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UCipher Launches Comprehensive Self-Assessment and Individual Coaching Services to Help Students and Young Professionals Make Smarter College and Career Decisions

2017-07-12 | UCipher Self-Assessments Apply A Person's Abilities, Strengths and Personality to The Issues, Topics, and Endeavors That Interest Them Most

Australia's Minister for Human Services Taps Rethink to Support Tasmanian Special Educators

2017-07-12 | Rethink Ed Delivers Innovative, Web-Base Services to Tasmanian Special Educators as Part of Australia's $1 Million Strategy to Support Students with Autism

All Aboard! Dr. Panda Returns with its Newest Kids App: Dr. Panda Train!

2017-06-22 | Dr. Panda Train lets young kids tell their own stories and explore an interactive world!

It Takes 2:57 Minutes to Learn a New Chinese Word

2017-06-16 | That's according to a revolutionary gamified learning system that leverages the latest brain science to deliver a new way of learning Chinese words.

CYPHER LEARNING Launched the European Version of their Product NEO LMS

2017-06-16 | CYPHER LEARNING, the company that specializes in providing e-learning platforms, recently launched the european version of their product NEO LMS.

NEO LMS, a Product of CYPHER LEARNING, Announces Collaboration with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod School Ministry Office

2017-06-16 | NEO, the Learning Management System (LMS) for schools and universities from CYPHER LEARNING, became a premium service provider for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod School Ministry Office.

LivingTree Announces Third Round of Drako Grant Recipients

2017-06-15 | One Million Dollar Grant Helps PK-12 Schools Across the Country Deepen Family & Community Engagement via Tiered Social Network

NEO Will be Exhibiting at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio

2017-06-13 | NEO, the learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities from CYPHER LEARNING, will be exhibiting at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas between June 25-June 28.

RAFT Honors 25 Robert Brownlee 2017 Science Teacher of the Year Nominees

2017-06-08 | RAFT honored 25 nominees at its Member Appreciation Party on June 3.

The Mom's Choice Awards Names BITTER BETRAYAL Among the Best in Family-Friendly Products

2017-06-06 | New YA is a Riveting MUST Read for Teens and Parents Alike!

Long Island Law Firm of Cohen & Jaffe Awards $2,250 in Total Scholarships to 5 Students

2017-06-01 | The New York personal injury law firm recognized the winners of its annual essay competition, which focused on preventing medical malpractice and helping others.

Shark Researcher Apryl DeLancey Joins Waterfront Education Team

2017-05-26 | South Bay Non-Profit Adds Active Researcher to Their Discovery Leadership Team and a new on the water Ocean Shark Excursion for Students.

Preply: Are Virtual Classrooms Worth the Investment?

2017-05-25 | Most people don't have the fondest memories of being in a classroom, with the teacher droning on at the front and that horrible kid you can't stand chucking paper balls at you when no one's looking.

Impaired Decisions, Questionable Actions, and Consequences with Irreversible Damage Destroy the Lives of Two Young Teens!

2017-05-25 | New YA Bitter Betrayal is a riveting must read for teens and parents alike.

Preply: Foreign Languages For Web Developers

2017-05-25 | Looking for growth or diversity in your web-developing career? Try learning a new skill that delineates you from all the other web developers working on similar projects and peddling the same skill set.

"Curious Wings: Endangered Species" Will Get Kids Excited About Protecting Our Planet!

2017-05-18 | A fun educational game for our little ones to learn about the world's diverse wildlife, and fall in love with our planet

Don't Be A Cow!

2017-05-13 | Authors George & Rachel Barker shed some light on "Finding Your Own Path" to Happiness

The Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation Elects New President

2017-05-12 | Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation, Inc. elects first female president in its nearly one-hundred-year history

Preply: When Is Your Child Ready to Start Learning a Foreign Language?

2017-05-11 | Teaching your child a foreign language is probably the best thing you can do for their development. But, when is the best time to learn a second language? Let's find out.