketing is the one way anyone who owns a computer can make money at home. Yet few individuals understand the power of this very basic online business model. Educating for Success Inc. is sponsoring a live two-day event to teach individuals the basics of affiliate marketing.

Second to None, Warrior Voices named Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year by

2006-03-13 | Second to None, Warrior Voices, the latest release by Barbara Ann Derksen, contains first person accounts of the Korean combat experience of veterans from the SECOND INFANTRY DIVISION of the Army.